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WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive 10TB $129.84 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


UPDATE: Many users are reporting cancelled orders due to a pricing error

Amazon have now started emailing to advise of the cancellation and are giving $30 vouchers per order. You can check your coupons here. For the record my order of 3 was cancelled and I received the $30 gift voucher too. The drives would have been great but I'm also pretty happy with this compensation. Congratulations to anyone who gets their order delivered.

Insane price for the 10TB WD My Book external hard drive. Limit to 3 per customer, and remember to use cashback. I grabbed 3 for $389.52 + Free Delivery with Prime.


Auto backup with included WD Backup software and Time Machine compatibility
Password protection with hardware encryption
Trusted storage built with WD reliability
USB 3.0 port; USB 2.0 compatible
3-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Note on prices above $400

Some people are seeing prices over $400 and the item being listed by a different seller. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as cookies, account preferences or perhaps they are not logged in. You can append ?smid=A4XRJ8S0WXSO0 to the URL or by using the "Other Sellers on Amazon" widget to choose Amazon US as the seller.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Ordered one last month too and received. Now bought again at half the price.

    • Is it a good drive? Is it loud? I’m looking at using it on my Xbox one

      • Only received the other day so can't really tell you how good or not. But at this price is a bargain considering they're over $400 in Oz stores. As someone also said it is a WD100EZAZ drive inside.

  • Bought it solely for the potential Amazon credit…

    • Do you get more credit if you had more than one unit on order? Or is it one voucher per person regardless?

      • +1

        Its normally by order..

  • Well, got 2, lets see what happens!

  • Got another 3. Too good of a deal

    • +1

      How many in total?

    • So these things include 10tb worth of drives?

  • Payday tomorrow don't want to take out of my savings but such a good deal :((

    • Just Negative Gear (overdraft) lol

  • Pricing error for sure.

    This deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/451011 was a bargain at $228 delivered, and it was only fulfilled/delivered 2 days ago.
    Absolutely no chance this drive will be sold for $130.

    • Maybe they will honour the pricing error?

      • Only if they aren't selling for a loss. And at this price, it's well below cost. I've never seen Amazon honor a sale at a loss before.

    • +1

      Somehow a few of us might slip through and they might ship it. I hppe I am one of them. Only time will tell.

      • You gotta be in it to win it… definitely give it a go. But you got buckleys… like lotto :).

    • +3

      Are you getting jealous for us paying $129 instead of $228? ;)

      • Nope… just being real.

        IF you guys happen to get it for this price I'll honestly be very happy for you- probably bargain of the year!
        But I have no qualms in paying what I paid for it, because as of now it's still the cheapest confirmed price out there.

        When the 8TB version of this exact drive is currently selling at $170 from the sale retailer, it's obviously a pricing error at $129 for 10TB.
        I'm not jealous if you're lucky to get it, I'm just saying it'll be extremely unlikely if everyone does.

        Good luck with it though, seriously. I hope for you and everyone else it goes through. It'll never be this price again!

  • Jumped on board, so let's see how we all go

  • Got myself one. Let's see what happens.

  • In for 2, thanks!

  • Grabbed one thanks OP

  • +8

    Some poor buyer at Amazon logging into work….fffffffffrkkk

  • ordered 3 + 2 for the wife = Synology 5 bay expansion is on the cards :-)
    Lets hope they honour it.
    thanks for the share BTW.

    • Also looking to replaced my existing Synology 3TB setup with 3 of these 10TB, I the inside drive has the normal SATA connection.

      • Yes, plain SATA, if your NAS is on the old side, you may have to put tape over one of the power pins to let it power up, just google for instructions

  • -1

    Also im guessing it was ment to be $175 usd..they missed the 1….

  • +3

    I've had absolutely no need for this drive but could not resist the ozbargain temptation :(

    • Me too

    • +2

      I genuinely needed one.

      But then I thought I better get a backup.

      Time to compare the speed of Shopback vs. Cashrewards.

  • +5

    Grabbed one. Not sure what is it used for 🤪🤪🤪

    • Then u r bsing

  • Ordered one.
    Then realized I need another one for backup. :(

    • +1

      You need a backup for that backup :)

  • -2

    Wtf….totally don't need one.
    But must get a couple for the sake of the upvotez

    • You didn't up vote

  • In for 3 worst case I can potentially get a gift card for my “trouble”

  • got 2 ;) or did i umm…

  • Bought 3. Guess now I have no reason not to backup all my media as well.

  • +2

    Saw this 3 hrs ago, can't believe still alive, have got to buy now.

  • +8

    If this order is fulfilled australia’s download usage should see a spike very soon.

    • +2

      With such slow connections…

  • As each ozbargainer buys one others think


  • What Drive is inside? Is it fast 7200?

    • 5400, only seagate 10tb does that

      • +1

        WD Red Pro does 7200 too. 😉

        • I meant the externals :P

      • So what Drive is inside?

    • RPM isn't everything

  • Got two….lets see if we all get them….Awesome post!!

  • Yep, thanks OP, let's roll the dice!

  • -1

    How does warranty work on this? Can we contact WD AU in that case?

    • I think so — AU sent me an adaptor.

    • Gotta send overseas at user cost. Went through it, myself.

  • Amazon team will surely get a shock when they see the massive influx of orders from Australia.

    • +7

      Every single big bargain website around the world has this deal on their front page, the orders must be close to 20,000 units now, crazy shock they'll have.

      • Insane…

      • This page-alone has already had 15k click throughs.

  • -1

    Should I create another acount to order 3 more? I dont see 10tb prices dropping this low in the next 5 years!!

    • +12

      No, don't abuse it

      • I know :(

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • +1

    get shucked here - Byte My Bits


    • +2

      For whom wants to shuck the drive, you can get a stainless steel spudger virtually for free, if you counted the cashback.

      • or just use 4 or 5 random cards from your wallet
        did one this week with nothing more than a youtube vid and some cards

  • Hours after I saw this…still not expired. No choice but just ordered two to get it rolling. Thanks OP

  • Such a steal. Hope they honour it…

  • its max 3 per customer or 3 per order?

    • per customer

      • dammit, need 4 to upgrade my Server to 30TB

        • Just grab another gmail and setup another Amazon account like I did :-)

        • Why dammit? New email, new account, new customer.

  • Both the 4tb and 10tb have confirmation email but not yet charged into my bank account? How about you guys?

    • You get charged when it ships

      • +3

        Some people have already been charged. I doubt they shiped it already.

    • My CC got charged for the 4TB (Portable) order, but nothing for the 10TB yet.

      • Same, just got charged the 4TB now. although the 10tb was bought 2 hours ealier

  • Does anyone know if the 3.3v issue is present for this?

  • Might order one. Although I am not sure due to the reviews…
    Also, do we get charged when we order it or when it is sent/shipped?

    • when it's shipped, at least that's the case with me

  • +1

    So should I buy 3? I don't even need 1 :S

    • +2

      just go ahead. Most of folks here are not in need mate

    • +2

      Rules of OZB, buy first, think later.

    • +1

      you woudn't wanna regret if you need one in future ..at this price

  • Very good deal, thanks ordered 3. Too bad it wont allow me to order another 1, would be good to replace all the HDD in my 4 bay NAS.

    • I ordered 6….under 2 accounts… I'm expecting cancellations but if not I won't need further storage for a long time…might have to purchase a NAS myself - not enough spare bays!…

      • That is why all backorder and this type of "error" will never be honored. Its rational I know but….really anything has its limit

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