expired Up to 40% off Qantas Club Membership - 4 Day Sale


4 Day Sale from Qantas for Qantas Club Membership up to 40% Off.

You’ll also earn 3 Qantas Points per A$1 spent.

Deal by Individual membership type:

Duration Was (AUD) Now (AUD) Qantas Points
1 year $939 $725.40 112,200 (was 148,000)
2 years $1,379 $994 161,350 (was 225,000)
4 years $2,249 $1,349.40 213,000 (was 355,000)

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    +1 to Mebership.

  • +10 votes

    I've never understood paying for membership. If you fly often enough, you'd be gold and it's free anyway. If you aren't flying that much what's the point of lounge access?

  • +1 vote

    up to 40%, not 40% across the board.

  • +2 votes

    $725.40 is already on discount?! Title should be 40% markup - 4 days only..crazy qantas

  • +9 votes

    Not worth it these days anyway. Walk in, same food, always struggle to find a seat.

    Save your money and go to a cafe in the airport.


      yeah it is getting pretty crap.

      I was in Melbourne one the other day, at 10am the pancake machine, all the spreads (jam, vegemite, etc) were all gone. no toasted vegemite & cheese sandwich for me. and the queue for coffee was always 5-10 deep.

      you barely get anyhting from the staff.

      But if you're lucky enough to find the Gold Coast one open (it was shut 5pm mid last week), the staff are lovely, from a big smile at reception to offering to bring coffee to your table & fetch a refill - admittedly it's not been very busy when I've been there.

      I don't think it's great value for money these days, unless you're flying every other week (and on Jetstar), but then you'd probably have enough points to get it free.

      • +2 votes

        Melbourne is the worst! They just finished renovations, it’s now half the size!! It’s chockers even at quiet times of day.


    Just buy it from classified save that &700 +

  • +3 votes

    Bring back lifetime membership.


      My dad has it :) Cost him a couple of grand back in the day - as a business expense too. Haha!

      • +1 vote

        $2500 for me, it's the only reason my missus has dumped my hairy bum.

        I love showing it to the snooty door biatches in Melbourne, they recoil in horror that jetstar flying scum like me would be allowed in….for life! "You know <spit> Jetstar is in T4 now" Yep, "And it's a long way" err I can get there in 10mins. "..and we don't announce any delays. departure times" I can check my phone. "we're not responsible if you miss your flight" Were you ever?. Then they soemtimes seem to double check on the computer that you're actually on a flight & a QC member before relenting and say "Go in".

  • +4 votes

    The main problem with the QANTAS club is all the business types you have to mingle with. The other thing is the faux status — frozen party pies, white bread sandwiches, some chips and a VB/$5 bottle of wine. And people feel like a million bucks!

    • +5 votes

      You get more value for money if you just the hit the booze. What's better than unlimited free alcohol right??


        Many years ago when i was in Tassie, it was help yourself to beers….I think a 6 pack made it onto the plane for each of us.

        It's also handy of you're going Jetstar international & can visit for a feed & some bevvies and a shower beforehand (we used to raid the QC for mixers & water for the trip).

  • +1 vote

    Great if you travel a lot and/or use the international/overseas lounges, not worth it for limited visits to domestic lounges.

  • +1 vote

    Meh QC is full of bogans these days and mostly shitty food. Not what it used to be. BC lounges are a different story if you're lucky or rich enough to travel Business.
    'Free' alcohol is overrated in my books anyway.


      Yeah Business lounge is a different league altogether. So much nicer.


        What about the amex lounge? Heard they have free cocktails there too..


          Been to the Amex a week after it opened. Didn't like it that much. The lounge that I was referring to was the Qantas domestic business lounge that opened late last year. Quite a nice lounge to be in compared to the Qantas club lounge.


      Free alcohol is never overrated to someone who loves a drink every now and then.


        sorry yeah I forgot where I'm at…. Australia, the land of functioning alcoholics lol


    My cousin paid 563 last year for his membership. Not sure why it’s so high now.


    I travel domestically quite a bit and my family do few trips a year with me (at least once a year to Singapore as transit). 4 people into the lounge is pretty good value for money. Now my kids are over 18 so I stopped paying for Qantas Club. Nowadays, I have plenty of club invites from CC (can't use them in Singapore but there is Priority Pass). I also move to Virgin and got Gold status.

  • +1 vote

    Has anyone used the lounge recently. Perhaps the increase in club price means a better overall experience. If so I wouldn't mind joining again.

    • +1 vote

      well Melbourne domestic is now 1/2 the size, there's less food variety, the only window is of airport security, there's less staff to serve (so you have to queue for coffee/beer) it's only cleaned every so often, so if you can't find a clean empty spot, you have to clean up the previous guests stuff yourself.

      the Biz lounge occupies the other half & the view of the outside, more staff, better food, better service.


        Exactly right. Quality in Qantas Clubs has generally gone down, not up. Qantas hand out status like it's candy with all these double status credit offers.

        Lounges are horrifically overcrowded.

        And many patrons are filthy. Terminal is often cleaner.


    I enjoyed the lounge at Narita airport. Some bottles of sake found itself in my hand luggage.

  • +1 vote

    To be honest, I've never really gotten the entire point of membership, perhaps someone who does can share.

    If you fly frequently, you'll get Gold status, which gives you access. If you don't fly frequently, then it's probably not worth the $350 or so per year to be a member.

    It's around 650 credits (with the bonus) to get to Gold, I think. You could probably get Gold if you fly internationally twice a year along with a few domestic, especially if you fly in business. Just as a quick example, if you take a trip to the US with an economy fare, you'll get 120 return, perhaps to London, that's another 190 return. So with around 2 - 3 of these trips and a dozen domestic flights will get you to Gold.

    If you fly less than 15 times per year, is it really worth it to pay $350 or so for Qantas Club access? I'd rather just go to a cafe and spend $20 for a meal. You're guaranteed to get food, the food is usually better.

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