Lol, I can’t believe I got my top choice licence plate today. Which one you like or have seen? Personalised plate discussion.

I have seen quite a lot of good ones out there. Many are so funny an cool. I didn’t really like my one I am getting with my car. So I went online to get one and my one is available, so I quickly purchased it. Which one have you seen? Or do you like or want.

Also $50 coles MYER card for coupon bonus19. Lol, I guess a coupon and it worked. I saw bonus 18 one for last year and I guess bonus19. Give it a go if you are buying one! Queensland site.

Edit: oh my, well I thought it was obvious…so maybe my wife wouldn’t like it. But if none of you knows what it means…well that’s a good thing. I really just put it out in plain numbers and letters. Never meant for it to cause any guessing. So I will type it out now just to clear any misunderstandings.

I can’t afford normal price of $475. But I paid that because I was very happy it was available, also with my new car. I did let like my number plate 882YXC which to me reminds me of “BB too, why (so) Sexy”
Normally letters are over $2000, and one win love heart is $2500. I saw two of them today.

There are some rude ones, which I didn’t intend, but also not what I want. But to some like my college are funny.

Emoji picture is limited I think and it just came out. My wife loves emoji, and we call each other b regularly.

It wasn’t a guessing game, but meant to have conversations of your favourite number plate.

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