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25% off R.M. Williams Boots e.g. Comfort Craftsman $446.25 Delivered @ David Jones


Been looking at these for a while, never seem to go on sale so jumped on these. Discount is applied in the shopping bag

The Comfort Craftsman is perfect for everyday wear, featuring a classic chisel square toe and flat heel with sewn welt plain non-slip composition sole and comfort inner sole. This boot is crafted from a chestnut shade of yearling leather.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Don't forget David Jones gift cards from RACQ etc

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    Still have two pairs spare after the Qantas Store deal was ozbargained!

    • Man that was a good deal

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    I bought a pair a year ago i.e. under LVMH ownership. Nothing wrong with the quality.

    The comfort, however, is missing. The soles are not padded for all day walking. Which could be acceptable when compared to formal leather soled shoes.

    The lack of lacing and adjustment means that I can't get an ankle lock and walking downhills my toes get squashed. I did get the right size from store. By downhill I mean stretches of Collins St.

    There is a reason why Chelsea boots are not a global phenomenon. If the last is a prefect fit for the shape of your feet, you might be more comfortable.

    • I experienced similar with standard craftsman that were 1/2 size too large.
      Comfort craftsmen 1/2 size down were no issue in similar situation for me.

    • I had an issue with the size of my shoes, and the sole. I put in a fake woollen sole for $3, and they are so much more comfortable now. I think anyone who has a pair of Classic Craftsman should take a look at this option.

  • The choice of the Young Liberals

    Don't laugh, I got a black pair that I've worn twice

    • Yesterday and Today?

  • These are great shoes but it shits me how LV bought them out and just skyrocketed the price for no reason.

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    Copped these for 275 a few years back brand new when still made in Australia - best shoe I own

  • Did anyone else get their order canceled by David Jones? :(