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25% off R.M. Williams Boots e.g. Comfort Craftsman $446.25 Delivered @ David Jones


Been looking at these for a while, never seem to go on sale so jumped on these. Discount is applied in the shopping bag

The Comfort Craftsman is perfect for everyday wear, featuring a classic chisel square toe and flat heel with sewn welt plain non-slip composition sole and comfort inner sole. This boot is crafted from a chestnut shade of yearling leather.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Seems to be working now

  • why dont they have the width of the shoe, G-H etc

    • You can always rebuy/swap the correct size

      • Lol imagine wasting a salespersons time for 2 hours asking to try on a different pair of the same size boots.

        I've owned a fair share of leather boots in my time and only needed the one - you get a size that's just a little tight then you stretch the leather with wear. It will be the perfect fit after a week or two of use as you mentioned, so I have no idea why you try on boots for 2 hours.

        • Because I have a wide foot. And RM Williams aren't just any old leather boot. They are one piece hand made leather. They last for years. An hour trying them on isn't a sacrifice if the shoe lasts you 10 years.

        • And if the new pair you get doesn't quite fit, jus get a pair of insoles if anything.

        • Aren't you just great…

    • G fitting is standard fitting. H (wider) and F (narrow) fitting are made to order. I believe DJ only stock G fittings so be careful if you want to exchange as they wont have other fittings.

    • get the tape measure, go to the https://www.rmwilliams.com.au/comfort-craftsman/B543Y_41FFCP...,

      click "size guide", you can measure base on the RM williams size.

  • Cheaper at Nungar Trading if you can wait for them.

    • I just bought a pair from Nungar (size 8H) for $430 + $15 for shipping so like $2 cheaper than from DJ.

  • Can you apply staff discount on top?

  • Anyone know if there is a way to order the custom larger sizes through DJ's with this discount? Only asking as I have a gift card to use with DJ's, and hubby is 1st cousin to bigfoot.

  • …never seem to go on sale so jumped on these

    Seem to pop up here fairly regularly

    Comfort Craftsman are $445 every day at Nungar (didn't want to create an account so don't know about shipping)

  • Rubber sole production moved to China, R.M Williams also up for sale.

    Won't be quality for much longer.

    • RM Williams has been owned by LVMH for like 5 years

      • Your point being?

        • Well the suggestion was that because RM Williams is up for sale, the quality of their products is going to decline. My point was that RM Williams has been owned by a foreign company for years and quality hasn't declined noticeably. I'm currently wearing a pair of Comfort Craftsman I bought about a year ago and they've been great

        • I'm aware of that but I was just pointing out that RM Williams has been owned by a foreign company for years

            • @Fincky: RM Williams say

              Today the skill of the 300 craftsmen and women in our workshop in Adelaide is something special and unique


              From our iconic men's and women's leather boots and hand-plaited belts, handcrafted in our factory in Adelaide, to our classic men's and women's clothing


              Beautifully constructed and uniquely made from one piece of leather, our Comfort Craftsman boots come in a range of colours. The Comfort Sole is perfect for everyday wear.

              Made in our Adelaide factory,

              I don't know how anyone proved your point. The shoes are made in Adelaide.

    • Won't be quality for much longer.


    • China is the equal of any nation on earth for quality manufacturing so no idea why you're saying this.

      • The rubber sole was the least of my worries on my CC’s. The leather ripped on the toe box and another couple of small tears around the boot, yet working a city job and taking great care of my shoes, I have no idea how. This is a common occurrence if you look at threads on RMs. The leather quality borders on junk imo. I sent them back to RMs but they couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything about it. Get a pair of English made shoes instead.

      • That's not exactly true. Consumer laws are different between countries which can result in different quality products being manufactured. Also the types and costs of materials can be vastly different. China is certainly capable of manufacturing excellent quality products but most people know that they also make a lot of crap.

        Not saying that's true in this case.

      • I disagree :) China is the global leader when it comes to high quality manufacturing at scale. Try making a gazillion iPhones with nano level tolerances elsewhere.

        China is also the global leader when it comes to manufacturing cheap, third grade, nasty stuff at scale.

        As the leader, they offer a full menu and the buyer chooses the quality.

        Developed world manufacturing is now more about craftsmanship than industrialised production.

    • Hasnt been quality for almost a decade now

      They change the tanning process/location a while back

      A coutnry chick told me, when i complained about an older pair still being good and the new pair not.

      That older pair is a black yearling craftsman with rubber sole from 13 years back, the seems are bursting but still in pretty good nick

      • It thought I remembered reading something similar before.


        Last time the country chick told you 5-6 years ago that they were made in China

        They change the tanning process/location a while back

        They haven't changed tanneries.

        • I've been told by a cobbler that there not what they used to be. He didn't go into detail about what exactly has changed but did say they only last half as long now. He recommended buying a second hand pair that are in good nick over getting some new ones.
          Separate to that I've also been told country people don't wear RMs anymore instead going for other Aussie Boot makers like Rossi, Baxter or Thomas Cook. They're half the price and last longer than RMs.

      • It'll be interesting how the production in the future is, as last I heard the brand is up for sale

    • I purchased the RMW City overnight bag.
      Made in Bangladesh.
      The item is consistent with the quality of a LV leather bag.
      It wasn’t cheap but it’s a superior product.

  • Thanks, was waiting on these and just about to buy elsewhere.

  • I didn't end up purchasing from these guys (bought instead from the outlet store) but I called Arthur Schofield in QLD when I was looking for a pair. They are selling for $425 + $10 shipping. Better off with this deal at DJs given cash back or gift cards but perhaps something to keep in mind as a Nungar alternative. Staff were very helpful when I called in trying to find a size.. just couldn't get them to me in time for an o/s flight.

  • did you all know that RM Williams is owned by Louis Vuitton

  • Cashrewards 5% online or 7% in-store makes it $20-30 cheaper give or take

  • Do they come in men's?

  • These boots are worth more then my car lol.

    • My best friend at school couldn't believe my entry level saxophone was worth more than his old Falcon.

  • 400 bucks at DFO for "seconds" (realistically no issues". Not a bad price if you have special width/size needs.

  • Ahh RMs, the middle management pushing for a career jump privileged shoe of choice. Pair these with navy jeans and a polo tucked in with a Kathmandu sleeveless jacket and you’re on the way to senior management in no time

  • Make sure to keep the tag out, you don't want people thinking they were $50 from Target.

  • Hmmm… I don't think men who check ozbargin site pay $450 for shoes LOL

    • Judging by the conversations prior to your post, quite a few do!

    • My husband bought a pair after I sent him the link ;) He had looked at the outlet in Sydney and couldn't find what he wanted. With the discount and a $50 voucher he had, it worked out to be a reasonable price for a pair of shoes that should hopefully last many years if looked after.

  • What would you do with proper, rugged boots in Australia? I’ve spent some time in cold frozen places where good boots are a pleasure to wear, but back in Aus they just turn into sweat factories.

    Snakes aren’t that common, and there are cheaper ways to look like a cowboy.

    • Half of my colleagues wear them in the office (QLD), senior people and mid-managers especially. Don't ask me why.

      • Do you work for Centrelink?

      • This is where Thanos theory hits the nail on the head

      • Because most Australians don’t know any better. A pair of Crockett and Jones are twice as comfortable, four times the quality and ten times as stylish at the same retail price.

        • Dame deal with a good pair of Loakes.

        • You'll struggle to get close to this price for C&J tho. They retail at >£400 in the UK

          • @bringbring: That’s right, but with a bit of patience you can usually find some on sale online. My Tetbury’s were around 450 delivered from La Botte Chantilly, morespoint uk used to have a lot on sale and had a discount code for new customers. It’s a shame Herringbone closed down as they were good value, now the only option onshore is Double Monk, where they’re around 750. It’s also worth following them in your size on eBay.

            I think RMs are worth 400, but not much more. I was just so disappointed mine (purchased at retail from their website) tore so easily and just looked horrible after a year, combined with RM customer service being unwilling to offer any solution.

  • got for $430 last time from The Iconic (Price matched).

  • Are these boots actually worth it? I can buy ten pairs from target from the same amount. Are they just a status symbol?

    • People wearing these claim that you can wear RM boots for 5-10 years easily. You just have to get it resoled every couple of years. Personally, I wouldn't buy them, but it is true that my dress shoes from Target did not even last for a year.

    • Little overpriced, but not by much IMO. That's what you pay for decent leather with Blake stitching or Goodyear welts.

      They do look a touch dated to me because the toe is a little squarish. I haven't worn mine enough for them to feel comfortable yet, usually opting instead for the cheaper pair of Country Road Chelseas ($230 RRP) for everyday use, or if a going somewhere a bit more special, a similarly priced but nicer looking pair of hand-burnished Acemark boots (US $300). The cheaper Country Roads however were really very bland when new and required some nice creme and polishing to get them looking good. So $300 I would consider a starting point.

  • Even better deal at the Iconic 30% off https://www.theiconic.com.au/r-m-williams/ with quicker shipping

    • craftsman aren't included in the frenzy, only the Adelaide model by the looks of it

  • Thanks! Bought a pair of Sydney Boots just now!!!

  • If you're considering them at full price you might want to look at Wotten for a made in Melbourne option.

    They are made to order and you have design options.


    • Wait is this $740 for Blake stitched shoes?

    • Why would I want these instead of RM Williams?
      Are you associated with the store?

      • would I want these instead of RM Williams?

        Because if you are considering RM Williams at full price the Woootten shoes are not much more expensive and they are made to order and you have design options.

        They are also made in Melbourne and are a small company (I think they are family owned)

        Are you associated with the store?


        • You can also custom make your own RM Williams shoes for the same price as the Wootten ones? You also have design options for them too?

  • There's a few styles on Iconic for 30% off. Brings it down to like 420 ish, edit: someone already commented this, I'm dumb and don't know how to delete comments