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Free - Send Your Name to Mars @ NASA


Similar deal to these.

NASA's Mars 2020 Rover is heading to the red planet.
Submit your name by Sept. 30, 2019, and fly along!

Your email is used only to give you “Frequent Flyer” points and to allow you to send your name on future Mars missions.

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  • Just curious are you human or really a bot, spending most of your time on ozbargain ;-)

  • Nice. I can tick “littering on another planet” off my bucket list

  • Joe King here, sign me up.

  • I'm worried about alien identity theft

    • +50 votes

      Hello Human.

      We are pleased to inform you that your email address emerged as one of the winners in the Mars Space miles Promo which was held on your earth date of May 4th, 2019. Entry NZ-L16-2018 was randomly attached to your email hence this made you a winner! You have therefore been approved for a payout sum of $100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Mars Dollars) payable to you via our affiliated BANK on your planet.

      To Make Your Claims, Kindly email your claims agent with your details below to avoid unauthorised claims by a non-winner.

      • FULL NAME.


      EMAIL: [email protected]

      Thank you very much for your understanding and once again congrats!


      • +10 votes

        Whats the conversion rate on MAD to AUD?

        • It tends to fluctuate pretty wildly, and based on the intergalactic credit trading system AUD is usually pretty low, a while back one AUD was fetching $.01 intergalactic credits. :/

          That’s why Earth is always so popular as an intergalactic holiday destination, everything is so darn cheap. EG; Roswell was a couple on their honeymoon. Actually it’s funny, when the ‘visitors’ were detained by the US military they played ‘dumb’, and gave the yanks an ahem “integral navigation component for an advanced propulsion system”, it was an adult ‘novelty’ device, which the Americans completely believed was actually the key to some fandangled propulsion system, lol, uh no. So, now of course they’ve become a laughing stock, hence all the hype and secrecy in Nevada, they don’t want any of the public to find out they handed out open tourist visas to everyone in quadrant EJ89 for an extraterrestrial dildo. But shit happens.

        • The Mars dollar used to be tied to the Altarian dollar, but has now floated and around 3000 MAD to one Triganic Pu.

      • Gotta rewatch Total Recall.

  • worth 504,668,791km award points. nice

    • Unfortunately that doesn't get you very far for intergalactic travel. 600,000,000 award points + Taxes for economy to the moon isn't too bad, but its only 1 way.

  • +12 votes

    get your ass to mars

  • "Tightarse" is going to Mars!

  • So an Alien race only has to:
    1) Go to Mars in the next millennium (assuming that the data carrying device will have a maximum life of around that)
    2) Find the bloody thing
    3) Develop USB
    4) Develop Fat32 or NTFS
    5) Understand ASCII
    6) They get rewarded with a non-nonsensical string of characters.

    Peeing your name in the snow will probably be more useful.

    • Maybe they will start with Fat16 and floppy disks, if you are talking about alien evolution.

    • All names are reviewed by a team of people at NASA and then sent to the microchip manufacturer.

    • Assuming you're advanced enough for intergalactic travel, and that you're travelling to mars in the next millennium, you're probably smart enough to also scan/visit the other planets in the system (at which point you'd see a lot more evidence of Human habitation than 1 rover on an entire planet)

      I'd say that under Martian laws, if your name is on it then you can claim ownership. This is effective a tontine, with the last surviving name getting ownership over the red planet.

    • According to this article ( the names aren't stored digitally but are physically etched onto the chip, interestingly enough. More dense than flash storage, and probably longer lasting.

      • "About 1 million names can be squeezed onto a single chip"

        What's a name in bytes? Maybe 20? So you can put 50 million onto a single gigabyte, so not denser than flash storage.

        • Why is a "single gigabyte" your point of comparison? I was meaning that a plate with engraved names would likely be much smaller physically than a flash storage device with an equivalent capacity. There's a reason why data-center archives that don't need to be accessed often use tape…

          • @MetaAF: Because a single gigabyte was enough to be multiple times the density of the engraved chip. Sure, I could change that to 256GB and you're now looking at well over 1000 times the density.
            Also, while a tenth the width of a human hair (say 10um) for the lines on the letters sounds incredible small, transistors are produced down to 7nm (though in fairness, probably not for flash storage).

  • Filling uninitialised memory using random names instead of 0xdeadbeef is a bad idea.

  • +23 votes

    Thanks, that’s Christmas presents for the entire family sorted.

  • Saw free in the title and signed up using fake details to avoid Martian spam. Now what are we getting for free?

  • Right, so the Aliens will know who to attack first then..all the ones on the list sent to Mars

    • Or who to reward. I can see the holigraph messages now; "Your long distant species died from cavity experiments but came into a few trillion credits. Please send 4.68 million credits as fee to release the money"

  • Great! Nasa is selling our details to the aliens for free! 🤪

  • Send your kidney to mars.

  • Die Alien Scum

  • Ivana Humpalot, Dixie Normous, Alotta Fagina, Fook Mi and Fook Yu are all signed up

  • Anyone know the conversion rates of these points to QFF or Virgin?

  • Very cool, thank you

  • Frequent flyer points?

  • The names will end up in a black hole.

  • +1 vote

    If I do this then what will people call me? i guess ill have to get another name..

  • McLovin is going to Mars

  • Add your name to the list and use the free three month trial of Amazon Prime to get something delivered to Mars?

  • You know you can actually buy land on Mars right? They will give you a deed, and it's not even expensive. I believe it's even been posted on OzB before.

    But it's going to be difficult to enforce if a Martian decides to take residence on your plot of land.

  • Mars computers doesn't reorganise Our file system .

  • WTF wonder what they are data mining for .

    Seems to be working .

  • Any CashRewards???

  • This is always free.

    I remember doing the "Send Your Name to the Moon @ NASA" promo back in 1969….

    • Hi grandpa what you doing on the internetz.

      • what you doing on the internetz.

        I'm using Gopher

        • Gopher



          Wow you made me feel old.. damn you are ancient.

          • @AlienC: I'm having trouble running my Mosaic browser on Windows 10 though…

            Might have to upgrade to Netscape…

            • @jv: If I get 10 gold stars on my maths star chart then Mrs Maguire will let me play Stickybear on the computer for 20 minutes while everybody else has to do more maths tables ha ha stinky poopy pants.

  • I'm sooooo confused. Exactly what is this?

    • Name get etched on a microchip on the 2020 mars rover.

      I put my infant daughters name on down, so when she see a pics of Mars, I can say her name is there.