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Telstra Port-in Offer: 12-Month SIM Only Plan $65 for 60GB Data + $400 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi


Similar to the deal earlier this month which had a $500 gift card. Missed out but the bonus is you can immediately ‘upgrade’ this plan to Telstra’s own $69 plan which, until today, is only $49/month. Expired

My steps today:

  • Ported out from Telstra plan to Optus prepaid.
  • Made a phone call, setup voicemail.
  • Went to JB an hour later and signed up for their $65 plan with $400 gift card (ported back in from Optus to Telstra).
  • Used Telstra live chat and changed to their $69 plan which for today only is now $49, see here.
  • Tried to get the extra $10 port-in credit but was unsuccessful.

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  • "Used Telstra live chat and changed to their $69 plan which is now $49." is that work? @[email protected]

  • Thanks for the post, Just walked out of store with this deal, What did you say to live chat to get it down to $49?

  • A bit of a gamble getting Live Chat to put you onto the $49 plan. Great deal regardless though!

    • Yeah most of the time they'll dismiss you

      • Not in my experience. It's technically an upgrade. Much can be said about Telstra, but in my many years with them, once there is a better plan which is officially an upgrade but discounted to be cheaper, they've been more than happy to change things for me (also within contract). I simply asked if I could 'change from my $65 plan to the $69 plan which is currently discounted to $49'.

    • Works 100%

    • Not this time, it's available for existing customers.
      Verified today myself.
      Got it.

  • Whats the go with the gift cards? Can you use them on something other than a new phone?

    • Yes, just a standard JB Hifi gift card. Can be used on anything. The 'JB Mobile' scribble on the sign confused me a bit but that just refers to the plan, not the gift card.

  • What's the original included in JB 65 plan.

    • The plans are very similar, both with 60GB. The Telstra one is obviously cheaper now and has the benefit of free calls to 15 different countries.

  • Sign up, change plan to $49. Terminate for $294. Huge amount of work but essentially $400 gift card for $294

    • You don’t terminate. You ‘upgrade’. There is no termination charge.

      • What I am saying, is if you have no interest in having a plan, and just want a $400 jbhifi gift card. You purchase the $65 plan you then upgrade to the $69 for $49 plan. Then you terminate the plan entirely, which as stated in the critical information summary is only $294.

    • Doesn’t the gift card can only be used to buy mobile phone at the same day? At least that I read at JB website.

  • I can confirm, Live chat are offering to switch to Telstra $69 Plan with international calls and piece of mind data for $49 per month.

    comment from rep below:

    As you're JB HI-FI MOBILE BYO PLAN $65and you're getting 60GB data.
    So instead of paying $65, Currently there's an offer going on for $69 BYO plan n which you'll get 60GB data with unlimited calls and texts. Also international call pack and peace of mind data will be included in it. The offer is you'll get $20 discount on the plan so you'll only be charged $49 monthly.

    • Seems Telstar CS is nicer compared to Optus.

      Last time when Optus had sale frenzy with 20% off plan, I wanted to upgrade to higher Plan with 20% disc but they said I have to buy a new plan since I bought the old plan outside the promo period. And plan “upgrade” is not possible to a discounted higher plan, because after discount it’s cheaper than my original plan. Sad.

  • Is it possible to port out and in mid contract? Doesn't it take 24 hours to come into effect?

    • They may refuse you based on the 30 days minimum requirement.

      • although, they wouldn't be able to take the gift card back

        • Normally they make you wait at the shop until the port is successful

          • @jiakz: The port will always be successful. Siebel doesn't stop it from porting due to the 30 day limitation, it just removes any promotions that may have been created due to the promotion (it's also not instantaneous- can take 1 day or it could take 6 months for that to happen, as it is a fairly shitty robot that does the scouting). Which is also irrelevant if you do the live chat deal to swap it to the $69 for $49 deal. for reference, I used to run a Telstra store for 7 years.

  • Killer deal if you can work out the kinks.

    Would assume I'd need to payout my phone as I'm on a postpaid plan at the moment (last years galaxy 2 xl $49 plan).

  • So $49 x 12 = $588

    $588 less $400 gift card = $188

    $188 / 12 = $15.66p/m

    Am I understanding this deal correctly? Seems like a steal.

    • You are correct my friend!!

    • Am I understanding this deal correctly?

      Yes - but you're valuing hte JB Hifi card incorrectly. Plenty of websites selling JB Hifi cards for 5% discount, so it's really only worth $380 and you'd only get $300-350 if you tried to sell it for cash.

      • u can easily sell it for a tad over 5% discount. its almost like cash lol

        • Are you guys talking about physical gift cards or digital ones? How do people sell digital gift cards online? I have $800 worth of eBay gift cards that I wanna sell (bought them to purchase Galaxy S10 but bought onr from Samsung website from the recent deal) and I have never sold egift cards before.

          • @AussieDaddy: check the classified section… plenty of people wanting ebay gift cards.

            • @Jaduqimon: I have never bought any gift crd from the classified seciton but I am looking for some ebay gift cards as well. Just wondering if there is a safe way to make the transaction. I'm worried about getting scammed.

              • @HDer: well theres no sure way to tell but what I do is look at the join date of the seller and how active they are on OzB in terms of posts/comments gauge their character that way.

              • @HDer: Yeah, that's my concern as well. I might just keep them and use them for purchasing eBay stuff in the future, since OzBargain gets us to impulse purchase all the time anyway.

      • I was valuing it more in equivalent terms, like "if you were going to spend the money at JB Hi-fi anyway" then it would still be worth $400 to ya. Even if you did sell it for cash, you'd get way more than $300 lol. Even at $350 (which I still think is low) it still brings this deal down to sub $20p/m. Great deal.

        • Even if you did sell it for cash, you'd get way more than $300 lol

          It's a function of how quickly you want to sell it.

          Even at $350 (which I still think is low)

          That represents a $30 discount on the entertainment book price. As a buyer, I wouldn't touch it at that price, just not enough of a saving to justify the risks with buying gift cards in the secondary market. I can see how someone else might buy it at that price if all the stars were aligned (item in stock, seller can meet at store, value of the card matches what is being purchased)

          it still brings this deal down to sub $20p/m.

          Assuming you can execute it all, then yes … too many variables for my liking though.

        • sorry but i beg to disagree - unless it's a) provision of single service by single provider…

          pros being : telstra (available everywhere) & a decent amount of data for those that don't want to fluff around swapping sims etc…

          kogan @ 4.90 for 40gb per month versus 20p/month for 60gb doesn't seem much of a steal / bargain to me at least…

  • So even though you are signing up for a 12 month contract with Telstra at JB they still let you upgrade to the $69 (w/ $20 credit) plan?

  • Could you use the JB Hifi gift card for monthly payments?

  • Hoping Huawei drop prices due to slow sales. Would be great imo

  • Is the telstra discount on the $69 plan only until today? I will not be able to get to a JB Hi Fi until tomorrow :(

    • I couldnt see an end date on Telstra website. It was a bit confusing because up the top it said 30gb + 30gb POM for $59 including a $10 credit, then further down it says 30gb + 30gb for $49 including a $20 discount and I cannot see any start or end dates for either deal..

  • whenever I see Telstra deals I remember that one last month with the s10e or p30 😥

    • EOFY coming up. Hopefully we will see another one.

      This particular deal seems like a good way to get a cheap Pixel 3a.

    • following Huawei debacle I'm glad i dodged the P30 bullet, to be honest.

    • My wife and I got the S10e on that plan, but she has just chatted with On Line chat and they are now signing her up to their new plan of $49 p/m, with 60gb included.

      Just saved an additianal $16 per month. But she also now gets some international calls included. And we have been assured that there is NO early termination fees from our JB contract.

      I'll try and upgrade my plan tomorrow at JB. For the $16 per month over 12 months. I get the $400 gift voucher.
      That's $192 for a $400 voucher…. nice.

      • I can't figure out your calculation of $192 that gets you the $400 GC.

        • costs 192 more than hiswife's plan
          he pays 192 more but also gets 400 voucher

          • @follow: But he said upgrade. How do you get $400 by upgrading?

            • @TomGum: he is not with telstra, presumably on a plan offering less, hence upgrading to this telstra plan which comes with the 400

              • @follow: He said he and his wife got the S10e on that plan previously. So that led me to believe he is with Telstra.

                • @TomGum: hmm im confused now. maybe he meant they went together?

                  • @follow: We both signed up from Optus to Telsta a few weeks ago via the JB deal.
                    $199 for the phone on a $65p/m with 60gb. 12 month plan. That deal.

                    Tonight via live chat, my wife was trying to the $10p/m additional discount because she ported in (last month). Instead they put her on the $49p/m plan. Which is better again. Without penalty.

                    I hope that clears it up.

  • Could anyone confirm whether this plan is one of the top top plans offered by Telstra which will have 5g offered for free?


    • yes i would like to know as well…

      Like right now 4g is enough, never have I thought to myself for whatever i'm doing on my mobile, "gee wish it was 5x faster" but it would be great to do some speedtest.net on 5G lol will probably burn the 60gb in an oopsie.

    • I'm fairly certain they are referring to the $129 and $199 device plans. Not the sim only plans.

  • You can also pay $799 up front for Samsung s10+ 128G with this plan but no gift card.

  • Credit check applies? Lets say mine is questionable at the moment…

  • This deal might be expired. Opened the link on that deal earlier and saw the $49/month, but now shows $59/month

  • any hard ball ozbarginers here managed to push the $10 port in credit from the $49 plan to make it $39?????

  • Does the Port In credit still apply? As in, would it be possible to lower this plan to $55 a month? I don't really care about international minutes etc (on the $69 plan).

  • Note: Telstra is no longer offering the $49 plan


    Wow good deal, we have 3 x $39 sims with 7gb data each on a buss account, at least data is still shareable. Best i could get offered on mine was $54 with 35gb and calls to 45 countries.

  • Is it considered a new porting from Telstra pre-paid to Telstra post-paid? Or would I need to port to a completely different carrier first?

  • The post title and description is confusing me with all the different numbers and upgrades. What is the plan? $65 with a $400 card? Or does it work out to be $49 with $400 card

    • The offer at JB Hifi is $65 per month. Some people have 'upgraded' it to the $69 plan, which was on offer for $49. But it seems this $49 offer has expired, just then.

      • It was alot of work, but I just got it done. Even though it was taken off the site, Live Chat still did it.