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Huawei P30 Pro (Dual Sim 4G/4G) $1,358.30, P30 (Dual Sim 4G/4G) $933.30 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ SydneyMobiles eBay


Great Prices and cheaper compare to previous deals I guess. Apply code at checkout and Free delivery with eBay plus.
Enjoy :)

Some useful notes from the listing :

Please note: Regarding the recent developments on the USA bans of Huawei, it is a rapidly evolving situation. Huawei Australia have released a statement to reassure consumers that existing devices will not be affected by the ban, the full statement can be found at:

We will continue to work closely with communicating with both Huawei and our valued customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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  • +4

    As months go, Huawei phones will become breeding grounds for malware, vulnerabilities and exploits. Hackers will use them for data theft and networked attacks. No matter how big zoom is; it's simply not worth having these phones around in active usage.

    • +1

      if you look at the update lag many brands get , vulnerabilities come from apps people load, not from the operating system, and reputable apps are carefull.
      the vulnerabilities and exploits would be the same across many brands as they use common code.

      you want frequent updates get android one or a pixel.

  • +2

    I made a mistake buying a ZTE phone and is now unsupported, I recommend avoiding these phones.

    • you can get updates from zte again, had an axon7 loved it, then trump got them blocked for 6 mths and in the tech market, 6 mths is a longgg time.

  • If Huawei crashes, who can do the warranty?

  • +1

    The current situation has obliterated P30 & P30 Pro prices on Mobile Monster. A P30 Pro in new condition will net you $400, compared to an S10+ at $870. P30 in new condition is worth $250 - less than what they currently give for a 64GB Galaxy S8 or an iPhone 7 32GB. I sold my Note 9 to them a couple of months after release for $1000.

    Great hardware aside, and the siuation could change, I can't understand why you would spend $1300 on a P30 Pro right now.

    • Note 9 - $550. (As new)

      I think it's more the 'buy low and all high' business practise than the ban.

      • No, the P30 Pro lost $400 vale overnight. Coincidentally, it's was when the Huawei news broke. Just a coincidence? S10+ is $870 and it's been out longer than the P30.

        • Business will use any excuses under the Sun to buy really cheap from you.. if they are selling Huawei really cheap, then yes.. I agree.

          Buyer setting their price to buy your phone is never an indication of the market, you he'd only to check GT to see people wanting to buy new note 9 for $500.

          Also, the business in question will buy your note 9 for $550, will you sell your note 9 for that price?..

          • @PuppieWayne: Did you even read my comment? I DID sell my Note 9 to them, two or three months after release for $1000. The P30 Pro has been our for two months. The Note 9 has now been out for over 9 months. Used Note 9 128GB’s are typically going for $600 - $700 on eBay. Take away seller and PayPal fees, and $550 without the hassle of listing, dealing with low ball offers, stupid questions, dodgy buyers etc. seems quite reasonable. Places like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree (although owned by eBay) are places I would never sell something like a phone.

            • @aja12: Find me someone who will willing to sell their p30 Pro for $250.

              Read what I wrote, buyers always want to screw to buy cheap, doesn't mean you'll have a seller willing to sell.

              So has the price for P30 Pro drop?.. not according to JB hi-fi, Optus, Telstra..

    • There's definitely a drop in demand for Huawei phones, but any non-retarded person will not sell their phone at current situation. As you can see in Gumtree Sydney there are more Ad for people wanted to buy P30 pro, and people who are selling it still put $1000++ for their p30. If I have p30 pro myself, I would rather just keep the phone myself rather than having to deal with lots of lowballer on 2nd hand marketplace.

  • +1

    same thing happened with ZTE ….. one of the top selling phones in the USA …..trump got google to block them from updates ….their android version stalled ……and by the time it was lifted 6 mths later their market share had dropped …….and they are yet to recover.
    the issue isn’t existing owners who have bought a phone ….the issue is potential new buyers and how far does huawei need to drop prices to keep people buying them ….
    how long will trump keep the ban and will huawei miss the next cycle of new models and samsung and apple get a lead again.

    it only took a few months to kill zte position in the mobile market.

    • Maybe once Trump gets good results from trade negotiations then hell lift the ban.

  • +2

    Buy now, regret later. It will be a dummy phone, like a toy.

  • People that have a Huawei mobile that use it for work could potentially see it getting blocked from accessing any corporate documents/ apps through MDM as is usualy the case for rooted Android phones.

  • +4

    People are so nieve. So you really think that this is a permanent move by Trump Corp? Just using this a bargaining chip for his trade negotiations. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techradar.com/amp/news/trum....
    In three months all this panic will have been for nothing. And by the way the P30 is an amazing phone.

    • +4

      Huawei is a prick of a company though. They completely deserved the ban.

      They have been busted stealing others tech so many times and for so long and ordered to remove others source code from their gear. It was just so blatant for ages. Only reason their networking gear is so cheap is because they don't spend much on R&D and just stole most of the tech.

      They are also heavily involved with the Chinese government. Remember when China started arresting random people in retaliating for Huawei' s CFO being put on house arrest?

      Yes competition is good but Huawei literally stole its way to the number 2 spot and they are a security threat due to the close links with the Chinese governemnt.

      • +1

        you talked like Trump.

  • Now with removable play store and updates!!

  • The office staff who own a Huawei were already looking up for another phone (on OZB). Theres a fear of having restricted or no access to Google Services, especially Google play despite the written “commitment” by the company. Until this is resolved, maybe like ZTE style, don’t think many people around the world are willing to pour that kinda money for a complex situation.

    • +2

      Existing phones are unaffected. Google services, once you installed Google Play, you can use most, if not all of those services. It's just new Huawei phones cannot have that installed by default. There is no stopping people installing Google Play Store on phones without it installed (i.e. Xiaomi phones Chinese edition or any Chinese edition Android phones).

      Basically, Google will not be able to officially support future Huawei phones (if US enforced the ban 3 months from now). But, if customers chose to manually install Google Play, Google won't do anything (and will allow it - for obvious reasons). The issue is Huawei won't be able to officially provide instructions.

      Security updates - yes, it is an issue, although let's face it, how long do Android phone makers update their phones, especially on older, non flagship handsets? I have dirt cheap Android phones with ZERO update ever. Some of the final Google updates on phones/tablets (e.g. Nexus 5, 7 2013) are shockingly bad, slow/laggy.

      The real issue is US government's policy. Which country dare to go against US and actively promote/sell Huawei phones in the future with the ban (other than China of course)? Given the current situation, I reckon most consumers would want a heavy discount on Huawei phones.

  • +1

    shame the $200 gift card promo is finished

  • +2

    This might slow down the ridiculous trend of adding an extra camera to the back flagships each year. Trypophobia people are loosing it.

  • Can these be rooted?

    • bootloaders are locked. so no

      • Ah shame.

  • I'm eagerly waiting for the price to drop more :)

  • Welp to think I was gonna make my mate 20x last 2 years atleast

  • aint no body paying that much for an obsolete p30 pro specially when the s10+ can be had for 975 dollars (westpac thing)

  • +2

    make this 500 and ill pick one up, the p30 pro

    • +1

      you can dream just like me but I know it won't happen :)

      • +1

        Just stack on a few extra pillows when you sleep, you will be closer to your dream. It’s either that or wet dreams!

  • Great phones at reasonable prices. Any U.S. ban would not impact the current phones. More importantly, Huawei will have its own operating system shortly which is compatible with Android. Given Microsoft has given up on the mobile version of Windows 10. There is only one OS in the market right now outside of iOS. It is good to see a new entrant.

  • -1

    @imofLeo "they did steal your brain for critical thinking"

    @Aceboy884 "But if one have no brain, then there is nothing to steal…."

    The above comments indicate that some people in Australia don't really understand the gravity of the issue.

    This is not a Trump bashing contest. Please read and understanding the gravity of the issues

    The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

    Vodafone Found Hidden Backdoors in Huawei Equipment

    • +5

      Both stories were eventually found unsubstantiated which is why the US never blew it up back then.

      If you read to to the very bottom of the Bloomberg article:

      Bloomberg LP has been a Supermicro customer. According to a Bloomberg LP spokesperson, the company has found no evidence to suggest that it has been affected by the hardware issues raised in the article.

      If there was a genuine security threat, Trump would not go on twitter two days later to say that Huawei is on the table for trade negotiations - what? You mean suddenly the massive security threat disappeared and can be negotiated away. Da fuc?


      • If you look the security breaches historically most organizations try to cover up unless covering it up breaches any applicable regulation such disclosure requirements (i.e. privacy, customer data, passwords). Even when duty to disclosure exist, most companies delay the disclosure.

        I believe the Bloomberg reports are credible but I might be wrong.
        I believe it would be prudent to avoid risk if there is a viable alternative

        • Yes also two things to consider:

          1. Privacy is being used as a scare mongering tactic
          2. The USA admits spying, hard evidence is proven, but honestly, what can you do against the guy who is holding the gun/nukes/NRA/No.1 Global Arms Dealer….
  • Hopefully the price tanks over the next few months. Will gladly take a P30 pro at a cheap price (maybe at $700ish?) despite no further updates.

    • edit: deleted
      got didnt realise you were talking about the p30 pro

  • +1

    The truth.

    My next phone will be Huawei.

  • +2

    Future Huawei phones are now banned from having SD card slots lmao. This is just becoming hilarious now.

    • +2

      current ones don't have micro sd cards already.
      my mate 20 and wife's p30 only has a slot for nano memory card,which is very expensive,not very happy

  • Don't sell the huawei phones and suggest others to buy them.

    Any software can be cloned through a third party software on an android phone. (Search for app cloners) you can get someone to install a cloner and send you a clone apk file to your phone via email or bluetooth etc.

    Huawei will be back in business as trump said it will use this ban for trade negotiations.

    Google will support the phones released before the ban.

    Honestly more people will buy huawei because their name is everywhere these days in media.

    • +1

      Trump knows he can't put a business like Huawei down just like that, and based on his negotiations resume, he's using Huawei just to get the results he wants from his trade war. Soon Huawei will be whitelisted, and I believe there's a huge possibility Huawei will be allowed to enter the US by the end of this war.

      People forget that the US will also lose a lot if they were to keep their efforts in killing Huawei, forget about Apple, the American car industry depends heavily on the Chinese market.

      • @OzSikh

        Who knows when this US-China trade war will end? Is China going to bow down and give in to all of Trumps demands? I have heard there are plans to blacklist more Chinese state hi-tech companies Hikvision, Megvii, Dahua, Meiya Pico and iFlytek.

        The people did not forget about Apple and the American car industry. You are assuming Trump cares about Apple and the American car industry and that Trump is rational like most normal people. There is one thing I do know about Trump is that he is unpredictable. Even people working closest to him have not been able to correctly predict and understand his actions or behaviors, many have quit or been fired and some have even been convicted and jailed. Most will agree he is the most unconventional president, some might even say irrational or crazy but he likes to call himself a "stable genius".

    • +1


      1. Just because "Trump said it", doesn't necessary means it's true. Trump has said many things in the past, not everything he said or tweeted out is proven to be true.

      2. Not every phone users have the technical knowledge to clone a third party software or wants to. Are they even prepared to trust a third party software, not from Google Play Store? Some people just want an affordable yet reliable phone without any hassle or worry not being able to update or access their favorite apps Youtube, Gmail, etc…

  • +2

    Google will continue to work with Huawei for the next 90 (well 85 now) days, however it has now removed all Huawei devices from its Android Enterprise Recommended list.


    This has no direct impact to consumers, unless you have a work phone for a company that relies on the list.

  • +1

    Flagship prices for a phone that will not have any future android OS updates.

  • -1

    In TRUMP we trust!

  • There is no way huawei can overturn the ban. So it’s game over for their phone. Other businesses still making them number 1. So, never get the phone if you intended to use it long term. Well, who does anyway

  • I would not like to take that risk, a phone without google play

  • +1

    This sounds the alarm bell for all countries that US bullies everyone.
    To start, it prompts for a worldwide open mobile OS, app store project, which is "government neutral".

  • Hmmm I'm waiting for the price to come down but it seems like all the retailers are waiting. There is still 90 days for this to become permanent. Hopefully they will just give trump what he wants, it's like giving a big baby his toy when he is having a tantrum.

  • Is this true? The drop to $130 is quite drastic.


  • -2

    Where did this army of + votes suddenly come from? This is very suss….

  • -1

    Trump derangement syndrome in full flight here. It's laughable that a thread about a risky mobile offer can turn into a Trump bashing exercise, especially in view of the incredible economic success he's delivered.

  • -2

    I cannot see these retaining anywhere near this value over the next few months with the current geopolitical situation. Second hand ones are being sold at fire sale prices.

    • give me a link of someone selling p30 pro at very low prices

      • He is dreaming about it.

  • Well just brought a P30 Pro from Binglee and really like it compare XS MAX. Lot cheaper as well. less than 1300 for a 8G/256G Dual Sim model.

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