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[Amazon Prime] Sony 49" X70F KD49X7000F $664.05 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Combine special price with Prime Savings 5% discount for great price on a great TV!

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  • With 4K X-Reality PRO, every image is upscaled closer to true 4K quality for remarkable clarity. Images are sharpened and refined in real time.
  • ClearAudio+ fine tunes TV sound for an immersive, emotionally enriching experience that seems to surround you. Hear music and dialogue with greater clarity and separation, whatever you’re watching.
  • Go straight to YouTube and enjoy all your favourite videos. YouTube button on the remote control for easy browsing.

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  • price in title should be before cashback


    It was $674.10 a few days ago - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/458388

  • Can these T.V's be adjusted from side to side? I want to be able to turn it to face a couch occasionally.

  • No Android OS so no vote from me but otherwise a good find OP

    • With the troubles you have with an Android TV, is it even worth having one?

      • I've never understood the bad rap that Android TV gets. Between myself and 3 other families we've got about 8 Android TVs or set top boxes and all delighted with them. I'd avoid this deal myself because I'd have to factor in the price of an add-on Android TV STB.

      • What trouble are we talking about here?
        I have two Android Tv's and it's not the most responsive OS by any means but nothing really critical.

        • To answer both questions, I have the kdl55w700B and it's so slow now.

          Not to mention the random power offs. There's also issues with opening apps, and just whack glitchy things.

          Android TVs start off great but the more updates and more time that passes, the less impressed I am with the software.

          Though, this is anecdotal and the only Android TV I have owned.

          • @phatty: That's a 5 years old model. The newer 2018+ range performs just fine with Android TV. After buying / using 2 I doubt I'd ever change back to a TV without it.

      • No dramas on my end, two out of three TV's at home are Sony Android the third I use the Xiaomi TV box.

        All are about as efficient as each other and I'm very happy with the options presented to me via third party apps!

  • This TV makes a fantastic 4K monitor, if you have the desk space for it. 4:4:4 chroma means text is razor sharp and can easily compete with high end monitors. I have last years model (the KD49X7000E) and my only criticism is that dark scenes from movies don't display as well as I'd like. Brighter shows (most TV, anime etc) look great, but I wouldn't recommend it to a serious movie watcher. No Android OS, so it starts much faster than most smart TV's and the EPG works fine. You don't get the range of Android apps available, but you don't get the bugs either. :)

    Been using mine as a monitor and desktop TV for just over a year now and I could never go back to using an ordinary monitor. Fantastic bang for the buck.

  • Good enough for PS4 pro and sports viewing like Optus Sport and NBA league pass?

    Can't find reviews. Is it a different model no. overseas?

  • Shopback 12% cash back as well for today only. This reduces the price to $600.

  • Interesting in this TV for the bedroom , can't check anywhere to see if this support Bluetooth Audio wireless to my Bose QC35

  • Great find OP. Bought the same TV from Amazon a week ago for $850.

    Bizarrely they've asked me to ship it back to them and they'll send another at the reduced price, rather than just refund the difference.

  • Go straight to YouTube

    Go straight to YouTube. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

  • I paid nearly $900 for the KD-43X7500F. The Sony TV gives a beautiful picture, but not that smart. The software is always laggy and unreliable. Sony has some work to do to make the android application neater.

    • Andriod application? I thought this doesn't come with Android OS

      • The 7500 series comes with Android, unlike the 7000 series in this deal. Friend of mine has an older KD55X8500C with similar Android issues to Bluering48's, so perhaps Sony's implementation of Android isn't that great?

  • Anyone used the HDR feature on this TV and could comment on their experience?

  • Seems that the deal is gone.

  • I am getting $845

  • Can it upscale my VGA images to 4k quality in real time?

  • Deal is back!

  • Thanks OP. Very good price. Bought one

  • Thanks OP. Bought 1 for my daughter replacing Pioneer LX 509. Will.go.well with the Sony 800x player.

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