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5/6: 40" TV $299, Standing Office Desk $149, Chair $99 | 8/6: Mitre Saw $149, Drill Skin $49, 4ah Battery $39.99 @ ALDI


Standing Office Desk $149, Chair $99, 40" TV $299

Mitre Saw $149, Drill Skin $49, 4Ah Battery $39.99

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  • -2 votes

    The monitor looks so Photoshopped… As if bezels are that thin

  • interested with the desk and chair but i just dont like the idea of fighting, queuing for hours, to spend my money.

    • Last year there was plenty of stock for the chair.
      I purchased one and I don't recommend it. Not a sturdy design. The seat is really narrow so for me (5 foot 11 & 88kg) wasn't a right fit.

      My biggest gripe was, when mounting the seat to the wheels. All you do is aligning the hole and you're done. No screw, nothing. So when you sit down, you can feel the seat swaying like it's about to fall to bits and it's honestly unverving.

  • ALDI is 2019's goat!

  • C'mon Bunnings! :)

  • How likely is it that i will ever use the mitre saw? I have purchased a Bosch circular saw a couple of years back and never switched it on.

    • If you do end up needing it, can always grab a (probably better) ozito from bunnings for not much more.
      I had to do some decking recently, and this things makes it 100x easier.

    • Could always go with the cheapie $50 one if you only have the occasional thin board to cut.

  • That monitor arm looks decent. I don't know if I feel like making the effort to track a store that has it in stock.

    Aldi is like a gold mine.

  • Thanks OP keen for that standing desk, have one at work and its surprising good to use.

    • I've tried cheap ones and many of them are not really stable in the high (standing position). They wobble a lot. Some with each keypress. Not sure about this Aldi one, though, and you can always return it.

  • Dual monitor arm and brushless drill for $49 is on my hit list. cheers OP.

  • +2 votes

    Does anyone know the gauge of the brad nailer?

    Edit: looks like it might be this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWo18SWvPFo

    • Can't find a Bunnings equivalent cordless nail gun - not unless they're going to halve the price of the Ryobi one (doubt it…)

      d'oh would've liked to impulse buy one

  • Anyone have the chair? Thoughts?

  • Why would you need a chair with a standing desk ????????????

  • Thanks.. Now need to set remainder after 8 days

  • Id have thought the tire air inflator thing would be worth a mention op? $40 for airhawk style that fits on a battery i own. Im gona get one.

  • Picked up the Aldi mitre saw today for $40 on clearance. They also had 20v 4ah batteries and chargers. Can't remember the price though.

  • Wish they had better spec's for the monitor, and their Medion website is a joke. I wonder if it has VESA mount options, if so might be an option for a multi-monitor setup.

  • Anybody know if the 20v inflator is any good? Probably not practical for car tyres, but would it be good enough for bikes and sports balls?

    • Not sure about the ALDI one but I took a risk and added the Ozito PowerXChange inflator to the stables and it's brilliant! Unfortunately it wont be price matched as it's a different beast to the ALDI one with Battery & Mains power options and a digital pressure preset shut-off etc. but yeah, does everything with absolute ease including high pressure air for tyres & sports balls and a separate hose for high volume air for air beds etc.

    • Bought it today and like it so far

  • I wish this desk went on sale on a Saturday and not a Wednesday…

  • Hmm, standing desk and monitor arm at very good prices, wondering if there will be any stock though..

  • Anyone know if the biscuit joiner is any good?

  • What's that $99 tablet?

    • Reviews for last time 5 months ago are poor although this site mixes up versions.

      I'd like a cheap tablet for travelling so I'd be interested if this was better than Aldi's last sale.

  • Standing desk: Why is the handle to the side, not at the front? In an office environment where desks are side by side doesn't work.

    • Probably so the handle doesn't get in the way\impact your tackle

    • I don't think these desks are meant for an formal office environment, just for a home office.

      • Ones at work are winders on the left or right corner and extend out. It is just hard to put desk in corner.

        • Yes, I know the ones.
          Looking at the 2 pics (front page and page 4), it's either got a winder on both sides, or is reversible. So just put it in the corner so the winder is accessible.

  • Can't wait for Bunnies to match the 4Ah Battery @ $39.99

    • They usually do so yeah, be patient :) I've bought all eight of my 4Ah batteries when on sale always triggered by an ALDI sale.

      • Same here =) But I just got the brushless steel deck lawn mower and keen to grab two spare backup batteries it allows.

        • How are you finding the Steel Deck Mower? I like everything about mine except that it doesn't cut low enough as I currently have a crappy backyard full of previous occupants half-buried kids toys, dog bones, smashed glasses & crockery, cigarette lighters (with gas!) and all sorts of other things people have dumped in the yard over the last 115 years and the Steel Deck Ozito doesn't seem to get as low as previous mowers so I can't clean it up as easy as I used to. We'll get landscaping and thick turf laid once the long-term restoration is complete but that's a good few years away yet but yeah, it can't seem to drop down far enough to be used as a 'vacuum cleaner' like all other mowers I've owned over the years :(

          • @SteveAndBelle: Wow, that's a lot of stuff in your yard :o be sure to run a metal detector over it someday who knows you might strike gold xD

            Yeah you are correct, it doesn't drop down as low as other mowers. There might be a way to add a washer of sorts after taking out the blade & blade bolt but I haven't investigated that option yet.This mower feels so robust like it could last a few years unlike the cheap plastic cordless mowers on the market today.

            • @Sequenox: Yeah, I have always thought I should do a quick detect before we do the landscaping. The house (along with most in the suburb) has been a rental for the last 40-50 years so you can only imagine what has happened over that time. We're the first owner-occupiers since the 60s and boy-o-boy the things we've uncovered during the resto have been 'interesting' to say the least ;)

              • @SteveAndBelle: Most 'interesting' thing discovered/found?

                • @ihbh: New yet 'vintage' tampons inside the wall cavity of the bathroom (I have no idea how they got there as it was a sealed wall!)… greasy saucepans full of Cockroach oothecas stacked and left in the old Kitchen from the previous tenants that moved out 3-4 years beforehand (nearly vomited when discovering that)… so many half-used cigarette lighters semi buried exploding when the mower hits them… dozens of sheets of new & unused asbestos fibro balancing top of the floor joists under the house… 3-4 modern-ish blanket parcels starting to appear in the backyard, most probably a mini pet cemetery from a previous garden but I'm not game enough to dig up… vintage bottles, coins & papers/magazines throughout the double-skin walls and under flooring… empty tins of Deildrin amongst the other nasty junk that had been left under the house that looks to have rusted through and seeped into the earth below… loads of melted plastic lumps in the soil around one corner of the back yard, most probably from the 'good-ol-days' when backyard incinerators were allowed… the list goes on.

  • Anyone know if the camera system is any good? Looking at getting a basic setup for my house

  • Yay, Bunnings made their move on their 4Ah Batteries… 10c cheaper than ALDI :)

    • Still not as good as when it was 29 bucks, been ages since we saw that

      • Yeah, I bought most of mine during that sale :)

        • I didnt buy any because it was before I was invested in any of the tools. It has however helped as a benchmark for calculating how much I should pay for kits missing parts for the sake of getting batteries and chargers or cheap parts. In the end i actually did better than those prices but i was very fortunate and it took a lot of lurking and negotiating :)

  • Thanks nocure for your effort to upload the catalogue.

  • The monitor arm I bought didn't come with a instruction manual. Can someone do me a huge favour and send me some pictures please?

    • Dual monitor or gas lift arm?
      I've got photos for the dual one.

      • +1 vote

        Single monitor gas lift arm.. can't figure out what the black rubber things are for.

        Don't worry, just found it online. I appreciate the help

        • I'm considering getting two gas lift arms instead of the dual one. If I manage to do that, I'll upload the photos.

  • I went to Aldi on Wednesday looking for the tools, not remembering correctly that the tool deals start Saturday not Wednesday :P

    Still time then to change my mind about impulse buying that nail gun lol

    • Went in this morning and picked up the nailer (maybe about 8 in stock) and a 4Ah battery - no charger though lol. Wanted to see how easy it might've been to use a different brand battery or tool.

      Had gone to the Bunnings next door first but as expected no equivalent product to match so it's half the price of the cheapest Ryobi 18V nailer.

      Not quite the same as the blue one in the links review, but close enough…

      The OzBargainer in me still wants to see if I can easily adapt am AEG or Ozito battery since the tool only has basic +/- connectors and return the battery šŸ¤”

  • I've dismantled 2 of these batteries for the 18650s if anybody has any use for the parts (circuit board, casing) let me know and I'll be happy to post them or pickup if you're in Vic! šŸ‘

    If the circuit boards are anything like my makita ones, I know I'd be happy to have a couple spare!

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