expired Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock $5.99 (was $11.98) Delivered @ Qicklock


This popular lock is on sale again. I've got a couple for myself as I'll always remember the time in Fiji…

Special Twin Product Pack - $9.99.
  • Product One…Novelty Timer Reminder
  • Product Two…Qicklock Portable Door Lock

Lock fits most inward opening doors equipped with a latch. Must have travel accessory, or for those doors without locks at home, at friends, or public places. No key is required and no installation. Perfect for rentals.

Don't forget to tell your friends and make sure you remember to take one with you on your travels even if it's just to your mums place ! Airport security? No problem. Staying in a dodgy hotel to save money? No problem. Renting and can't change the locks? No problem. No installation …. No key required…

Whether the door has a lock, no lock or the lock is broken this portable lock can be used. Can be carried in on-board luggage through airport security.

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