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$20 Free McDonald's between 12AM-8AM (Delivery Applies) @ Uber Eats


$20 of free Maccas (delivery applies) from Uber Eats - Looks like you have to enter the code during the promo time of 12AM-8AM tonight. Enjoy Guys!

"The 3AM hunger pang is something to be seriously feared and Aussies have a high risk of catching this while viewing the Cricket World Cup. As a form of prevention, Uber Eats has partnered with McDonald's® to offer FREE McDonald’s between 12AM and 8AM AEST. Total value $20. Delivery fee applies"

How to redeem this offer:

Enter promo code SKIPPER to your Uber Eats account
Search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the Uber Eats app between 12AM and 8AM to see if there is a participating McDonald’s® near you
Select a participating McDonald’s restaurant (if available)
Add your favourites to your cart and up to $20 will be deducted from your order!
Place order (delivery fee applies)

Limited to the first 50,000 users who enter the code on the Uber Eats app. Limited to one promotion per user. Not valid in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promo code. Valid in Australia only. Operating hours may vary. Promotion expires 8:00am AEST on 02/06/2019

Mod Edit: Some restaurants are unavailable due to high demand. Note that for closed stores you can also pre-order (change delivery time from ASAP to a time the restaurant is open in the main screen).

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Isnt the point is to watch the world cup and not spending the last hour trying to order on uber eats…

  • +1

    keep trying and don't lose hope guys !! first it said shop closed while i was making my order, then it says my address is too far(even though its a 5 minute drive)… and it finally went through…40minute wait though

  • Finished eating. Order arrived @12:10.

    Checked Maccas I ordered from - currently unavailable.
    Guess there were too many orders at 1 time / too few drivers available.

    Suggest try again later / order with scheduled later delivery time.

  • +1

    Order has been cancelled

  • received a text message , my order just got cancelled after 50 mins wait!

  • After waiting 50 mins for my order it was cancelled. What a waste of time.

  • +1

    Waited 40mins for it be cancelled…

  • Thanks op, ordered just after 12. Delivery time ticked up to 25 but then was delivered in the original estimated 15 as well. I live just around the corner from one in the city haha

  • All currently unavailable in Melb inner city

  • +1

    Canceled by uber. (profanity) imagine all that food going to waste due to there not being enough drivers. Sad.

    • +1

      Yep, probably all going into the bin too.

    • You could probably call your McDonald's and ask if you could pick it up personally, especially if otherwise it'll go to waste!

  • Unavailable as soon as midnight came along, despite Kings Cros maccas being 24/7 and well staffed all night

    Waste of hype

  • Not sure why I can't neg this post

    • +1

      Username checks out

      • Oof

  • Ordered at 12:01, just had it cancelled. Rubbish.

  • Also got the sad text.
    At least they got me tuned into cricket trying to kill time. now I'm not tired, but hungry.

    • Me too.

      Make some fried eggs and coffee.

      Who needs sleep bruh?

  • Canceled after waiting for 55 minutes :/

  • 57 minutes and still waiting…………

  • Waited 50 mins to be cancelled. It's due to a lack of drivers in your area if you're experiencing the same problem. Call Ubereats Support, you should be able to at least get the delivery fee refunded AND credited to you for your next order.

    • are you supposed to see cars on the map while you're tracking order? when I looked it was just a map with the restaurant and my house, I didn't see any cars at all

      • I think you should be able to. I didn't, although didn't zoom out very far.

      • Just the one car when your driver picks your order up

  • Waste of time, None of the McDs are unavailable.Have tried for almost an hour.

  • lol, currently unavailable. It's 5 minutes away from me, just checked, and a few cars. Bad deal.

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal Op, but it didn't work for me.
    I placed my order at 12:02. The initial eta was 12:20, then it postponed to 12:40 then 1:00 and just now it got canceled.
    It says "Your courier was unable to complete your delivery"

  • +1

    OMG order went thru! And got it!

    This is like winning Powerball!

  • Canceled

  • +8

    Cancelled after almost one hour waiting. Joke

  • +9

    Mate this thread is a better read then a heart strings pulling book. What will happen next…

  • +1

    Order cancelled, rubbish service

  • My one said "currently unavailable"…. now i can order. 30min Wait. Let's hope it doesn't get cancelled like others.

  • +7

    Well after all that, my first driver cancelled the order, his excuse was the address is to far to deliver because he's on a bicycle, that's bull because the local Mc'Donalds closes their doors at 12am and it's drivethru only, not only that his account said he was driving a Audi A4. I ended up having to go down and pick it up myself, free delivery because I was paid from my own trip to pick it up :D

  • mmmm, eating sausage and egg mcmuffinbs, thx maccas!

  • +8

    A true OzBargainer would go into McDonald's, claim to the Uber driver and pick up all the cancelled orders.

    • +1

      I live a block away from McDonalds, why don't they have the pickup option? They're just wasting the delivery driver's time.

      I went and picked it up. There is no way to contact the driver to tell him not to come.
      Then the driver picked it up anyways and they gave him the same thing. So I ended up with two of the same order, thanks!

      The people at Maccas just check that you have the order ID.

      But it took ubereats, 50mins just to do that delivery one block away.

      • If you want pick up, then you order using maccas app. If you want the $20 uber credit and thus delivery, you use ubereats. Ubereats purpose and income is delivery via uber.

  • Another order cancelled after an hour. Way to go Uber, this certainly shows off your "service".

  • +2

    I wish my order was cancelled the food was that bad

  • +15

    Driver cancelled - was curious so drove out to maccas showed them order as if I’m the uber and collected my order which was sitting there lmao.

    • +4

      He ran out of RAM after seeing your name.

    • +1

      Next driver who gets your ping will be so confused..

      • Until the staff explain and he then gets $6 for nothing :)

  • +3

    Mine cancelled as well. It looks like all promotional material has been removed from the uber eats facebook.

    • +2

      nothing to see here

  • +2

    Order cancelled. After waiting 1hr. Waste of time!

  • +1

    They should give the option for click and collect, idk why Uber doesn’t let you

    • +1

      They can't make money from delivery then.

    • +2

      They do let you. It's called the Maccas app.

  • +2

    Wasted all this time, and not working at all. Ridiculous.

  • +11

    Mine worked for all 3 accounts (me, mum and bro). 27 apple pies delivered for free :))) Thanks OP

    • +2

      What are you going to do with 27 apple pies?

      • Eat them maybe?

    • Come on now if you're gonna take advantage of the code at least make it less obvious lol

      • +1

        lol. we all skipped dinner just to eat apple pies. surely we complied with T&Cs

  • unable to deliver items to new address.. cmon maccas. Mine would be a quick 3 minute drive.

  • +1

    Tip: Set a later delivery time for store showing currently unavailable - accepted my order.

  • +6

    If you are wanting to schedule order for later today and are getting "unable to load to cart" or "unavailable", then this trick may work. Restart the app, set the scheduled time to another day, add items into cart, change the scheduled time back to today in cart, place your order. Make sure you don't press "view cart" until you've added all your items in, otherwise the items will show up as "unavailable" if you want to add them in and will have to restart this process again.

  • I think it was working at 1:00 sharp, so if you're missing out again try place your order at 2:00 sharp… (the things we do for free food)

  • +1

    oh no my maccas disappeared off ubereats lmao

  • Works now preparing my order lol estimated delivery 1:35am looks so far soooooooooooo goooooood

  • +1

    Ordered 12:00am, received order at 12:52pm, receipt on bag said order prepared 12:06am. Unsurprisingly the food and coffee was cold. The coffee was spilled all in the bag (no plug in the hole). I shouldn't complain because it was only $0.10, but I logged a support job saying the quality of the food was poor…. I don't expect anything, but at least they should know of the problems.

    • +1

      Alot of them were sitting on the counter. I was only taking orders in the store to avoid being marked down. Other drivers were accepting a new job leaving the store then taking 20 minutes to deliver, come back and collect the new order then deliver it. I was also the only driver to use an insulated bag

  • +1

    My free burger is so tasty

  • +1

    Order got cancelled at 1am. Scheduled another order for later on today at 2pm. Hopefully that comes through but still pissed off I wasted an hour.

  • +1

    my local just opened up orders again. mine is being prepared

    • +7

      No you didn't.

      • +5

        Yeah I did

        Order Date: Sun 2 Jun 2019 12:36 AM

        1 X BBQ Meatlovers $8.30
        Thin 'n' Crispy
        Add Basil Drizzle
        Add Chilli Flakes x 2
        1 X Godfather $7.90
        Thin 'n' Crispy
        Add Barbeque Sauce
        Remove Pizza Sauce
        Add Basil Drizzle x 2
        Add Chilli Flakes
        Add Ground Beef
        Remove Capsicum
        Remove Fresh Tomato
        Remove Olives
        Remove Oregano
        1 X Hawaiian $7.80
        Thin 'n' Crispy
        Add Barbeque Sauce
        Remove Pizza Sauce




        • +3

          1 Hot Fudge Sundae
          1 Double Cheese Burger
          1 Vanilla Shake

          Today at 10:26pm

          Total $3.00

          THREE DOLLAR!

  • +1

    doesn't work

  • +1

    Was unavailable a bit earlier but got 2 orders through now

  • After the delivery time continually getting pushed back, was finally delivered! Was expecting cold food, based on comments from others…but food was warm, drinks were cold! Happy days! :)

    We ended up ordering the $28 “mates” deal (not greatest value, but couldn’t be bothered stuffing around with 2 separate orders). Plus I thought we’d have to pay delivery twice - if I knew delivery could be included in the $20, probably would have ordered 2 meals separately! Could have got 2x value meals for free!

    Oh well, $15 for two medium value meals and nuggets is still better than nothing!

  • order was successful but received some wrong orders.
    tried calling the store but no answer. booo

  • Two out of the three 24/7 maccas near me is showing currently unavailable, probably swarmed with orders.

  • +1

    lol literally nothing is available on ubereats in my suburb anymore. Whoever came up with this promotion is going to have a fun time Monday morning…

  • +4

    My driver stole my order!!! I waited an hour. I am done with ubereats.

  • +1

    finally got an order in!

  • +2

    Just got mine, very close to estimated time by ubereats. Driver apologised for delay and said my McDonalds has 150 orders waiting.

    • +1

      God damn, 150 orders… usually they struggle with just 5 orders on the screen. Can't imagine the wait time for 150 orders.

  • +3

    I guess the Macca's staff and Uber Eats drivers will be having more "Free Macca's" than the customers tonight…….

  • +1

    Can’t order from any store let alone a McDonald’s here

  • I called support and they called a driver, who showed up five minutes later. Food is here now.

  • Ordered at 1.20am in Melb. Bourke St West outlet lol delivery estimated 1.50am fingers crossed

  • Cheers OP! just finished my meal ordered at 12:01pm

    I could tell from the burger that things got pretty hectic in the kitchen and i can tell that drivers were limited from the ETA (originally 12:20, then 30, 40 ,50 ,55) delivered at 1am, with a bonus $5 voucher to use next time!. All in all midnight Maccas delivered for free; Absolute Bargain :)

    • +3

      Yeh haha, my loaded fries was 30% fries, 70% aioli… The beef pattie on my big mac was hanging out of the bun looks like they are stressing out in the kitchen and just slopped everything together. I mean can't complain though it was free.

  • There is a maccas 5 mins from me which I've seen Uber driver pickup from yet maccas doesn't show up on my uber eats app?

    • might've been temporarily removed due to being busy and flooded with orders, just refresh once in a while, they'll probably pop up on uber.

  • +1

    My brother placed an order at 12. The initial eta was 12:30, then it postponed to 12:40 then 1:00 and also got canceled. He says it would take up to 10 days for the refund. This was for Holmesglen VIC maccas, he says it wouldn't have happened if he ordered from elsewhere like Burwood VIC instead because we always have problems with missing items from Holmesglen maccas staff. But this was our closest store. Unhappy with the promotion and staff cancelling the order after waiting for 1 hour. And then cannot make another order.

    • That happen to my cousin in Holmesglen too!

    • Had same thing happen from Burwood so don't lose sleep over it.

  • Coupon applied at 11.59AEST for me and my food arrived within 15 minutes. Early bird gets the cheeseburger I guess..

    • +1

      Same here, ordered immediately after code was live.. from the moment it was placed to delivery was 15 mins all up.

  • +1

    … see if there is a participating McDonald’s® near you

    It seems as though some people have missed this point.

    I just asked a friend of mine who works at a 24/7 Maccas in the ACT, and apparently their store stops Uber Eats at midnight and only restarts in the morning, which is largely because there’s nowhere near enough staff working the graveyard shift to process Uber Eats orders.

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