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$20 Free McDonald's between 12AM-8AM (Delivery Applies) @ Uber Eats


$20 of free Maccas (delivery applies) from Uber Eats - Looks like you have to enter the code during the promo time of 12AM-8AM tonight. Enjoy Guys!

"The 3AM hunger pang is something to be seriously feared and Aussies have a high risk of catching this while viewing the Cricket World Cup. As a form of prevention, Uber Eats has partnered with McDonald's® to offer FREE McDonald’s between 12AM and 8AM AEST. Total value $20. Delivery fee applies"

How to redeem this offer:

Enter promo code SKIPPER to your Uber Eats account
Search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the Uber Eats app between 12AM and 8AM to see if there is a participating McDonald’s® near you
Select a participating McDonald’s restaurant (if available)
Add your favourites to your cart and up to $20 will be deducted from your order!
Place order (delivery fee applies)

Limited to the first 50,000 users who enter the code on the Uber Eats app. Limited to one promotion per user. Not valid in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promo code. Valid in Australia only. Operating hours may vary. Promotion expires 8:00am AEST on 02/06/2019

Mod Edit: Some restaurants are unavailable due to high demand. Note that for closed stores you can also pre-order (change delivery time from ASAP to a time the restaurant is open in the main screen).

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  • +5

    Add that it's from 12AM 2/6 to the description/title.

  • +6

    Midnight snack and brekky sorted I guess.

  • +29

    Username checks out. Thanks for sharing

  • +6

    Is there any way to know before hand whether your nearest macca's is participating?

    • Is your local one open 24 hours?

      • +4

        My one is open 24 hours, but often on ubereats it says it wont even open until 10:30am.

        One time I think it said 3am and by the time 3am came it changes to 10:30am. weird shit.

      • What did you get?

        • +1

          I forgot 😅

          What about you? One trait that people with kids share with drug addicts is that they're both often up at ungodly hours

          Btw I finally went to Officeworks Mentone today. Not quite as big on the inside as I thought it would be, however I did peak inside the scanning room and it looks pretty cool.

          • @outlander: We don't like maccas but it was too good a deal to pass on so I ordered something for the neighbour.

  • +32

    Perfect for the champions league final :)

    • +1

      And Anthony Joshua fight

      • Not that it's as exciting as before :(

        • -1

          It will be fun, poor Mexican kid…….

          • +1

            @Hri100: come again.

            • @tydollasigncuz: Yeah LOL. I still have my head buried in the sand, still can't believe it. I think the Mexican kid was the only one who actually believed this can happen. Amazing win, he deserved it 100%

      • Isn't boxing on at 12pm?

    • Haha this was my first thought too.

    • +1

      Soon that smile will be wiped at approx 7 am AEST. Let's go Son HEUNG-MIN! Let's go Spurs!

      • +1

        It's 7am and still smiling :D

    • COYS

    • -1

      Or Australia in the world cup cricket.

  • +6

    I’ll get out of bed for this

  • +1

    "Limited to the first 50,000 users who enter the code on the Uber Eats app."

    • +1

      Wow they're giving away 1 mill worth of maccas

      • +1

        Merely a drop in a large ocean, Maccas is doing very well and it's all thanks to their cafe and rebranding.

        • +1

          Is their coffee getting worst though? It really tastes quite bad sometimes. I guess it’s what you get when it ain’t a proper barista

          • @Pinchy: 100% all depends on the staff making it. There's a couple at my local that are absolutely amazing. Others are soso

          • +1

            @Pinchy: Weekend coffee at Maccas tastes like burned ashes at the local, made by cheaper younger weekend labour. Graveyard shift tastes like milk (the young guys making it don't seem to be coffee drinkers). Only okay coffee is breakfast on weekdays.

            I've noticed similar trends. Subway is most likely to cause the runs on the weekends.

    • +6

      So it'll be Ozbargained in about 3 seconds.

  • +32

    Tonight, I'll be having sleep.


  • +48

    Sweet. Having a newborn up all night is finally rewarding

    • +49

      Username checks out

  • +8

    Jeeze there's going to be a bunch of 'herbal' customers from the grinder offer the other day that's going to love this late night Maccas offer.

    Good offer OP - damn diets get in the way of bargains

    • +1

      If they remember that is

      • Remember what? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • ROFL. Goteeem!

  • +3

    Does participating restaurants mean those that are currently on the Uber Eats app? Or will it be further refined from these?

  • Hell yeh, perfect pre hangover meal

  • -1

    Oh man just had the Jack’s and kernels now have to also have macs, oh obesity never fails.

  • +1

    I cannot believe McDonald's is not available for uber eats delivery where I live… Sigh

    • +1

      Same issue here. Would it work if you order and put your local store as the delivery address? Then just go pick it up yourself.

      • I like the way you think, and yes. Just put that you'll meet the car.

    • my local Maccas, which is only 5 mins down the road at best, is part of UberEats, but the bloody UberEats boundary for my area finishes in the next street to mine! I could literally walk half way around the block and pretend that one of my neighbours houses is my house and wait outside for a delivery - but its all too hard (especially at this time of night/morning! Probably get arrested for loitering outside someone's house!)

      • +2

        Do it, youll be fine. Can track the car witht he app and be ready for them.

  • Super like OP.
    Many Thanks.

  • +1

    I'll be up all night tonight, but we don't get uber :(

    • Order some for me I'll pay $5 :^)

      • Are you serious or are you joking?

        • 100% serious

  • +6

    forgive them father they know not what they do

  • +1

    Good deal but my Uber drivers will have to battle 30min drive thru queues so it'll take forever!

    • +1

      Are you assuming all Uber eats deliverers drive?

      • No I'm stating a fact about Maccas in my area.

  • +1

    7am breakfast sorted. Thanks OP

    • +9

      This code ain’t going to last until breakfast. It’s been Ozbargained! 😂

      • +1

        It won’t last. Seems like 78 thousand views on Facebooks post (3:44pm just now) It will be all redeemed very fast.

        • +1

          Could you enter the code at midnight, then schedule the order to come at 7am? (I've only used UberEats a couple of times, please don't flame me 🥺)

        • How do you see the number of views on facebook?

  • Is it safe to reheat a 1/4 pounder ordered at midnight, at 8am?

    • +5

      Yes, MacDonald's burgers are safe to reheat for agesss

      • Then as long as your username checks out, breakfast is sorted!

    • no you will die an unimaginably painful death

      • +4

        I'm not going to click that link until a few days after I've eating the burger from this deal lol

        • +2

          Don't click on the link…ever. Just take my word for it :)

          • @DisabledUser102420: Yikes, did not wake up today expecting to find out that a Big Mac would repel liquid metal but here I am

  • +1

    Damn. Why does my town forever not have Uber Eats, I'd use this for sure.

  • +3

    I can only imagine how things will go down at midnight. Will be a big test for the system.

  • +1

    Good luck to the under staffed night shift takers hahaha

    • +1

      Last night i got the $1 large chips app deal, I was the first in drive through, waited approx 3 minutes just to get large chips. Then I looked inside and there was only 3 working in a busy area. Shame.

  • Can promo codes be stacked?

    • +5

      Perhaps if you order more than $20 then you’ll have to pay the rest?

  • 33 soft serves?

  • So like a large big mac meal?

    JK aside, this is pretty amazing.

  • +2

    Expect to wait an hour for your order that is if it shows up at all…

    • Why? Does your UberEats driver get the munchies?

      • It's possible if they get slammed with orders they'll start cancelling them. Especially if they don't have enough people working at night.

  • ahh… just to clarify. We can't put the code in until 12am?

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