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[QLD] Gold Coast to Seoul (Incheon) $199 One-Way | $372 Return @ Jetstar


Great fare to my second home. If you missed the launch fares then consider this a second chance. $372 return in December is a steal. A direct flight with Korean Air during the same period would usually be around $1500.

One way fares starting from $199. Great price if you're thinking of going to the DMZ and then taking a casual stroll across the border and into the NK hard labour camps.

Travel periods -
08/12/19 - 18/12/19
12/02/20 - 25/06/20

I checked for the dates departing 08/12/2019 and returning 18/12/2019 and was able to find a fare for $371.89 per adult.

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  • That's pretty good, is it cheap to visit South Korea?

    • It's cheap in my home city (Ulsan). Seoul can be expensive if you're staying in the Myeongdong area. Local dining is very cheap; it only gets expensive when you go for foreign restaurants e.g. McDonald's.

      • I can't even speak in Korean, if I head there, I have to use google translator.

        • You will struggle. I visited for a weekend without language knowledge and it was painful. It's no USA, of course ;)

          • @maxwellian: I ended up having to use Japanese to haggle

          • @maxwellian: Really? I spent a week there after booking a flight on a whim without any knowledge about Korean and ended up having a great time. Most young people speak English and all public transport signage, announcements, museums, major attractions etc. are translated into English. Sometimes restaurants don't have signage in English but you can often ask for an English menu (or just eat around Itaewon where there are heaps of tourists, expats and foreign restaurants etc.) Your hotel/hostel etc. can also help with recommendations.

            You can also teach yourself the Korean alphabet in about a day which can be handy for reading place names etc. - but having said that I never really needing it in Seoul.

        • Can start learning now.

          My Korean is intermediate and I can get by. The youth there are more than willing to help out and practice their English at the same time.

          If you're staying in Myeongdong and can speak Chinese Mandarin then you're all set. The Chinese embassy is in the same area and there are heaps of Chinese tourists around. All the major attractions will have Chinese speaking staff.

        • Spent a couple of months there on few trips (mainly away from big cities in country), only speak English, never had any more trouble than usual on travels. Loved it.

  • thats a great price. that time of the year will be very cold i think any way a good excuse to eat some kimchi and drink sooju.

    • Locals never seem to need an excuse👍
      So would be rude not to join in the fun.

      Find a nice hot Jimjilbang (bath & sauna), throw in an invigorating Korean scrub, & maybe sleep the night there (but bring earplugs as locals snore).

      So tempted!


    excellent, thanks for posting. hadn't woken up today with a plan to go to Korea in April next year.

    probably because I don't have 2020 vision….

    • It is great price. My family of 5 can go for same price as a single Korean air fare.

  • I've have been to Seoul and Busan and I got by ok on English (Zero Korean language ability)

  • Great price. Wish I lived in Gold Coast…
    Anyway, anyone who has experience with Jetstar for overseas trips? compared to other international airlines?

    • +2 votes

      I've used them 3 times for GC to Japan. they were fine. you are only paying for your seat + seatbelt.

      BYO everything (though I think they provide in-ear headphones) but you usually have to pay for entertainment (though twice it was free)

      flying from GC we take subway and snacks. fill up waterbottles once through customs.

      the seating space is OK (I'm ~180cms) I can't stretch out in a big way.

      I'm happy to pay the least and therefore receive the least service.- just BYO everything.

      I found Malindo from Bris to Bali to be way better. in fact pretty much every airline has better service.


    Good for those who live in GC. The prices are about $580 if you depart from Melbourne. Only for $150-ish more, you will get a full service airlines, so it is not much of a bargain. In fact, a $400~$500 return ticket is regularly on sales by AirAsia (although I much prefer Jetstar over AirAsia for Sure!).

  • Very tempted until I checked Google which says the average temperatures in December are -5º to 4ºC, and snow is uncommon.

    • I've checked out of Seoul when the temp dropped below 0C. It's good for a short trip, but days of freezing weather are not what I enjoy.

      Found hot baths/saunas are a popular & cheap diversion. Korean accommodation has heated floors. I spent many days in bed keeping warm.

      • Yeah, I was looking at taking the family which includes young children. Checking other flights in the Jetstar sale now in case something else is more appealing.

        • Yes, young ones might not be happy with your choice of winter in Korea. But, it's a wonderful country to visit.

          Staying in Tokyo in December, I often turned the AC up to 25C when it dropped below 0C outside. I was homesick for warmth! Mainly stayed in after 7pm. The cold made AC my guilty pleasure.

        • Have been invited back to Japan in December. Rice farmer friend in coastal mountain village of 200 wants me to visit - tempting me with fresh local crab which is tastiest at that time of year. And visit the local distilleries for sake🍶 Staying with his family again would be wonderful.

          His cat crawls into the futon with me to keep warm. Luckily there is a fantastic Onsen (natural hot spa) a short walk away… Sitting in the outdoor pool (Rotenburo) - with just my head out of the hot water catching snow flakes is a memorable experience!

          Could combine with SK trip - $160 flight Seoul to Osaka & maybe cheap Jetstar flight back from Japan.

          But the cold❄
          We Qlders usually don't like it!!

          • +1 vote

            @the INFIDEL: Genuinely curious, how did you become friends?

            Sounds awesome BTW.

            • @esq: I'm always curious😉
              It's a great way to travel & truly learn. My work & business were based around it.

              Regularly meet people on my journeys. Often all it takes is to have the time & interest to say hello. Insights into the knowledge of locals are precious. (I used to regularly share my unusual travel experiences in Japan on OzBargain.)

              Take-san was waiting for his daughter to stop talking on her phone, so chatted with me - in English! (Now a English teacher.) Had hitched a ride to the remote lighthouse (waited at bus stop in previous village - but crew arrived to dismantle it… I had missed my bus!).

              His daughter studied English at uni in Kyoto. So a perfect opportunity for her to practice & for me to be introduced to a rarely visited region - the beautiful rocky San-in coast along the Japan Sea.

              Like most Japanese, he was proud to show his area to an appreciative visitor. Found this hitchhiking in wonderful remote areas where locals rarely see Foreigners. Some don't want me to leave. In a formal culture, the informality of Foreigners can free people to chat & share.

              His daughter & I kept in touch. When her Grandfather died, she asked me to visit her father to cheer him up. (That's when his cat slept with me.)

              Now we're like brothers. He's taught me so much of small village Japanese ways… But I still speak only a few words in Japanese after so many visits.

              Similarly in S. Korea, I got to know a talented student at my Uni here. Her first job when she returned to Seoul was a diplomatic posting to Sydney as Vice Consul. She was my guide to Seoul when she returned home. As her job title included National Security - I was told to show her card if anyone gave me problems😱

    • The last time I was there in December, it was -15% or below. Very pleasant if there is no wind.

      Winter is a good time to go as there's likely to be no yellow dust.

      • The dust - I hated that dust in Spring - years ago. Now it's worse! Forgot about that. In northern country areas, everything was covered in it.

        Air pollution has become a key political issue after the concentration of fine dust particles surged to record levels in many parts of the country last week, according to South Korean media. … Experts say the particles, from Chinese deserts and factories, are carried to the Korean peninsula by prevailing westerly winds. Mar 13, 2019 The Chinese have a different view on the matter.

        But hard to imagine -15C as pleasant ouside. I didn't like Seoul as much below 0C. Staying with a family, can make things more comfortable.

        Stock up on thermals & down jackets etc!


      there is also plenty of cheap fares from feb to june.

      I'm going in late april. spring, nice,

    • Not relevant to this deal but I would avoid August & September, the humidity is intense.

  • Is the yellow dust safe to breath?

  • If you have access TO AGL rewards enjoy 5% for Jetstar giftcard

  • Seoul is amazing destination! food there is absolutely delicious with lots of soups and fermented foods

  • Thank you dealbot you the GOAT no cap. Just booked flights for me and 4 of my boys because of this.

  • Thanks! Just booked in the school holidays next year.

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