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[PS4] PS Classic Console $39 | PSVR Starter Pack $249 | Spider-Man $29 | God of War $29 | Days Gone $59 + More @ Big W


Just saw this on Press-Start.

Don't forget to use your WISH gift cards for another 5% off. Free home delivery on orders over $100 (offer ends 12 June 2019).

•Spider-Man – $29
•God Of War – $29
•Days Gone – $59
•PlayStation Hits – From $17
•GT Sport – $20
•Detroit: Become Human – $20
•PlayStation Plus 12 Month Sub – $55.96

•PlayStation Classic Console – $39
•PSVR Starter Pack – $249
•PSVR Mega Pack – $299
•PS4 1TB Slim console + your choice of 3 Selected PlayStation Hits games $379
•PS4 1TB Slim console + Spiderman or God Of War or Days Gone $379
•PS4 500GB Slim console $349 (Black or White)
•PS4 Pro 1TB Console $499 (Black or White)

•PS4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller $49 (All colours)
•PS4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller + 4Gamers Charging cables and stand bundle (4 colours available) $59
•PS4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller + 4Gamers Stereo Gaming Headset bundle (4 colours available) $69
•PS4 Gold Wireless Headset In Black $69 (also available in white)

Edit 6/6: Also available from Amazon and PS classic here

Days of Play promotion

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    • Go to Jb eb Harvey or target and price match

    • Big W are pretty good with change of mind refunds.

  • I leisurely walked into Big W MacArthur this morning at about 7:40am and picked up two PS Classics for my bro and I.

    No line… guy at the tech counter had only head there was some sale on. No tags or anything up with sale prices. There was only one unit on shelf but he went out back and took out 3 more so there's at least two that was there after I left… possibly more.

    • Oh man, Big W online is saying there's none in stock for pickup there.
      I might run over soon.

  • +1

    Just confirming - this is v2 of the headset?

    • +1

      yes. you can see from product photos. v2 has flexi headband. v1 had hinges.

      • +1

        Thank you mate

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a PS Classic to pick up later today hopefully.

  • Picked up a unit of PSC

    Can't complain much at this price point and now can easily add more ganes

  • how to get the 5% off wish egift ?

    • Cashrewards, I believe.

      I didn't buy the cards in advance - do you wait long for your WISH cards bought online?

      • +1

        it should be a couple of mins you will receive the egift cards

        • Oh well, could've saved $15. Ta

        • how much $ should we buy of the wish egift card?

          don't want to put more money than needed..

          also this is for the psvr megapack

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: By looking at the psvr megapack price, you should put $299 on it.

            Did you manage to get your PSVR? It's pretty late.

            • +1

              @pizzaguy: May be all gone now - at least a lot of stores in Melbourne now showing out of stock

    • +1

      if you have any suncorp brand insurance (suncorp, aami… ) you can get their app from which you can purchase discounted gift cards.

      • how much discount?
        and can it stack with cash rewards 5% off?

  • finally got classic (for modding), gold v2 white and a ds4 controller with 5% off gift cards.


  • I grabbed God of War but I doubt I'll ever get around to playing it. Good deal! :D

  • please answer my stupid question as i am not big in gaming. can i play PS4VR on a normal TV. i have a bigw Viano 47inches tv which is not HD??? also do i need to buy controllers separately or it will come in the pack?? i was looking to buy PSVR Mega Pack – $299

    • i have a bigw Viano 47inches tv which is not HD???

      I don't know.

      also do i need to buy controllers separately or it will come in the pack?

      You use your dual shock or you buy move controllers (those old ones) separately. The pack has only the PSVR, PS Camera and games.

    • I think the PSVR kits might be out of stock now

    • You can, because the VR doesnt run off of the tv, it has its own processing box. You can plug this into the tv as well for those not using the headset, but your tv has no effect on the use of the psvr.

  • Big W basically sold out of Playstation Classic consoles anywhere near me this morning so Just went to my local JB Hi-Fi who were more than happy to price match $39. EB Games will also price match but only if the Big W is in the same shopping centre as there store.

  • Yet again no delivery on non normal controllers for ps4 (profanity) me dead bet be no stock as well in sa just like eb games

  • WTF "EB Games doesn't price match Hardware" according to the girl who wouldn't match Big w for PSVR mega pack.

    • They do if it's the same bundle that they have. If there's even one thing different then they won't. They often add some crap to their bundles to stop this.

      • My store didn't, was the PSVR mega pack

  • I might be late to the party…PS Classic not showing up on Big W online…what kind of luck am I really going to have by trying to find one in-store?

  • In PSVR packs, games are merely codes, so only downloadable - perhaps I assumed different because my PS4 bundle, couple of years ago, had them on discs.

    That lowers the reselling value much. Just FIY.

    • Do you just get downlaod codes in both the Mega Pack and the standrad pack or do you get physical discs?

  • +2

    Ps4 vr mega bundle is now available on amazon for ~ $297 cheaper than big w. Limited quantities though.

  • Just had JB Hi Fi Maribyrnong Home price match the Playstation Classic for $39 (Big W) immediately - there were probably 3 or 4 left on the shelf after I got mine.

  • Headsets are not very good. Going to return mine :(. Cloud x is much much better, for only an extra $50.

    • $50 extra over $69? That’s “only” 70% more.

      • +1

        It's 100% worth the 70% extra

  • Spiderman is $49 now?

    edit: Over on the 12th

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