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Bing Lee 20% off Storewide @ eBay


Starts 10am June 8, ends midnight June 10. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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    so many 20% offs!

    • 20 is the new 10

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        Yes. After jacking, still 10.

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      Is the code borderline racist?

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    Something smells off about this one but still, good deal.

  • o0o0oo0 i may finally be able to buy my coffee machine Sunbeam or Breville - now for reseach

    • +1

      2nd Breville! I got the Infuser after seeing many positive reviews

    • Which one are u gonna buy. Link pls

    • Avoid anything made in China and you should be fine.

    • Breville if you want ease of use. I bought an old BES870 recently and found an EM7000 cheap with a Breville smart grinder recently. Bit of a learning curve on the Sunbeam but the coffee is alot nicer.

      It comes down to the individual machine, what price range, what you want out of it, personal preference etc… Breville seems to be the industry standard :) If it wasn't for the price of the EM7000 I would of stuck with the Breville

      • em7000 looks like the winner a mate has one and swears by it. How much did you get yours for? Thanks for the info

        • $200 'second' hand (looks unused, he didn't know how to drive it) with the grinder thrown in. I didn't bargain either.

        • Thought I'd update, once I worked out that you are best off ignoring the pressure gauge on the EM7000 and grinding finer with a larger dose. The shot timing's are bang on. You could get into the 'safe' area easy enough but the shots come out too quick. Still nice coffee but not enough 'body' to it. Get into the 'danger zone' and it's completely different. Go with 'feel' and it's an incredible machine. Leaves the BES870 in the dust. Not to mention the fact it has a 58mm portafilter vs 54mm on the Breville means with obviously a larger dose of coffee you are going to get a better cup!

          Now trying to get rid of the Breville…

  • I just spent 10 minuets trying to figure out a Pong game I had on my Windows PC about 10 years ago but I was unable to figure out what it was called. It was psychedelic, with intense music and I get the feeling it was designed to test your graphics card. Does anyone know what it was called?

    • acid? special k maybe?

      • +4

        I didn’t ask what I was taking 10 years ago

        Edit: found it. It was Plasma Pong

      • +1

        Can you deliver?

    • +6

      I just spent 10 minuets trying….

      You seem to be dancing around the problem.

  • +2

    why not mark it - not for WA now?

    • It works for me!

  • +2

    … google wifi, $279.20. Is this the cheapest?

    • I've never seen the 3 pack this low, even in the US.

      • Yeah I grabbed it 10am yesterday haha.

  • +2

    P30 Pro cheapest at approx~ $1120 if anyones feelin adventurous.

    • +1

      Very tempting :) I think that's the cheapest so far right?

      • +1

        Cheapest ever including the other greystock. Great snatch IMO with local warranty if binglee doesn't jack.

        • +2

          Awesome. cheers m8.

    • Top hardware but there will be software update problems in future. Google banned them last week.


      I predict fire sales on their phones will be coming.

      • -3

        old news
        been reinstated

    • Heard sth from radio yesterday that the prime Minister has decided to ban Huawei for the greater good of Australians.

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  • LG 708L fridge way more expensive than other stores. Bing Lee $3499, HN-TGG $3085

    • +1

      You can thank Jack for that

  • Wow……1 TV and its not even FHD :(

    • Wait….there's 7 now!

      • My eBay app shows me items based on my postcode, despite I want to pick up a TV via C&C…

        • +1

          Set your postcode in the app to 2000, then once it’s in your cart change from delivery to C&C and search your actual postcode for your local. Haven’t done it myself but apparently it works.

  • Hoping for a deal on LG 55 OLED

  • Dam i am waiting on a bigger % sale to buy a dyson lol

  • +1

    Hope they don't take off or price jack galaxy tab s5e

    • +1

      I'm also watching this, the 128gb model will be a great price!

      • Out of stock. Its funny. You get any?

        Edit : back to normal. Got 1!

        • Nope :-(

  • LG b8 65” comes down to $2640 plus delivery or c&c.

    I’m strongly tempted. Anyone think there will be a better sale just around the corner for EOFY or should I hit it now?

    • $2,400 seems to be historic low. But by waiting you risk stock running out so it’s a predicament. The C9 is here already so I can’t imagine they’ll keep producing both?

      • Yeah, i think if i hold out for $2400 they'll be discontinued and the C9 isnt even close in price for the 65", almost double. I'll jump on it. For everyone else wanting one, just wait until i've bought one and then the price will drop like a lead balloon :-(

        • Haha it’s always the way. Good luck and enjoy it! I’ve got the 55 and I love it!

          • @Occas: Thanks buddy :-)

            • @Sprintz25: All sorted?

              • @Occas: Yep, made sure I ordered at 10:01am to beat the rush and got it for $2679 delivered. Could have click and collected but not sure it would fit in the car.

                Since then no one has made an ozb listing and they haven’t sold out, maybe people are holding out for a lower price? I’ve been waiting for a few months (wasn’t in the market last time they were $2400) so I wanted to bite the bullet rather than wait for a future sale that may never come before all the B8’s are gone. Only time will tell of it was the right decision 😳

                • @Sprintz25: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Got the 55” for ~$1700 in May. Historic low is $15xx but that fear of missing out at some point just makes you think “Fk it, buy it, be done with it and enjoy it”.

                  I was getting obsessive with this site and watching prices, the $1-200 is well worth the return of sanity ha ha.

                  • @Occas: That’s the same as me, I’ve been checking my emails for an Oled alert and checking ozb every 30 seconds to make sure I don’t miss out. Now it’s ordered I can go back to normal and enjoy it once it arrives. Still got it for a cracking price so don’t feel ripped off at all. Normal price is $3500 so I’m happy.

                    • @Sprintz25: It’s a great price and I’m sure you’ll love it!

                      I had a bunch of saved tab groups per tv model I was stalking that loaded the product page at each of the major sellers and I was checking those up to 3 times a day as well. It can get ridiculous!

                      • @Occas: Now I just have to find some decent 4K Blu-Rays to check out. Bought a Sony UHD player a few weeks back so I’m ready to go once the tv arrives 😄. Thanks for your help

                        • @Sprintz25: After realising how much I spent on DVDs and then Blurays I decided with 4K I’d just try streaming initially and not re-buy 4k stuff I already have. Saves having to buy a player too

                          Eventually something like the PS5 will come out (I don’t have a current gen console) and maybe I’ll get that as a physical disk player.

                          Each to their own though, I certainly respect your decision and might still go that way myself

                          • @Occas: Yeah I know what you mean. I won’t rebuy in 4k anything I have on Blu-Ray but will get a few new releases here and there plus stream. I don’t think streaming will give me the same audio options (and quality) as UHD disks so I’m keen to really get all that the format has to offer and try a few disks, especially for blockbusters. I’ve listed the deal for the LG now in case anyone else has missed it and wants in.

                            • @Sprintz25: Haha! Cheeky! I noticed the 55” A8F is $1996 which is technically a $3 historic low (at least judging by previous posts here on ozbargain) but I haven’t bothered posting it. I’m a terrible member of the community :(

                              I am lead to believe the Sony has a better upscaling processor for free to air content and sport may be slightly better than the B8, and the acoustic surface audio I quite liked in the store (and the ability to tie it into your home theatre as the centre speaker is really cool), but I’m not sure all that is worth the extra $300.

                              I agree with the physical media being superior to streaming. Maybe I’ll borrow a mates 4K player and a disc that I can also find available for 4k streaming and compare directly.

                              • @Occas: According to rtings the LG is marginally better overall. For me I just wanted to save some money as the A8F in 65” form is a lot more expensive than the B8. I’ve listed the B8 now and it’s doing well with the upvotes. Lucky I posted it. I plan to mainly watch movies or Netflix with mine and little to no FTA so the LG should be fine for me anyway but I’m sure they are both excellent tvs.

                                • @Sprintz25: To be honest the “Sony is better for x” commentary was anecdotal evidence from Internet forums so it’s all with a grain of salt really. I don’t regret the LG and I’m sure you won’t have cause to either.

                                  I don’t fully understand the premium on the Sony models. There really isn’t that much difference from everything I’ve read aside from the “acoustic surface” speakers. Does that really cost Sony significantly more to justify the price? I suspect it’s a little bit but more likely it’s also a bit of brand name pricing too.

  • Thought it started today haha

    • I wish :)

  • This sale stinks!

    • +1

      If they don't jack up the price I'll say it pretty sweet deal.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Netgear-RBK23-Orbi-Whole-Hom...

    The Netgear RBK23 Orbi was $300 in the 15% ebay plus sales, now it is $400 after 20% off.

    • Google wifiiiiiiii cheap!

  • With the Computer alliance 20% starting today & this starting tomorrow, I wonder if Ebay is planning to add a new store @ 20% off each day before the EOFY?

    • It's always been illegal. But online spaces is not the ACCC jurisdiction per say, they are not hard targeted. I hear from an ACCC rep that there's no team to monitor online spaces but will investigate if a complaint is made and if its worth the chase.

  • Sony tv was $2995 a few days ago, now $3195. Le sigh…..

    • 55 A8F for $2k is pretty good

  • I updated my postcode so I could find stuff… I’m in Melbourne though, would they deliver a tv?

  • Got one breville espresso machine, good price lol but missed Hisense 65 p6, $800, ns bargain

    • +1

      The deal hasn't started yet….

    • What machine if you don't mind me asking?

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds $159.20 C&C or + Delivery is a good price :)

  • Still isnt working for me :(

    • me too :(

      • Im in Perth - Not sure if its an east coast thing only.

        • I'm in Melbourne. Might be NSW only then?

        • I'm also in perth, just tested it and it's working on my end

    • Worked for me, in Perth. Purchased at 8.01am Perth time :)

  • Thanks tightarse. Score an Asus - RT-AC68U for $180 for my new NBN connection. Now I have to cancel my in store purchase. :)

  • Where have the decent size TVs gone? Not even in my fleabay watchlist now….Perhaps 20% off means they remove 20% of their stock at sale time

  • Code worked for me. Just waiting on eBay/Bing Lee emails to say order being prepared/available for pick up.

    Order shows up on eBay account and on PayPal. If my store are as quick as they normally are I should get my purchase this afternoon!

    Thanks TA

    Update: ordered at 1003 AEST, got pick up message at 1115 AEST.

  • Damn all the stores are run out Huawei P30 Pro have no choice but to opt for delivery :(

  • Code isn’t working for me??

  • Anyone know if the invoice shows the full amount, need it be over $300 to claim TRS. Have done this in the past for other Ebay purchases, but read online that Bing Lee shows the Ebay discount on invoice and TRS may not accept. Thanks

    • They only list after discount price.

  • We have zip hydroboil in our office and it is very useful. Have been thinking to do the same at home but a zip cost a lot. Come across this one on BingLee's website.

    Has anyone tried this water heater/boiler and can share the experience?

    • I am deciding if i want to buy this as well. Did a search, it's got decent ratings.But I wish Australia had Zojurushi as another option.

  • This blows!! 65" LG B8 - "This item can't be purchased because this item can't be sent to your postage address."

    • +1

      If you can C&C, set your postcode in the app to 2000, then once it’s in your cart change from delivery to C&C and search your actual postcode for your local. Haven’t done it myself but apparently it works.

  • +1

    Thanks, got the last Samsung 24" Curved Monitor for $119. Bargain!

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