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ASUS FX505 15.6" AMD Ryzen 5 Notebook 8GB + GTX 1650 $1,039.20 (+$100 Cashback + Headset on Redemption) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Not enough room in title but: $15 Delivery (Free with eBay Plus)

Specs ripped from website:
AMD Ryzen™ 5-3550H Processor 2.1GHz (6M cache, up to 3.7GHz) Quad Core CPU, 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) IPS-Level 60Hz Display, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5, 8GB DDR4 2666MHz (1 x 8GB) SODIMM Memory, 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD, Gigabit LAN, Wireless-AC, Bluetooth v4.2, No Optical Drive, Windows 10 Home 64Bit,

Part of the Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide Sale.

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  • very good price

  • Yeah good price.
    For those who don't know: GTX 1050ti < GTX 1650 < RX570

  • Great price and value for a entry/mid level gaming laptop.

    In terms of comparative performance, on the CPU side, performance is on par with intel's quad core i5 offerings. While the GPU performs on par with nVidia's mobile GTX 1060 (non Max-Q). Pretty much no offering from Dell currently offer same category of performance at this price point (Dell's are either slightly cheaper but with comparable CPU but lesser GPU. Or better i7 CPU but again lesser/similar GPU at higher cost).

  • Awesome price, good for most things you throw at it, gaming, editing, memes.

  • Buy the laptop, get $100 back, sell the headset for $100ish and boom, laptop for $800-850.

  • Pretty ugly but good value

  • Great price! Gotta be crazy now to walk into Harvey Norman or JB Hi Fi and pay like 2 grand for something similar.

  • Maybe a silly question.. I tried to find the answer but couldn’t. What’s the max ram this could be upgraded with?

  • Hi all OZb. I am not much of a laptop geek.Is this laptop good for day to day use, mostly watching movies and shows. I am interested in knowing if the display is good to watch movies? Please advise soon. appreciate your advice.

    • It's 1080p "IPS level", so it'll be decent but not necessarily amazing.

      It's a gaming laptop, so it handles gaming and other GPU accelerated tasks well (like video editing, blender etc), but you can probably get another laptop that's lighter with better battery at a similar price if you're not planning on doing any gaming whatsoever.

  • What's a better purchase?
    This deal with Ryzen 5 3550H, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GTX 1650 - $1039 + $100 cashback

    Or this - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ASUS-TUF-FX505DD-BQ145T-15-6-Ryz...
    Ryzen 5 3550H, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, GTX 1050 - $879

    • Depends on your budget and intended use. The second laptop you've listed is also eligible to $100 cashback, so it is effectively $779 vs $939, ~17% difference.

      In general, the mobile GTX 1650 performs ~25-50% better than 1050, depending on benchmarks/games, which means it'll enable a more enjoyable gaming experience (the next tier after entry level).

      It is still $160 difference, which is sufficient to consider usage case. If you only intend to game very casually and fine with low to medium quality settings (for AAA titles), then you might not need to shell out the extra amount and still be comfortable. However if you do prefer a smoother gaming experience, while casual but still plan to spend some good time on gaming every now and then, with mid to higher quality settings, then the 1650 may be a worthwhile investment.

      • yup totally agree, thanks for the recommendation :). cheers and have agreta long weekend!

      • Cheers for the reply.

        To answer your question, it would mostly be casual "indie" type games as I own all the consoles which are my preferred mode of gaming.
        Was more looking for something that could play those "indie" treasures available on PC that haven't come out on Switch or PS4/Xbox, while maybe playing the occasional current "AAA" if my mates decide they don't want to play on console and I understand I'd need to turn down settings for performance which is fine for the occasional title.

        I was originally looking at upgrading my aging HTPC (i5 4200U NUC) with a newer Hades Canyon (i7 8809/Vega M GH) since I've upgraded to a 4K TV and am slowly updating my media library to 4K. This way I can still enjoy playing on the couch and when graphics performances starts to wane I can just add an external GPU via Thunderbolt 3.

        • Hmm, if you are intending to upgrade to 4K gradually and eventually, then i think both of the AMD options aren't going to work out long term. I actually like the idea of the Hades Canyon better than the two laptops, for gradual 4K migration.

  • Should I buy this or buy egpu like razer core to go with my ultra book.

    • Do you already have an ultrabook with thunderbolt? (Lol, different budget categories if you don't).

      As you'll be looking for an ultrabook with thunderbolt that has got good thermal design so the CPU won't get throttled hard to bottleneck the external GPU. That's easily $1500+, if not $2000+

      Razer core will be $390+, external GPU to make it worthwhile be at least RX570 (~$180-$210, cheaper if second hand).

      • Yes I do. It cannot handle even civilisation 6 with latest core i7. I bought it primarily for work and study, but keen to play game recently.

        Just thinking if it's worth better to spend the money on laptop like this, or egpu. Like u said they cost about the same.

        • Lol when I only had access to the intel gpu, my gaming options was retro emulation (consoles and handheld up to PSP), or older non-graphics intensive DirectX 9 titles.

          Erm, if your primary gaming setting will be at home (which I guess most people are), and your current ultrabook being an i7 (assuming 8th gen), I'd want to recommend the external GPU route, even though it is considerable cost for what you get but it'll still provide some kind of an upgrade path (e.g. the GPU is upgradeable, or still usable if you upgrade your ultrabook in the future), and a resell option.

          Which ultrabook do you have? As the caveat is that even if it has an i7, but if the ultrabook's cooling solutions aren't great that it always get throttled (e.g. LG Gram), then it won't really be getting most out of the eGPU.

  • Sick laptop! (amd fanboy)

  • should be noted that I bought this laptop about 3 weeks ago for $1200 with no $100 cashback. It was a steal at that price.

    If you guys have any practical questions about this unit give us a shout.

    • What's the build quality and weight like matey? Was going to get an xps13 and give ultrabooks a go, but this is tempting.

      • Nothing special regarding the build quality. Simple plastic, does not feel flimsy though. It also runs bloody quiet even when I'm pumping Tropico 6 on ultra (currently the most high end game I've run on it so far).

        The only Issue I've had with it, is it's WI-FI card which seems to promote a poor ping whilst playing CS:GO. So I've resorted to using an external wi-fi adapter which remedied the issue quick smart.

        • I have the base model. Opened it today. Havent noticed the wifi card, although did notice it stopped downloading at one stage. It is quiet and it very good at disbursing heat during normal operations. Have had some issue with the RGB keyboard brightness. There is flex in the case but not much.
          I would recommend buying it.

    • Dumb question that kinda relates to all laptops I guess, but could I connect this to a monitor, close the laptop up and use it like a desktop computer after connecting a mouse and keyboard to it?

    • Are you gaming on it at all, and if so, what games and what sort of performance are you getting?

    • Do you know the details of the ram like brand or model number? Can't seem to find those details anywhere

  • Anyone know what battery is in this bad boy?
    Looks like a cracker of a deal!

    • This is a good deal. I posted a deal regarding the base model at wireless 1. Shame it wasnt 3 days later as I would have got a $100 discount.

      Anyway,the battery is shown here: 48Wh https://youtu.be/wVU8J0ViPSc?t=139

    • Struggling to find any reviews on this specific model. But we very similarly spec'd one with a Ryzen 7 3750h CPU managed 3 hours in a stress test. That's running fairly hard for all 3 hours, that's pretty decent for a gaming spec laptop.

  • Tempted but the CPU is ranked lower than my 4 year old i7-4700HQ on Notebookcheck and it performs about the same if not slightly better :/ Not sure spending 1k is worth it, essentially just for a GPU upgrade as my laptop (Asus too) has a GTX 850M.

    • The GPU runs slower than a Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, what a let down LOL

    • The gpu is what makes this a deal though. It's significantly quicker than your 850m. I'd be tempted given it's twice as fast as my 680m powered laptop. Just don't game enough to justify it.

      • Just don't game enough to justify it.

        Me too tbh. My Asus is like overheating these days so I get severe fps drops. Need to clean and refurbish the cooling system but I'm lazy. It'd be easier and quicker to just buy a new laptop lol.

  • How good are these asus headphones. Should I sell or keep them?

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