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iPad 6th Gen 2018 Model 128GB $539 @ JB Hi-FI


Just found this while helping friend choosing the right iPad.
JB Hi-Fi is on sale for 128GB, I think the 128GB is better on value than 32GB

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    Isn't it $519 @ Officeworks

    • I selected the Bulk Buy Price option for 20 units, came up as $567 each! LOL

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    $509 for refurbished model on apple site. Have purchased a few this way in past and they have same warranty and are in new condition with new battery and outer shell.

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      If its only $519 brand new from your local officeworks then why would you bother?

      • 14 day return if you don’t like it for one.

        • Its an ipad. Caveat emptor.

          • @tonyjzx: no kidding

  • Anyone know when they realese 2019 ipad?

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      Isn't iPad air (2019) the "2019" model?

    • March 2020, as Smokey said the Air is pretty much the 2019 model.

      With iPad OS coming soon I’m keen to see what the new mainstream model will be in 2020

  • This or the Samsung s5e for a similar price? Want one just for web and watching movies.

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      iOS gets constant security updates and OS updates long after the release vs Samsung that seems to forget they sold devices and stops releasing updates to new versions of Android within years of purchasing.

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        Have you heard of lineageOS?

        Thanks to that you get a pure android experience
        and updates to devices even older than what is supported for updates on Apple.

        • LineageOS is not really for everyone and a little rough around the edges on many devices.

          • @roller: what you mean rough?

            I have been using it for a long time and not experience what you called rough?

        • The average person has zero interest or clue how to use Roms nor should they. A basic minimum of any phone/tablet or computer should be easy warranty process, security updates and feature updates with no effort or understanding of how to get them other than to click Update.

          Mums and dads and the elderly or people that just aren’t interested but want security shouldn’t need a degree in IT to get these basic features from a phone, tablet or computer.

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            @WhiteEvo6: A degree in IT to flash some rom LOL,
            okay man you are sounding ridiculous now
            So everyone who use LineageOS has IT degree now?

            Also just cos those people don't know, does not mean they they don't know someone that can't do it for them.
            Just look at most families nowadays, there's usually one or more tech savvy person in the family that solves all the families tech problems.

            And who said they should have to have knowledge of the ROMs?
            Just give it to the tech savvy person in the family and they can do it for them without needing to know anything about how to flash a rom or what it is.

            Also the group of people you are referring ie the extremely dumb non tech group would not even have a clue what firmware version they are on or even care.
            They just want to know if they can open their favourite apps.
            Just ask your parents or grandparents what firmware they are on?
            They would just give a blank look at you and ask what is a firmware?
            And they would just say I don't know, I just care if I can open my youtube etc.

            And the ones that do know what firmware version they are on and do care about getting the latest version,
            would know someone tech savvy enough to do it for them or
            have capabilities of watching a youtube tutorial on how to do it themselves if they are that desperate to get the latest version.

            Now if you are talking about the average iSheep person then that is another story.

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      Tab S5e will offer very close to Desktop experience compared to the Ipad when browsing or for managing many windows ( Samsung DEX). The s5e looks much better in my opinion, and it has an AMOLED screen compared to just IPS on this iPad model. If I was you, I would get to a store and check both. S5e is new, so it should still receive some updates (although I can tell you that even without many updates, Samsung will offer more features than iPad with many other updates). If you were between the new iPad Pros and the S5e, then I would say iPad. I don't own either btw. Again, this is just my opinion, go to the store and compare them side by side.

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      I agree with WhiteEvo here,

      I love my Samsung phone, but in the tablet world I’d only buy a iPad. The androids just don’t get any support after 2 years.

      My workplace still has iPad Air 2s in circulation (2014 release) and they are still rocking the latest update.

      • LineageOS is the answer for updates on Android tablets/phones

        I prefer lineageOS to any official Samsung firmwares etc which is always behind the LineageOS and it gets the most recent android OS pretty fast.
        You also get the closest to a pure android OS experience.

        There are many very old devices that are still supported by LineageOS (check their website for supported devices)
        while I could not say the same thing about Apple.

        • While LineageOS may be good to bring life back into old devices and provide a nice stock experience, people don't want to flash ROMs or software to their devices.

          I used to muck around with different ROMs on some of my older phones which stopped getting updates, but I don't want to do that anymore. I just want them to last and get OTA updates. I'm paying good money for them and only 2 years of updates is just crap. I shouldn't have to resort to putting additional software on it.

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            @patrioticpickle: Your comment "people don't want to flash ROMs or software to their devices" is so wrong
            Just look at how popular lineageOS..
            Just cos you don't doesn't everyone is the same as you.

            Also once a lineageOS version for that latest version of android is released you can get updates directly just like normal updates..
            and you can do OTA updates.

            And how hard is really to flash a ROM? you making it seem like something extremely hard or a lot of work…

            And as I said, I prefer stock android rather than the extra crap the the phone manufacturers add…so I don't care if the no longer have updates..
            Their updates are usually so behind the latest version of android anyway.

            When I found lineageOS was available for my phone, I got rid of my phone manufacture fw a long time ago already..
            And I am able to keep enjoying latest versions of android etc..

            At least thanks to lineageOS, we still got an option to get the latest version of android on our phones/tablets
            whereas on Apple, once apple decides your device does not get any more updates then you are stuck on that fw
            and not able to install newer versions of apps due to firmware requirements.

            And just for your info, I also own apple tablets, iphone
            So I know from experience from both sides.

            • @pinkybrain: When I say 'people don't want to flash ROMs or software to their devices' I speak for much more than 95% of the user-base for mobile devices as most wouldn't even know what a ROM is and a lot wouldn't want to do it.

              It's more about the principle of buying a flagship device for top dollar for it to be forgotten about 2 years later. Whereas 2014 Apple devices are still running the latest OS…

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                @patrioticpickle: While you say the people you referring to that don't know about the roms
                they are likely to know someone or have a child that does know all about these tech stuff and do know how to keep their phones updated
                with the newest version of android and about flashing roms.

                Just look at most family nowadays..many kids are now very tech savvy
                and there is usually one or more person in that family that is tech savy..
                Just look at your own family…maybe you are the one that fixes all their tech problems for them.

                There are also many youtube guides etc nowadays that was not available back then.

                So your argument about most people don't know about roms or wouldn't want to do it, does not hold much weight nowadays since as I said they either know someone that is tech savvy that can do it for them..and those people wouldn't need to even explain to them what is a ROM,
                they just update it for them.
                or they can learn to it themselves by watching youtube.

                My point is people have access to a lot of information nowadays and easy to follow guides
                or has someone they know that can do it for them.

                So if you are saying those people don't care about updates then they wouldn't care about their flagship phone no longer getting updates either.
                And if they do care about getting the latest updates, then they can either ask someone tech savvy that they know to do it for them
                or learn it themselves (if they were that desperate to get the latest updates).

                But if you are referring the so called population of most people that are so dumb that they don't know what firmware version they are on
                then they wouldn't know or care if their flagship phones are getting any more newer updates or not.
                Most of those people just care if they can continue to use their favourite apps or not, that is all
                and would not give a shit what firmware version they are on.

                If you want to talk about principles let's look at the crap stuff apple has been giving you in the past..

                -intentionally throttling CPUs on their older phones
                -antenna gate ("you're just holding it wrong")
                -bendgate2/breakgate (with the newer ipads actually easy to break with little force)
                -stopping updates for a device, so now I can't install any new version of that app.

                -and whole heap of other shit that they won't admit as their faults and claims is user faults..

                I also look at things from practical point of view rather than just simply principle..

                So in principle it is good if a brand manufacture can support the fw longer but…
                What's the point of a brand manufacture continuing to support fw when it always behind the latest version of android by maybe 6 months or more and also all the crap extra addons that they include in the fw.

                Whereas I can just install a pure android OS, that gets that latest version of android not long after the official one is released
                and not need to care about waiting for the brand manufacture to finally release the previous version of android that they have been working on.
                And still continuing to get that latest version of android to this day.

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                  @pinkybrain: I've used LineageOS for a while now on, first on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and now Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.

                  First and foremost, LineageOS is very stable, but it cannot be compared to OEM software in terms of consistency and reliability (especially Apple). This is the list of cons of LineageOS (it probably applies to most custom ROMs):

                  • Reliance on a group of people to maintain the device. Every device is maintained by a small group of people at their free time, if they suddenly lose interest, the device is suddenly not maintained and there goes the so called "fast and reliable updates". Apple devices are virtually guaranteed to receive 4+ years of support. Example, the iPhone 6S which was released in September 2015 is getting the new iOS 13.

                  • Stuff like Google Pay is a cat and mouse game. So there is this thing called Google SafetyNet. Unlocking the bootloader (which is required to install custom ROMs) trips Google SafetyNet and prevents banking apps such as Google Pay to work properly. However, older devices such as the GS5 do not report bootloader status which Google SafetyNet interprets as a locked bootloader, therefore Google Pay works fine. However for newer devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, bootloader status is reported and Google Pay does not work. There are threads on the XDA forums that suggest the installation of Magisk modules to mask bootloader status but I have not gotten Google Pay to work after months.

                  To make matters worse, Google SafetyNet checks for root access which Magisk provides. So now to clear Google SafetyNet, the device must report a locked bootloader status and Magisk must hide itself.

                  • Talking about Android tablets, there are hardly any officially supported Android tablets when it comes to LineageOS. The Google Pixel C is supported, but it is only on Android 8.1. Android 10 is already in beta. There are plenty of unofficial builds on XDA forums, but they're unofficial because they are deemed unstable for daily use by the ROM developers.

                  • Not every Android device can have custom ROMs. Huawei (and Honor) devices have locked bootloaders which mean no custom ROMs. Newer Samsung devices are getting quite locked down too.

                  • Camera and sometimes battery life take a massive hit in performance. I'm sure you're aware that Gcam exists to solve the first problem, but once again it is relied on an individual or a small group of enthusiasts to actively develop and support the specific device.

                  The above reason are why I've stayed on the iPhone for most of my life. Everything just works, but it's mainly the Google Pay issue that is preventing me from swapping over.

                  • @Inception: Aware this is an old-ish comment/deal but just wanted to say that this was a brilliant reply to a really narrow-minded comment that was definitely far far far too pro-LineageOS without really considering the bigger picture. This is also coming from someone who's been using LineageOS on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for the past ~1.5 years and is very much an advocate.

                    I also just wanted to share that there should be a fix for the Google Pay issue you're experiencing which I've also been encountering myself. I suppose the fix may vary a little from device to device, but the method that has worked for me doesn't involve Magisk modules specifically. It does require Magisk as your root method though, and requires you to hide a couple of Google Play Services.

                    The last I tried using this method as a bypass was about 2 weeks ago, but it's worked for me since around 2 months ago, which was when the more recent issues started surfacing. PM me if you want a little more info.

                    • @illumination:

                      The last I tried using this method as a bypass was about 2 weeks ago

                      Just updating that I've now used this method as recently as yesterday and it's still working for me.

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    Help your friend by getting an Android device

  • Buy from JBHI, they will price match and you also get 30 days change of mind (as long as packaging is not broken. You also get an extra 1 year JBHI Warranty when spending over $500. You can't beat that :)

    • Is the free extra warranty automatic? Or you gotta haggle for it?

      • It's automatic.

    • Ye, I did price match this morning.

      Good to know there is an extra 1 year warranty.

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