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15% off All Samsung & Huawei Products (Huawei P30 Lite + FreeBuds Lite $424) @ Mobileciti eBay


Code applies to all 450 Samsung & Huawei products stocked by Mobileciti. Full T&Cs here. All Australian stock with local warranty. Feel free to collect at Mobileciti's Parramatta store if more convenient. GST tax invoice with ABN supplied, and TRS if eligible. Also this deal is back for those that missed it. Enjoy :)

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  • For those looking - S10+ come down to what I consider to be the "standard low price" of around $1250 for Aus Stock.

    • try $975 with westpac deal or 980 for grey import

      • If I could get my hands on the Westpac price I would jump at it - its employees only right?

        • just open a westpac account and you will have access to the rewards and offer deal until 30 June.

      • Where's good for a grey import on an S10?
        Been hanging for the Westpac deal but sadly no dice :(

      • Is the Westpac deal still going?
        Over the past few weeks, I've noticed the Samsung store show up and disappear from the rewards list.
        When I click on it (when it shows), it sometimes goes to a 500 error.
        A week or so a go, it was linked to what looked like an employee only program as it wouldn't let me login unless I had a Westpac email address.
        Currently, I cannot see it.
        Before this month started, I could see it without issue.

    • insert comment on Huawei *
  • tbh as a true ozbargainer, am I wrong to say that it would actually be good to buy a Huawei right now? Prices are dropping due to the recent events. If you can get one of the best phones around at a good price, I feel like it's a worthwhile purchase. Yes, you won't get Android updates, but I feel like most people update their phones every 2-3 years anyway. Anyone who doesn't have the latest phone is most likely running an older version of Android anyway, and their lives haven't been tipped upside down.

    Happy to be proven wrong, but if I saved say $500 on a phone and the downfall was I didn't have the latest update version, it certainly is an incentive. People have gone through larger inconveniences to save a buck on ozbargain.

    • Actually all the current Huawei phones will be getting updates, some are allowed on the android beta even.

      • What a misleading comment.

        Then ban is not going to be enforced for 90 days, and Huawei have that time to appeal the ban. Huawei have made no announcement on guarantees that they will have Google support AFTER 90 days. Yes, your Huawei phone might continue to receive updates for those 90 days, but you have absolutely no guarantee that the ban will be overturned.

        Also, Huawei were originally on the Android Q Beta but was immediately removed when the ban was announced, which is a clear message from Google, but re-added for no reason, presumably because of the 90-day technicality. Beyond that there is no guarantee.

        • They don't need Google support to update the Android base. Android is open source. Sure it makes it harder for them without Google, so they'll likely be slower.


          Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.

          First Google result.

          • @TheContact:

            Android is open source

            Google Android is not open source.

            In order for it to be called Google Android it must include closed source binaries.

            Google has done a wonderful job misinforming people though.

            • @Diji1: I thought it was obvious I was referring to AOSP when I said Android base in the preceding sentence, and was referencing the same thing when I said it was open source.

          • @TheContact:

            Sure it makes it harder for them without Google

            The expectation of Australians buying an Android phone is Google support with security updates for the Google fork of Android.
            So essentially no security updates.

            Flashing Huawei phones to stock AOSP is essentially bricking a phone for the everyday user.

            And don't expect people to know how to enable dev mode and side-load apps onto it.

            First Google result.

            How are they going to offer updates to google services?

            You can gtfo with that assumption.

            Literally informing users of the particulars of the situation and you're trying to muddle it.

        • In fact you are the guy who misleading people here! Huawei phone still can update after 90 days through general android channel.

          • @leetec:

            through general android channel

            What about the Google fork?

            Google apps for Android, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play and Gmail are Google properties that aren't part of Android and are licensed separately

            And what will you do when a zero-day is discovered, or for future phones?

      • Android update yes but no Google update.

    • i'm of the same wavelength as you - it's a great bargain for an excellent phone with top notch hardware - i dont care if it doesn't get updates because it in its current iteration is more than enough.

    • That's my thoughts as well. I buy it for both mostly the hardware (camera and speed). Software not getting timely updates after 6 months of using the phone is not a big deal for me. I generally change phones every couple of years anyway.

    • Still waiting for p30 pro to be below 1k so I can buy one.

    • -3 votes

      I think google play services will actually be more critical than system updates. Huawei devices won't be able to use Google services and that include Google Play store, and any google apps/services. If you already side load all apps and use alternative services, then sure. But most general users will want things to just work without much technical tinkering, which makes it hard to recommend an expensive Huawei device.

      • Huawei phones can and will be able to use Google services. It's just Huawei will not be able to officially include them in future phones. D. Trump and his team want you to not install Google services or apps on future Huawei phones (they actually don't want you to buy Huawei). Whether people want to and are tech savvy enough to install them manually is another thing.

      • That is another misleading rumor

      • I stand corrected (have not caught up on the ban news with the updates after the initial news).

        While Play Services (Google Play store and Google apps) will continue to work, due to no interaction needed by Google (ie Google doesn't need to actively sign them off), they will still continue to work after the 90 days temporary ban reprieve. As mentioned by others above, Google will not be able to provide system and security support (or any direct active involvement) after 19th August 2019 (so that means, no Android updates or security updates).

        However, Huawei is still able to access to those updates via AOSP, but it often lag behind Google's direct release (so phone manufacturers will likely be even worse in terms of providing system and security updates).

        Overall, bottom line seems to be no features out of the box will be lost, but the user will not have access to future Android versions. Depending your usage need, it may be a big loss of value, especially if you aren't fond of Huawei's UI and system implementation.

        Personally, Android version updates have almost always been one of the add-on value of a flagship Android phone. Current Huawei devices while hardware wise is at the top, but software wise, it has immediately fallen to a midrange device of the next 6-12 months. Essentially this means it has accelerated its depreciation, and brought its value to last gen (or last 2 gen) devices, on the software side.

        • The AOSP vs latest Google branch updates is less of an issue for main Android version updates. Honestly, from past experience with Google branded devices, I found that I ended up doing beta testing. When a major Android version is released, a number of apps will break. Also, some Google devices suffered from really laggy final update. Not all major updates are great.

          AOSP isn't that bad. I ran AOSP based firmware before. If you had an old phone and your phone maker only provided 1 or 2 OS upgrades, if you want a newer Android OS, AOSP based Android builds are the solution. Speed is often better (less bloated and often with extra optimisation), just that because they are done by people without access to closed source apps for your phones, some of the open source equivalent of your phone's apps may not support some of the phone features. However, if Huawei made an update from AOSP, it would't have the same issue.

          The main issue is Huawei will have to lower the prices of their future phones to sell well outside China if USA insisted on this bad roughly 3 months from now. Also, it will likely need to be direct sell as telcos outside China won't be willing to carry them (they won't support them - imagine people calling up to ask about how to install Google apps).

          • @netsurfer:

            imagine people calling up to ask about how to install Google apps

            sorry couldn't help burst out laughing, especially imagining if they get heaps of TIO complaints because of it.
            It'll be a funny scene.

            And yea, I agree with what you said in general, and it'll be up to the eventual user to determine how valuable the option and ease of software upgrade is to them. So buyer beware.

    • tbh, for true ozbargainers, they would wait for phones to be at bargain prices. Considering after the discount, the Huawei flagship phones are still selling at prices above Samsung EPP prices, it is difficult to justify getting one. The 90 days temporary reprieve appears effective to stop retailers from having to do a fire sale on those.

      One of my colleagues' husband recently got one with his Optus plan, and he was not impressed with it at all (laggy at times). So much so that he returned it to Optus and decided to pay more for an iPhone XS. The main attractive point about Huawei flagship phones is the camera(s). But, if you are not that concerned about cameras, then is it still worth it? From past experience with Huawei phones, Huawei team are good at squeezing more out of a phone (through some nifty software tricks). However, there is only so much you can tweak in software and if the hardware is simply not as fast as competitors, you will still feel that.

      • Which Huawei did he actually buy? Hard to believe a P30 Pro or P30 is laggy. I have both and they are faster than the Samsung S10 series.

        • P30 Pro. I know and I found that a bit surprising (her husband is a tech person, but I cannot get details easily coz. it's a colleague's husband, rather than a colleague). I tried to find out more but she didn't know the details (other than slow and laggy compared to iPhone). I am in both camps so I have some guesses. 1. Google PlayStore isn't fast at installing apps (it seems to install 1 app at a time) and I found that it is inconsistent amongst Android phones - some phones, it installs fine (though just 1 at a time), on other phones, there could be a long pause between apps. 2. Behind the scene, Google would auto-install/update apps without you knowing and potentially, there could be OS update downloads.

          I use Android phone more than my iPhone, but Google really should try to do parallel apps installs. With NBN, the speed difference between app installs on iOS and Android is quite noticeable (and we are not talking about 2018/2019 flagship vs flagship). On my old/dated iPad Air 2, the app installs is more pleasant than Samsung S9+, S10+ (due to parallel downloads/installs). S9+/S10+ app installs is already far better than my other older Android devices. Also, I used to tease iPhones with every iOS getting slower and slower, but iOS 12 did reverse the trend.

        • No sir P30 is not faster than Samsung S10 series.

          P30 uses Kirin 980 SoC which inferior to Samsung's own Exynos 9820 and which in turn is inferior to Qualcomm's SD855.


          Even Exynos 9820 built on 8nm process is better than Kirin 980 built on 7nm process. But S10 with SD855 is the real speed king here.

    • Huawei p30 prices have actually gone up after you factor in the promos that recently expired (Sonos one and $200 free gift card)

    • The Huawei ban is being delayed for 3 years…as the trump administration is yet to decide whether the ban is based on national security or economic issues. Today Trump has decided it is economic issues. But who knows, maybe they will start putting taxes on Igloos in the artic.


    • If any trouble I reckon you'll be able to change to Hongmeng OS.

    • The thing is none of huawei phone really dropped in price so far. You see some bargains here and there for Huawei phones, but none are special. There are some better deal in the past even before Huawei got this rumor issue with google.

    • P30 pro at $500 I might get one heh

  • Why is no-one stocking the P20 Pro? Been keeping an eye out so I can use price protection on my 28 degrees card but seems to have disappeared from most stores.

    • Probably because stocks are dwindling as it's superseded. They wouldn't be in production anymore.

      • Seems strange, it's not that old and plenty of other brands stock previous models for much longer.

    • Sellers are probably stock piling them as wholesalers probably try and panic offload. Then when the trade war ban on Huawei is sorted, release them back on the market and make a hefty profit!

  • Interested in S9 Plus. Could someone please tell me if it's genuine 100% AU stock (no greys, loopholes, etc) as if I'm buying it from a local reputable retailer?

    • Yes. As per the OP, Mobileciti only sells genuine AU stock.

      • Thank you. And claiming warranty should be straightforward?

        • Thank you. And claiming warranty should be straightforward?

          Yes, as mentioned in my other reply to you, they sell official Oz stock, which means you can just walk into say Samsung store with ur device & claim warranty

    • Mobileciti is reputed seller based in Sydney with physical stores. They sell official Australian stock with local warranty. These are definitely not grey import.

      You also get GST TAX INVOICE

    • Mobilecity is reputable for selling au stock phones. No need to spend more in local retailer when you can get a good deal on line.

    • Zoombie are selling it for $720 and $660 for ths s9 if you don't mind Telstra branded and in Purple.


  • Thanks OP. anyone have an idea whats the difference between unbranded and branded stock i.e. telstra sock. Why would i want one of the branded phones for?


    • Or conversely, what does "optus network branding" mean?

      • Firmware and splashscreen at the start of boot up. If you are using Telstra or other telstra network MVNO like Boost or Belong get the telstra branded, vice versa with Optus brand.

    • +1 vote

      Hi livo81,
      Branded stock means there may be a quick boot up logo and pre-installed netwoek apps, but they are all unlocked and will work with all AU networks. Unbranded stock does not come with any network branding. Thanks

  • Damn bought the Huawei P30 Lite for $434 on Sunday. Damn this is a great deal.

  • Is the Samsung A70 single or dual sim?

  • Sadly the P30 Pro doesnt have 4k60fps recording

  • So the P30 would come down to $849 does that mean OW beat beat would be $806?? Thats a bargain, shame Huawei isnt doing the $200 voucher at the moment.

  • Anyway….looks like Huawei ban may heading in the right direction as reported on Reuters, treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, dropped the first leading hints that Huawei was being used as a bargaining chip in the ongoing trade war between the US and China. "I think what the president is saying is if we move forward on trade, that perhaps he'll be willing to do certain things on Huawei if he gets comfort from China on that and certain guarantees,"

  • What's the best ~$300 phone out there? Just need it to last at least 2 years and do the basics well. Don't care too much about camera etc. … just a phone that does the basics well with occasional social media.

    Was thinking about the Motorola G6 play but are these Samsung J5's etc better?

  • Almost as good as 35% off.
    Well done.

  • would get the p30 lite if it had 4k video.

  • If you wait bit longer Huawei P30 will become less than $200 for brand new.

  • Any ozbargainer help out with my question here.

    Does officework price beat samsung s10 which are selling here at $973.25 after 15% discount ?

    Is it worth it to buy now or is there any samsung EPP running at the moment.


    • +1 vote

      Hi Flashcurry,

      They are the same product, one listing allows for selection of colors whereas other is specific listing for the crystal colour. Thank you

  • Went to sold for price guidance if any good prices only 4 product lines sold out of 450 lines think you need better prices big time .

    Active nearly 9-10 hrs .

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