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Sony WH-1000XM3 | 20% off B-Stock (Open Box Units, in Silver / Black) $316 (Usually $395) + Free Shipping @ Addicted to Audio


Only whilst stocks last, limited quantities only - get in while you can!

Item being sold is classed as "B-STOCK" which is a open box unit which has been repacked, full warranty included.

Ozbargain exclusive deal!

Maximum 5 per customer

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  • I am wondering if anyone has had a problem with these on a plane, tried on two different Airlines and they just don't work plugged in with the headphones powered for N/C. (They work fine with the headphones off)

    • Use them myself on the plane and never had an issue, have tried at least 3-4 different airlines, all fine!

    • Do you use the adapter provided that splits the connection into two?

  • Are the new ones ever going back to 320 again

  • Thanks OP. Was desperately looking for one. The timing couldn't have been better! :)

  • Was just looking for one for upcoming trip. THanks OP. Ordered black.

  • Decided to pull the trigger anyway, been eyeing these for months now and $316 is probably as good as it's gonna get for a while.

    Now to hope that overnight express post will work it's magic so that I can get them by tomorrow night.

    • Same here

      • I did the same

  • +1

    @addictedtoaudio: Is it normal that I didn't receive any confirmation email or tax receipt?

    • did you maybe put your email in wrong? I got a confirmation email (with invoice) within a few seconds of clicking order, and then a few hours later I received another email thanking me for my purchase and asking if I had any questions.

      • I ordered last night. Received my PayPal reciept, an email from George saying thanks for the support but no invoice/confirmation email. Still awaiting confirmation message.

    • @Penpinch; I've now received my confirmation. Maybe yours is there or coming?

  • I hate this website sometimes. Bought, thanks!

  • Perfect! Got me a black pair

  • Awesome! Been waiting for a good price on these, to get a second pair for my wife. @addictedtoaudio are great to deal with.

  • @addictedtoaudio I am going to travel this Saturday.Do you have an express shipment option which can deliver it to Brisbane tomorrow?

    • I'm in a similar situation, ordered very early this morning to the Sunny Coast, it hasn't even been dispatched yet so my hopes of getting it by the weekend are lower and lower, especially with no delivery on Saturday or Sunday.

      Might have to try and find some time to pick it up on Monday but after that I'm gone for weeks.

      Edit: Scrub that, just got the email that it's on it's way. Fingers crossed that Australia post's "express post" overnight guarantee holds true.

  • @addictedtoaudio any planned discount for sony MDR Z1R in the future ?

  • I have ordered a black one. When do you send the Invoice? I got only order confirmed message from "Addicted To Audio <[email protected]> via shopify.com " but didn't receive the invoice so far.

    • Yep Same here but from reading others post, it may take some time to generate and then hopefully express post is fast enough. Still waiting and ordered 11am AWST

  • First time posting and first time buying, Ive been eyeing these off for a while.

    Thank you!

    • Arrived today, I can see some marks on the foam which would be consistent with glasses. Otherwise everything in mint condition.

  • +1

    Mine arrived this morning. Is brand new. Haven't listen yet since I'm charging it. Literally took 24 hours from when I ordered!!!

    • +1

      Same, I can't see any indication that the units aren't brand new.

    • Same got mine this morning and appears to be brand new, shrink wrap - stickers and all.

      • Lucky buggers, mine was a no show today, got in contact with Auspost and was advised that overnight shipping was a no-go because ATA gave it to Australia post past the cutoff time for express parcels. Little disappointed because I have the day off today and was hoping to give them a good test, but I guess they were swamped by heaps of orders and just couldn't get mine out in time.

        I'm certainly not complaining about free express shipping, but ultimately it means I won't be getting mine until at least Tuesday because I'll be in a different part of the state and I have to now redirect it to a different address. No big deal because it didn't cost any extra but if I was paying for express it would be frustrating.

  • received mine. Thanks A2A.

    • Is it shrink wrapped brand new condition like the others have claimed?

      • +1

        It says B-Stock on the shrink wrap. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell. Looks brand new.

        • Same experience - seems to be brand new

  • Guessing the deal is over now? Priced at 395 now.

    • You have to put in the code. Its still valid. Just checked.

      • Oh you're right! My bad. Thank you! I missed the code at the top…

  • Thanks A2A.
    Placed an order for a black one.

    • About to order, is there any issues you noticed

      • It's been perfect.
        Quick Delivery
        Came in original packaging, still sealed in plastic.

  • Just received mine. As others have reported - factory shrink wrapped (with the What HiFi sticker), B stock sticker on the bottom, box has the most minor of dents in the corner and a couple of edges. I wouldn't have thought twice if I bought this as normal. Headphones are brand new (and fantastic).

    • Yep same experience - very happy

  • ordered - thanks op

    • About to order, is there any issues you noticed

  • +1

    Just bought and headphones came in two days! Repackaged box but the headphones are brand new! SUPER HAPPY with the buy. Thanks A2A!

    • For the Perthites, ordered mine late Wed night, dispatched Thursday arvo….waiting

      • Ordered mine Thursday say should be here today Tuesday.

        • Mine were delivered yesterday. So pretty good given the weekend

          • @SenatorDC: About to order, is there any issues you noticed

  • Thanks A2A - got mine within 24 hours and they're literally brand new and shrink wrapped.

    Going to get some for my partner!

  • +1

    Hmm this (XM3) or wait for Bose 700 or XM4's (if such a thing is created) I would have pulled the trigger on these but read alot of recent news about newer updates causing 30% reduction in NC and poor mic quality for phone calls. I was hoping to use these for phone calls as a bonus, so might wait a little for more positive news on that front. any other ppls opinions ?

  • Looks like they are all gone…

    • u sure can still add to cart and apply discount code.

      • Yes, must have been a glitch my end.. :-)

  • Really good product @addictedtoaudio. I could not tell it was a B-Stock. Product and packaging in perfect conditions. Many thanks

    • About to order, is there any issues you noticed

      • Sorry, haven’t check Oz for while. No mate. Working perfectly.

  • Trigger pulled, been looking at the Bose QCII and this for so long it was time to go for it.

  • Got mine, looked brand new, just very very minor bumps on the packages sides. Looks pretty much new. Didn't get my tax invoice / receipt though.

    • I just replied to the order confirmation email asking for the tax invoice and they sent it through the next day.

  • Use to work in an electronics store and this is a (profanity) great price, can confirm.

  • Thanks OP! Got mine this morning, 24 hour shipping. Shrink wrapped with the most microscopic of dents on one corner, appears unopened and in perfect condition. Finally can block out the bass rumble of obnoxious neighbours' garbage music- you have saved my sanity!

    • Any issues with your order of late?

  • It's very good deal. but i think i will wait for the 4th gen which coming out at Aug or Sep…

    • Really?

      Could that mean price reduction coming?

      • yes, check the official website. the prince is reduced

  • a quick follow up to say that service was great and responsive, the condition is great, i could barely tell it was B stock.
    The headphones themselves are just a joy to listen to and operate, thanks to the touch features.
    love it!

  • Mine arrived yesterday. New stock as far as I can see. Still in plastic wrap but with a 'b stock's sticker on them. Didn't appear opened at all.

    Good deal.

  • Do you have local stock in Perth for pickup or is it postage only?

  • -1

    Are these still available? How do I input the code

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