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Telstra $65/Month Port-in or New Customer Offers (60GB Data, Unl Calls, 12 Month Contract) Phone or SIM Plans @ JB Hi-Fi


Walked into jb Hi-Fi today and seen this promotion for the next 3 days. Refer to picture

When Porting in on one of our $65/m plan, choose between one of the following offers:

  1. $0 Upfront - Hisense 43R6 43"
  2. $0 Upfront - iPad 128GB (Product code 67339, 6th Generation)
  3. $49 Upfront- Apple Watch S3 42mm
  4. $99 Upfront - iPhone 7 32GB
  5. $0 Upfront Xbox One X 1TB
  6. $799 Upfront - Oppo Reno 5G

Offers are for PORT IN only, must be off the Telstra network for 30 days to be eligible.

Total plan cost over 12 mths is $780 and includes 60GB Data, unlimited calls and text to standard Aust. numbers

Offer valid from 13-6 to 16-6. Some stores such as Chatswood, NSW appear to be doing this offer until 19th of June.

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  • must be off the Telstra network for 30 days to be eligible

    Ahh they're catching on.

  • better off with the $500 gift card deal ,purchase what you want with it, or resell it

  • $700 off the new Reno 5G.. nice deal!

    although.. this is a worry


  • Still miss the previous deal of $199 s10e/p30.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Lol, the sign actually refers to the Xbox as an "xbone"

  • Good deal. Man I'm keen for my Telstra contract to end so I can jump on these deals.

    • My current Jb-Hifi Telstra contract expires end of June. Already got my Catch $5 Sim with 30 days/40gb to switch to, before heading back to Jb for whatever telstra deal they have!

  • What about the $500 gift card, isnt that better?

  • Just a question, dumb may be, Can we port-in from Vodafone to Telstra, use the voucher/discount and port-out after 1 month or so?

    • If you wanted to, you'd have to pay early termination though as you're signing a 1 year contract

    • It’s a 12 month contract, hence the “Total plan cost over 12 mths is $780 and includes 60GB Data, unlimited calls and text to standard Aust. numbers”

  • $0 Upfront - iPad 128GB (Product code 67339, 6th Generation)

    Correct me if I am wrong, but these can be sold on Ebay for >$600 - what am I missing here….

  • Oppo Reno 5G is so tempting, retailed for $1,499 and can claim free earphones too I think

  • Assume this is the JB mobile plan? If so, I wonder if you can downgrade to their $45/mth plan without penalty?

  • Wodering if it is possible to change the device and pay the price difference tho.

  • Really hoping there are good offers around like this toward Christmas when my phone contract with Optus is up.

    I assume these are all timing for EOFY though.

  • If you're after the Hisense TV then its like getting either the TV or the phone plan for free. Plus even better if you get the Telstra credits and discounts with it

  • Does this include Telstra's "Peace of Mind Data" ?

    • Jb hi fi plans do not qualify for Peace of Mind Data

      • I have JB hifi Telstra deal from last year, online chat with Telstra upgraded me to POMD….(haven't actually had to use it yet, but come close every month)

  • Currently on $40 Optus.

    Worth it to port in for an xbox one x?

    • It will cost you $300 more over 12 months, can you get an xbox one x for <$300?
      I live chatted with Floptus yesterday and said I was thinking of switching and they discounted my $45pm to $35pm to retain me.
      I'm still thinking of doing the switch as I am tired of the new dead zones on my train line that seem to have magically appeared in the past few months!
      Give it a shot, they might cut it to $30 then it's probably not worth it unless you have other reasons.

  • Update folks: I jumped on to the $65 plan at JB, got the $500 gift card, asked for the $69 plan discount to $49 and got it.
    Didn't get the $10 port in credit that some people above have mentioned though.

  • Does this deal end today the 19th or does it end on the Sunday the 23rd i’m confused. This post says the 23rd while the other 2 posts regarding this deal say the 19th and the Jb Hi Fi website says the 19th. It’s not clear to me as i want to get this Telstra deal and i’m not sure whether to go into Jb Hi Fi today or on Sunday.