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OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Grey 6GB/128GB $908 Delivered @ Eclipse eStore eBay


The new one month old flagship from OnePlus, a very good price that cant be found anywhere else. Already bought one for myself.

Original 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

Edit: Price has been increased… :(

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    • Their marketing strategy is working towards a flagship device which it has achieved. its definitely not affordable but its still bang for buck

  • Im waiting for the 5G version…
    Must resist…..

  • There is no headphone jack, no wireless charging, no water resistance rating and it is over 160g.
    I will #NeverSettle for this one.

    • -1

      How the F can it not have wireless charging when it costs a thousand dollars? I bought a brand new phone for 400$ in 2012 that had wireless charging FFS. The iPhone has it.

    • haha good use of their slogan
      but damn, what's the reason they haven't introduced wireless charging?? it's not a necessary feature but it could come in handy, and to compete with the other major phones it would be a good addition

      • Their dash/vooc charging is no comparison to any of the flagships (yes vooc = dash as oppo and oneplus are owned by BBK) I guess Huawei but it's future is in doubt currently. Why would you want to charge your phone 1-1.5 hrs with wireless charging. Also these days u don't need to really charge it to 100% because the first 10% goes down so quick anyway wears down your battery anyway

    • +3

      i guess you haven't experienced 30W charging?

  • No always on display.
    No wireless charging.
    No VoLTE.

    • +1

      That is all true but take one look at the screen and you'll forget all those concerns.
      I was skeptical before getting one but really there's very little to complain about.
      Had a Note 9 before this and ended up selling it since it started to feel like a dated device!

      • I loved my 5T and 6.

        But after owning Pixel 3 XL, it's hard to look back without those basic features.

    • AOD uses extra battery, don't use it on my note 8
      Wireless charging is still too slow to be useful, again don't use it on my note 8, normal charging takes forever on it as well

      As for VoLTE do a Google search =_=

  • +4

    It would be great if you could just get these direct from Oneplus with less shipping 'issues' and more warranty piece of mind. Clearly they are moving slowly more away from being a 'half the price' value alternative, still quite attractive prices compared to the competition IMO, for what you get. It's a proper flagship now, if you want the better value alternative theres always the vanilla 7.

    I had a Oneplus 3T and have ordered a 7 pro, the only thing that comes close to the UI/UX is a pixel, and these consistently perform better especially in the long run, I think that's primarily who their aimed at, people who want THE BEST Android user interface and experience, and this time the screen is absolutely second to none being notch-less, QHD+, OLED and 90hz (just look at the displaymate rating/article). After all we spend virtually all our time on a phone looking at the screen and interacting with the OS. Stereo speakers are very well recieved too and a nice bonus. No IP rating, not bothered. They go through the process of adding all the appropriate seals but pass on the cost savings of not having them rated, which, given a rated phone will not be covered under warranty for water damage, seems like a smart move. Cameras seem versatile and more than sufficient, but clearly not 'the best'.

  • -1

    It is more expensive than Pixel 3a XL $799. Does it take photos and videos better than Pixel 3a XL?

    • +1

      Does the Pixel 3aXL have a 6.67" QHD+ 90hz screen? top of the line chipset and storage? different products for different people.

  • Price has been jacked up

    • Yep, just saw. Thats unfortunate.

  • How can we report this seller? This happened to me many times. Really sick of this ebay deals and their seller practices

    • Royal commission someday

  • I bought the 8GB version for $1034.10. The listing was a little vague, but Nebula blue colour was in the picture.
    Then I found out that you had to email them with your colour preference. I did so, literally 15 mins after paying on eBay. They wrote back 6 hours later saying that it's an extra $20 for the blue version (they cost exactly the same on the oneplus website).
    I don't want to deal with this kind of company so I've asked for a full refund.

    • Got the same message via eBay, requested to cancel and full refund.

      • Oh wow. That's really unethical.

        • Now they have agreed to send the Nebula blue for the same price.

          • @mobiguru: This is the message I got:

            Hi Matt

            Sorry about that.
            We cannot cover Blue extra cost for you since it will wipe out our entire profit

            We only take around 2.5% margin and pass all the savings to you and customer. We will have this canceled. Please kindly check out note on the listing:

            Note: …Colour is subject to availability and price may be different.

            Sorry if things do not work out

            Kind regards
            Eclipse Crew

            • @zchaxm6: Hi was there message,

              Hi Mobiguru

              I'm in the processing of canceling this. In the meantime, I've spoken with my partner, we can send Blue one at no extra for one time only on this Tue - Wed if you are ok?

              Kind regards
              Eclipse Crew

    • Isn't that bait and switch? If blue was in the picture for that price, then it should be that price!

  • $900 using the code PLINK for eBay Plus members

  • For people who have this phone, when using the fingerprint scanner to unlock, do you have to press the power button to wake up the display then unlock or can you do it with the screen off?

    • Currently theres no always on display for the OnePlus 7 Pro, so you have to tap the screen then click the fingerprint

      • Oh that sounds alright cheers

  • Did this come with a case?

    • I havent received it yet (just arrived in NSW from tracking they gave me, express from HK, 3 days so far) but from my understanding it comes with a thin/clear tpu/rubber case. Also in regards to always on display, OnePlus is exploring the option of adding it but they want to make sure it wont affect the battery too much first.

      • Contents don't specify a case and when I look up unboxings some reviewers had that larger box that also housed the headphones and the case, where as the box the phone is in didn't, so not sure,

        Let's see!

        • You definitely get a clear TPU case with it, but id suggest buying a nice proper case for it anyway unless ur happy with the super basic one.

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