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Yamaha YAS-108B 120W Soundbar $159.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Amazing price for this soundbar. I own one and am very happy with it.


Take your TV sound to the next level
Experience TV with sound that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This low-profile sound bar fits discreetly in front of your TV and can even be wall-mounted. Setup is a breeze with a single cable to your TV while Bluetooth® means you can wirelessly stream your favourite music from mobile and Amazon Alexa devices.
Virtual 3D surround sound with DTS® Virtual:X™
Clear Voice mode makes movie dialogue stand out and easier to hear
All-in-one design: built-in dual subwoofers deliver powerful bass
AConnect two Bluetooth devices at the same time with Bluetooth Multipoint
Simple setup with HDMI®, optical or aux connection
Easy to wall-mount

Original deal thanks to TA

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    Great price

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    Would this be a good sub for someone who doesnt need the bells and whistles and wants to convince the wife to get one?

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      Just to make clear. This isn't a sub(woofer)

      • Actually this has a dual inbuilt 3 inch subwoofer. It might not be a full on dedicated sub but it is still a sub/amp. I have one and thry are excellent for the money.

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          Actually this is a soundbar that has a dual inbuilt subwoofer, it is not a dedicated sub so it is not a sub.

  • Would this work just as a centre speaker in an existing 5.1 system? Wouldn’t the sound bar block the IR reciever on the tellie?

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      Would this work just as a centre speaker in an existing 5.1 system?

      You should be about to make it work using the 3.5mm input.

      Wouldn’t the sound bar block the IR reciever on the tellie?

      That depends where you put it and where the IR receiver on your tellie is.

      • Thanks. I think the IR receiver is down low on my 65" Panny Plasma. I'll investigate further.

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      Sounds like too much trouble. Why not just buy a matching centre or a cheap one of any brand?

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        I've got a big old clunky Jamo centre speaker. I'll have a look at other passive options.

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      This seems like a bad idea, why not just buy a centre speaker? I assume you already have an Amp.

      This is designed to replace a 5.1 System.

      • Yes have an amp. Probably is a bad idea. I like the idea of a slim centre speaker that can also double as substitute TV speakers when not using the surround system.

    • I have this soundbar, it's great - you can still attach a subwoofer as it has a dedicated port for it. But to answer your question, mine is directly in front of my Samsung NU7100, and yes - it blocks the IR receiver :(

  • Does this have HDMI? Neither the eBay page or TGG page lists it as a spec.
    Is there actually a difference between YAS-108B and YAS-108 which is what the model is called everywhere else?

  • Is this better than this model and if so why.

    • Built in sub is a huge plus in my opinion.

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        Dedicated sounds better

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          Oh yeah of course, I suppose I was thinking in terms of space/clutter.

          • @matictac: Plenty space i mean sound quality which is better with the sub as in sony or without sub which yamaha has built in.

  • Also i not set up sony one yet in another room but yamaha 108 yes but cant get arc to work,someone said use optical cable so i will try but means taking off wall again not an easy task lol.
    Can i just leave arc in still anyway and connect optical as well

    • Should be fine, just select "TV" as your input source, for the optical.

    • Yeah I've never been able to get ARC working correctly on mine

      • So did you use optical instead i just wished i had plugged in optical cable in when setting it up as its a nightmare to hang tv on wall and take off.

        • Yes I am in the same boat, couldnt get HDMI ARC to work so went with optical port. I managed to plug in optical cable while TV is on the wall, with the help from the selfie camera on the phone

          • @rlu: selfie stick is that what you meani suppose depends how much room you have back of tv to wall and where you plug into tv but anything is worth a try

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      I think it is Yamaha

  • Can this be used as PC speakers?

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    Does anyone know how the Yamaha compares to the Sonos beam specifically around soun audio quality and bass?

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    Got this soundbar and love it, it's awesome value for $160!

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    Love this soundbar, the virtual surround function is astonishing! Excellent bass too.

  • Keep trying to buy this and eBay keeps giving me a 'something went wrong' error message.

    Edit: changed my click and collect store and it worked.

  • Can I use TV Remote to operate this soundbar.. I have samsung NU7100 55".

    • Yes - if you connect the soundbar in your TV's ARC HDMI port and enable CEC controls, it shouldn't be a problem.

    • I have it set up and use the TV remote, make sure you use ARC HDMI.

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    Thanks OP, jumped on the bandwagon

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    Thanks OP purchased (wife is away for the weekend so didn't have to ask…).

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      Those decisions get me in trouble, have to explain a lot of things afterwards :D

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        Forgiveness rather than permission? Lol

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      My wife is away also. Might grab one

  • How long after purchasing do I have to wait to click and collect?

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      The local store generally approve C&C within 2 hours of purchase.

      • Thanks. Ordered and they say I can pickup before 4pm.

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    How does this sound compared with the megaboom 3 as a bluetooth speaker?

    • Doesn't compare. Megaboom is for music…only. soundbars are for tv theatre…but used for music will have larger speakers…therefore, louder than a megaboom..

      • Thanks I have a megaboom 3. Family only want a Bluetooth speaker for better sound rather than listening through phone speakers.

        Makes sense to get this then if it has better sound and more versatile device.

  • Can you get concierge service if you do click and collect on this and if so how much? Would be good for the $20 vouchers right? (We've used them in the past for washing liquid, dishwashing tablets etc

  • I wanted to buy it, but the postage fee when I got to the checkout…

    Standard delivery
    AU $171.98

    Really, Good Guys? Really?

    • Delivery cost kills most of the deals. I tried clicking and collecting the JBL Bar 3.1 but all stores are apparently "out of stock". Going to the Good Guys website shows most stores have stock though…

    • Sounds like your trying to get delivery to Fiji… my delivery just now was $15 to Melbourne.

  • I'm going to buy this and the Chromecast 3 but want to ask does this device make an older TV a smart TV, ie has a menu and has the Netflix app on board?

    • For the smart TV functions I recommend buying Vodafone TV via this:


      • Thank you for the recommendation. What is the advantage of Vodafone TV over a Chromecast 3?

        • Vodafone TV is an Android TV with built-in Chromecast and comes with Netflix, Stan, YouTube onboard. If you go through the thread from the link, you'll notice its several functionalities. Vodafone TV is better bang for your buck IMO.

          • @G77: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/463821#comment-7391827

            This person says the the built in Chromecast on the VTV is horrible.

            • +1

              @dreamstation: I have owned a VTV for the past 7 months and I stream Kayo on it on a semi-regular basis. Have had no trouble with streaming so far.

              • @G77: Sounds good. Here's my home setup. My internet is a big 4g optus mobile data plan that I hot spot, so no fixed home internet connection. I have a PC with a wireless card attached to my TV for MP4 movies and Kayo web browser player. I got a 12 month free fetch mini when the fifa world cup optus fiasco happened - I'm canceling that next week as the free 12 months is up and I only use that box for Netflix as its unmetered through the app on the fetch box but not if I use a web browser from a PC to access Netflix. So I either need to cast the Netflix app from my phone to my old not smart Sony Bravia TV or get another box like the Vodafone TV one. Was going to get Chromecast 3 but it seems Vodafone TV would suit me better as my main goal here is to access Netflix and Kayo on my non smart TV. I assume there's no on going subscription fee with Vodafone TV?

                • @Joey Jo Jo: That's correct, no ongoing subscription fee. I am very happy with my Vodafone TV unit can't fault it.

                  • @G77: sweet, thank you for the advice, seeing as i don't have a home network/router I don't think chromecast would have worked anyway. Hot spotting my mobile 4G to the Vodafone TV just like I have been with a Fetch mini sounds like the go :)

    • Have a look at Fetch TV.

      They turn any tv into a full smart tv plus you can record TV on the Mighty model.

      Your TV then becomes a dumb monitor and you use the Fetch remote to do everything.

      • I have a Fetch mini now and it was via the free giveaway that Optus ran when they bungled the FIFA world cup. The 12 months is up and I think I have to pay by the month to keep it or give the box back if I cancel. It's only a Netflix and ABC iview box for me and I think I'd be better off owning a box outright for better bang for buck. I have Kayo too and haven't looked if the Fetch box has that on board. I'm thinking the Vodafone TV is the way to go.

        • I don't know about the Optus deal but you can buy and own a Fetch box without monthly payments


          • @spaceflight: I have to return the Fetch mini to Optus. With Fetch Mini v's Vodafone TV I think Vodafone TV wins on price alone if both have the same functionality

        • "I have a Fetch mini now and it was via the free giveaway that Optus ran when they bungled the FIFA world cup. "

          I have one as well. But I chatted with Optus rep last month and she said I can still keep it for free.

          • @crytotosaurus: Wow, that's a pretty awesome deal. How did you manage that?

            • @Joey Jo Jo: Nothing fancy. I was actually wanted to know when I should return the fetch mini but the rep gave me a surprise answer :)

              You should try to chat with them too.

        • I could be wrong but I don't think the Vodafone TV has a Kayo app? If you're willing to spend the extra money the NVIDIA Shield TV is the best Android TV box and has native apps for all of the services you've mentioned. AFAIK the only thing it's missing compared to VTV is a tuner. But you can use a separate tuner with Plex or Channels etc. for that if you want to access everything through the same interface.

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    Thanks OP ordered 2

  • +1

    Really good speakesr. Compared to my Bose soundbar which is 5x more expensive, the sound quality is very similar.

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    Thanks OP ordered 1

  • Can I use good guys gift card on top of this 20% off?

    • No, but you can use eBay gift card.

    • Just go in store and ask them to price match - say you are getting an error - see further below…

      Then pay with Gc

      • Not gonna happen. Stores don't and won't price match eBay because eBay funds the discount. Stores can't. Therefore won't match.

        • They matched when I went in…that’s why I commented

  • +1

    I'm keep getting an error "Something went wrong. Please try checkout later"

    Tried both PayPal and Credit Card.

    Same issue with IE and Chrome

    • On the checkout screen select Click and Collect and choose your local store then try paying again.

      • Nope..It didn't work..Thanks anyway

        • I was having the same issue - went to my local Gg store and they price matched it.

          Best price in their system is usually $191

        • I'm having the same error.. on both PC and mobile. Frustrating.

    • +1

      Same! any idea how to get it fixed?

      • Hey mate. I finally managed to get this and the Good Guys Chromecast deal to go through.. I just kept trying and trying haha. Not much help, but after half hour or so it worked. Good luck!

    • I had this issue. I swapped to a different store and it worked.

      Though I never got a click and collect notification, depsite it saying it should come through same day. I called the store and they haven't yet received my order. It's definitely charged my PayPal though.

      Hopefully it comes through tomorrow.

    • I had the same issue. After trying about 5 times and failing. I removed the item from my cart and added it again, and it worked!

  • @G77 Thanks . I did not know that already bought good guys gift card and now can not use it

  • +2

    Yamaha soundbars are awesome bang for buck and sound as good as some much higher priced competitors.
    My wife jettisoned my 5.1 setup due to "poor aesthetics" however I'm making do and satisfied with a YAS-207 in the living room and a YAS-107 in the bedroom.

    • +2

      I'm kinda getting ready to get rid of the 5.1 system too as I feel our house is just too clutered, but I can't stand the sound out of the TV.

      • +2

        Get a kickass 2.1 setup, as a compromise.

        • I went from 2.1 setup to this and I couldnt be happier.

  • +2

    Cheers, been in the market for a soundbar for a while and this one ticks all the boxes for me.

  • +1

    How's the height of these matched with an LG B8? Does it block any of the bottom of the screen if placed in front?
    Seems like the height of the soundbar should juuuust fit but wondering if anyone has this combo?

  • Are these worth getting if you have Q Acoustics 3010 bookshelf speakers?

  • If i don't want a soundbar for another 8 months, is there a rush to grab this one right now?

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