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43” Hisense UHD TV or Xbox One X 1TB or iPad 6th Gen 128GB Wi-Fi on Telstra $65 Plan (12 Months, 60GB, U/L Calls/SMS) @ JB Hi-Fi


Another ridiculous deal from JB HiFi, available for new and port in activations. Your choice of either:

  • Hisense 43” UHD LED TV ($745);
  • Xbox One X 1TB Console ($499); or
  • iPad 128GB WiFi 6th Gen ($539)

On the JB HiFi Telstra $65 plan for 12 months (includes 60GB data, unlimited calls and SMS, etc.).

Several punters have been successful in switching over to the Telstra $69 BYO Plan with $20 of monthly discounts (making the plan only $49 per month). Nice work OzFam. :)

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  • Are those gifts value more than $500? Since they offer $500 voucher alternatively.

  • Would love To take up an offer like this but I'm still under contract with Telstra for six months and I'm not too keen on paying $130 for cancellation. Any ideas I know I could just cancel and deduct the money from the deal but losing $130 kind of makes it no ideal for me. I'm on the $39 plan with 35 gig BYO. I do need another TV so the difference would be $300 for the TV compared to my current plan. Into account the $25 difference over 12 months =300 that got me excited but then I would need to pay another 130 to get off my plan

    • I was on a byo and they waived the fee because I was recontracting with telstra, worth a try.

      • I guess that was a direct recontracting with Telstra and not through JB?

        • Yes, it was for the $59 S8 + 15gb. I did it through telstra and I was on a 2 year $39 per month data only plan with telstra. The cancelation fee would have been a few hundred dollars but they let me switch without paying the fee. I don't know how you would go with jb just thought it was worth a try.

      • Did you do this directly through Telstra?

      • I'm currently on a BYO with Telstra (Previous JB Deal with the Pixel 2XL chucked in) and I tried contacting Telstra with no luck :(
        May I ask what you mentioned to get the fee waived?

        • I'm on the edge of my seat wanting to know if he got JB to waive the fee that would change the story for a lot of us.

          I don't need 60 gig a month so the price difference is based on the fact that I could get the TV but if I have to pay $130 to leave the contract it's a no-go

        • I think the Pixel 2 is tying you to your 12 month commitment. Have you tried to offer your Pixel 2 or its value deducted back? Maybe if you do that you can get to leave early. The condition of your free pixel 2 was a 12month commitment.

          • @Bryanalves: Yep you're right. Telstra chat confirmed I was on the new plan then later apologised saying there was an error as a handset was attached to my old plan. What do you mean by having its value deducted back? Is that the same as paying out the remaining handset repayment?

      • And you got the $500 gift card or one of these bonuses? In the past people had to port out and back in.

    • The TV is worth 745 so paying the 130 cancelation is still worth.

  • I'm on a monthly BYO plan with Telstra. Can I port and then switch back to take advantage of this?

  • I signed up for one of the recent deals hoping that Telstra coverage would be better than Optus & I’ve been very disappointed, it seems a lot worse than it was 2 years ago.

    • I go away camping a few times a year and only the boys with Telstra have reception

    • This is not my experience at all. Telstra is both consistently faster and as soon as you leave the suburbs (Melbourne) Telstra smashes optus. Tbh can't wait to get back to Telstra..

      • It is different depending on where you go. Down in Wensleydale Optus is full bars but Telstra is 1 bar at best. Not sure why.

    • Living out of the major cities, Telstra is boss. Moving from Optus I have found Telstra much faster in my area.

    • I'd say it's worth buying a few sim. Cards from the three main networks, and try in your usual places. Vodafone is great for me in Sydney, utterly useless at my mates on the central coast. Optus seemed pretty good most places, but telstra is da king for anywhere remotely non-urban.

      • How does anyone ever call you tho?

        • I dual sim, but is very easy to transfer a number. Most carriers will sell you a 2 dollar sim… chuck it in your phone for a minute at your chosen destination, see what the signal is like. My mate has a 24 month contract, with 1 bar signal in his house. Thanks voda.

    • Optus sometimes used to drop out in my room/a part of the house. Made no sense as to why.

  • This is a good deal for me as I am going to buy a ipad as a gift. The point is how to move over from $65 to $49 by live chat?

  • I'm on Telstra pre paid, does that count?

  • That's not a 'realistic' price for the TV. In my mind it's almost like 'renting' the TV/Xbox/Ipad for a year. I'm on the 80GB a month Optus deal (not that I use anywhere near that but it's 'insurance' against data usage) but… if you need the Telstra connectivity (and want a shiny toy) this is a great deal.

    Plus from me!

    • Just clicked the link, holy crap that is an insanely good deal from Telstra! I can see Optus getting dropped quicker than a hot potato!

      • Yeah mate I haven't even done research but those are not rental prices you're not paying a premium. Someone like myself would take that increased plan price into account as payment for the television if you know what I mean but still the difference is $25 a month for myself making the television $300. But I still have to spend $130 to leave contract so I probably won't take this deal

  • Any chance they would let you get a decent size tv instead?

  • I am an existing Telstra customer (2 mobile phones) but need a 3rd phone. If I purchase a pre paid sim from another carrier and port that would I be eligible for these deals?

  • They let you downgrade to a lower value on a 12 Month Plan?

    Punters should then attempt to jump on live chat and move over to the Telstra $49 plan with 60GB

    • It was actually an upgrade to $69 Large plan with international calling, but Telstra was running a $20 off offer, so $49 "upgrade" from the $65 plan

  • Can anyone confirm if you can add International Calling to this plan?

  • +1 vote

    You can also get the Oppo Find X for $199 or the Galaxy S10e for $399.

  • If they have any international calls

  • I’ve never looked into how your plan etc works when you go via JB. Do they just sign you up and then you don’t have to deal with them again? Or do you Just pick up the sim etc and sign up yourself?

  • I need some clarification, i want to signup for this deal do i go into Jbhifi and signup for it or do i talk to someone on Telstra live chat about signing up for this deal? Also what step by step instructions do i need to do to get the monthly cost from $69pm down to $49pm? Thanks.

    • They sign you up and handle it all in store at JB. As for reducing the monthly cost you can ask a telstra rep directly through their live chat, but there's no guarantee they will give you it. Best to try multiple times with different telstra reps on the chat.

  • +3 votes

    I recently got the boost prepaid deal from coles for 135$ for an years worth of unlimited calls/text/international calls to select dest./80 gb data/ free apple music data/ 1200 international mins to other countries. You can still get the boost deal for 150$ (telstra network). This deal costs 780 and doesn't have any international calls (if that matters). So 780-150=630$ - which exceeds the cost of an xbox/ipad. What am i missing??

    • For starters 60 gigaroos of data per month.

      For some people, its enough to ditch asdl or the glorious NBN. I currently have optus 100GB per month on the iPad pro 12.9 inch deal from Feb 2018 and was enough to ditch asdl for us

      • +1 vote

        Yup…. The extra data makes sense for those who need it. But apart from that, what else? I mean you're effectively buying an xbox one x for 630$ for the extra data.

        • Hmm, no you're not. You're paying for the extra 40+ GBs a month that you get on this plan. If you value the Xbox at $400 (cheap price) that makes this plan $32 a month for 60GBs of data. If you can get Telstra for make it $59 with international calls and peace of mind you've got an even better deal.

          • +2 votes

            @nodeahs: some people got the $89 plan reduced to $59. which include 90GB per month, unlimited international roaming on selected countries, unlimited international calls on selected countries and peace of mind.

            59 x 12 = $708 - $500 JB gift card = $208.

            but if you don't need all the extras get the boost prepaid for $150

            • @snvl: Comparing your deal to this is like comparing apples to oranges and I believe that's what you're attempting to do add up the gigabytes of data difference. It's massive and its 2019 most people are going to use a lot more than what you're getting a year. I know quite a few people that have used Apple music and complained about the excessive drainage of data as well thought I should mention that. I get 35 a month and don't use that but there is no way I would want to be in a position where I only have 80 for a year.

              • @Sammy Boi: i am saying the JB deal is better ( the $500 gift card is better that the OP one).

                It looks like you agree with me, no?

              • +1 vote

                @Sammy Boi: I agree with you Sammy - it is a good deal for folks who need the extra data. Personally, I don't because I get wifi at work and home; and my commute to work is 5 mins. So, 80 gigs actually is more than I need in an year. Oh - and apple music data is not metered in the boost deal - I have been listening to apple music for an hour everyday (deliberately not on wifi) and it has not used a kb of data.

            • @snvl: At 59pm with all the inclusions you've mentioned and a 500$ gift card - undoubtedly this is a better deal than boost!!

  • What is the $10 new service credit and $10 online discount referred to in the OP? Is that a promo code somewhere or? Thanks.

    • +1 vote

      It's something you ask for when chatting with a Telstra support rep online (after you sign up and join their service). Again, doesn't work for everyone, but it has for a lot people in the past…

      • Where are you seeing these discount from?

        I've spoken to a online rep and she doesn't even know about them.


          I've never tried it cause I'm on Optus, you may wanna look at old Telstra BYO plan posts on here to learn how to do it.

          But I do remember that people usually try it with multiple reps cause some really don't know about it, or pretend to not know about it

          • @DisabledUser294758: Don't worry about the $10 credit and all that. I've just been on line chat and the deal is, if you sign up on a Telstra Sim plan, you can downgrade at anytime of your plan as long as you are still with Telstra.

            So.. looks like this is just another method to go.

            Don't ask for credit, ask to be downgraded.


              @PuppieWayne: Interesting. But then aren't you losing out on the benefits of the higher plan?

              • @DisabledUser294758: But if you're signing up to this higher plan just for the bonus and not what some are calling an 'unnecessary' amount of data, one of the lower priced plans might be a better choice, and in doing so might get you the phone plan for free if you were intending to buy say the tv anyway.

                I'm actually interested in this option for maybe a couple of months, depending on how my data usage goes. If I'm not using it, might as well jump to a lower plan.

                Would love to hear more, as I'd only heard on the upgrade plan option, not downgrade.

              • @DisabledUser294758: Not really.

                I'm only after the sweet 4k tv. I'm not going to burn thru the volume of data given on the $49 plan so it's just perfect for me.

    • There is a $69 plan which is discounted to $49, that's what the $20 credit is for. I just got the TV with the $65 plan at JBHifi on Friday, spoke to Telstra 24x7 chat a couple hours ago and said I heard there's a $20 discount on the $69 plan, am I able to change to that. The rep checked my account and said yes we can move you over to that. So there is a termination fee that they waive when changing the plan over and you start it fresh from today. Only difference I saw was that the new plan includes peace of mind, so if you go over your data (60Gb) you don't get charged for more just slower speed. I also have internet with them already so not sure if that helped them allow me to change? It was all done within 20-30 mins. Make sure you get the transcript of the conversation sent to your email incase anything goes wrong to prove it. Awesome deal! Telstra phone plan with 60gb a month and 43 inch 4K TV for under $600.

  • I’m tempted to do this however I’m currently with Boost and don’t want to change phone number again. Also if I sign up is the first $65 amount due that day and does the payments go off a 28 day repayments schedule like boost or 30 day like most others.

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