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COTD Dell XPS 14in Core i5 Notebook 1GB Graphics 6GB RAM HDMI $649 Free Shipping


good deal for i5 with dedicated graphics.

  • Dell XPS - high performance notebook
  • Plenty of speed and power to handle business, educational and entertainment workloads
  • Intel Core i5-480 2.66Ghz processor
  • HD 14inch LED display (1366 x 768)
  • 640GB HDD 7200 RPM
  • 6GB DDR3 RAM
  • DVD+/-RW drive
  • 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 420M dedicated graphics
  • Wireless LAN N and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2MP HD webcam
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • JBL premium speakers
  • 6-cell battery - up to 5 hours battery life
  • 9-in-1 card reader
  • 3 x USB, 1 x HDMI
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • 12 month warranty

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  • hmmmm this looks like a pretty good deal…tempting but I'm not really sure with laptops

  • +1

    Damn, I just bought the E520>> tho i guess its slightly better with the sandy bridge processor and the graphics card. I have to admit the 6 cell-up to 5 hrs is kinda bs….. especially with those specs I believe, correct me if I'm wrong.

    • +1

      pretty sure we have the same laptop at home. got it as part of the Microsoft + dell student package a while back.

      Normally i run it with brightness pretty low, power saver mode and wifi off and can get about 4 hours.

      So normal use will get you no were near 5 hours

      • Don't let me think im talking all negative. whilst battery life might not be what it is advertised it is still reasonable compared to the average laptop, and i can't really fault much else about it.

        Its a very nice laptop and at that price is a bargain

        • With E520 set to lowest power and 9 cell battery, it indicates more than 10 hours in the windows notification bar.

    • I got the E520 also but i like the bigger screen and keyboard.

    • +1

      The E520 is way better and Lenovo have better service - not sure why you have any regrets.

  • +1

    I bought the E520 too.

    i5-2410M vs. i5-580. What do you think?

    But I really don't like the keyboard layout of Thinkpads

    • i5-2410M is clearly superior to the i5-480m, in performance (CPU and GPU wise) and battery life.

  • +1

    6-cell on my 2 month new toshiba satellite (bought at the HN 40% off sale) last 3 hours on standard mode.. 5 hrs is definitely stretching it

  • beat me to it!

    • every second counts on ozb ;D

  • At last something good from COTD, usually i hate there sales, but this one a +1

  • Good laptop/price but unfortunately not what I am looking for.

  • +1

    Great deal for the price :)

    QQQ - how bout a freebie or discount code for ozbargainers?

  • Yea I believe the lenovo is more powerful and at a pretty good price as well, I'm still waiting on it, quite excited actually

  • doesnt look as fancy as other XPS models of yore?
    Still decent enough specs. Lenovo e520 had new tech cpu.

  • +1

    CPU and graphics-wise this isn't a great deal compared to the Lenovo E520 with i5-2410M and Radeon 6630M, which has been in the $600-700 range recently. The thing that sets this offer apart from that though is 14" form factor. But the Lenovo E420 with Sandy Bridge i3 and 6630M for $649 might still have the edge over this deal.

    EDIT: quick check of the benchmarks suggests not much in it - i5-480 a little faster than i3-2310M, and 6630M a little faster than GT 420M.

  • +7

    Lol @ the "bonus" CA internet security they are giving away free with it!

  • +1

    E520 better value. Has a better graphics card too.

  • +1

    at first glance the lenovo E520 looks like a better deal. Second glance, I still think it is better. I choose to upgrade the battery for 9 cell for $40.

    However a good deal in the absence of the Lenovo special

  • Would go for this deal if it had the backlit keyboard / 1080p screen and the bluray drive.. soo looks like I'll have the total bill for around $1,531.08, Still not bad considering it's $300 off or.. am I crazy for spending so much on those extras?

    Processor 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM processor 2.00 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz
    Memory 8GB Dual-channel 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (2 x 4GB)
    Keyboard Dell™ Backlit Keyboard (English)
    Video Card 2GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M graphics with Optimus
    Hard Drive 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    CD ROM/DVD ROM Tray Load Fixed Blu-ray BD-ROM / DVD + /-RW Combo Drive

  • the warranty i guess will be from COTD, not Dell's home service?

  • +4

    1) COTD. Enough said.
    2) Just in case it's not enough (don't worry, you'll learn quickly enough) - there are much better laptops around for the same price (Lenovo E520 is a prime example as others have mentioned) - and you don't have to wait 3-4 weeks for COTD to pull their finger out and deliver it…

    • Dell take the same 3 - 4 weeks anyway.. usually.. unless its custom

      • Eh? Took me 9 days from order to get my XPS 15 in may. And I ordered on a Sunday :o

      • Took me 7 days to receive my XPS 15 as well, no idea where you get 3-4 weeks lol.

    • +3

      14" vs 15" E520?

    • +1

      i've had a dozen order or so from cotd and if you aren't in a hurry it's not bad if you watch out for the dodgy pseudo bargain items. had an item go missing and full refund was given within a week

    • I've bought a bunch of things from COTD including a 52" LCD TV and TomTom and have had no problems at all. The delivery wasn't quite as fast as my Dell direct monitor (which was next day), but it was within the week.

    • +2

      I wasn't very happy with the month and a half it took for my blinds to arrive…

  • +1

    Really great price for a laptop with this kind of performance. Don't forget this was designed as a premium $1k+ laptop so the quality will be much better than typical 650$ laptops.

  • going overseas next weekend after my exams finishes. thinking of getting this lappy since i can claim gst outta it making the final price around 590 bucks. looks a good deal to me tho the lenovo one fitted with sandy bridge cpu and 6630 graphic card. but when i do compare this with e420 ( coz they all 14' inch wise), i found out there will be about 400 bucks difference i have to pay for better cpu and graphic card, don't really think they worth these money at this time. and this is xps not inspiron indeed. the only thing matter me probably the fact that missus may be upset since i already got one i5 lappy running smoothly and the delivery schedule from COTD. really tempted tho, any suggestions?

    • +5

      don't count on getting this before your flight ;)

      • thanks, will do

  • +1

    yay!! bought one

  • Not sure if some of you have had bad experiences with DELL but, I ordered a DELL laptop (xps17 advertised here! weeks ago) which was delivered on the 25th May 2011 in a soaky / damaged box. The screen is f***ed and I am afraid other parts will break apart too.

    I've spent days trying to contact (email + phone) DELL custom care in order to get a full replacement and still waiting for their technician to contact me.

    Good deal or not, that's the last time I am buying a DELL product.

    • sounds unusual, I have had about 5 dell machines, both laptops and desktops over the years. I would have to say that they have been by far the best customer service of any other machines I have had.

      • I must be unlucky then !

        • looks like it, i have nohting but good things to say about their support

    • If the box arrived damaged and wet you should not have accepted it and contacted Dell then.

      • yeah..I got too excited getting my laptop after weeks of waiting that I did not think about it…only when I turned the laptop on…I regretted it.

  • +2

    COTD =Fail of the day, they always have faulty products, i will not trust them in electrical since they have bad rep, and my experience was hell, and slowest shipping ever.

  • +3

    Gave in and saved myself heaps of $$$ should be all I need really :) Good post btw!

  • +3

    Remember this is a heavy 14" laptop (2.5kg)

  • +8

    The boss was looking at this laptop as its price is pretty good, but we went for the new Vostro 3550 from Dell Australia site.

    They are running an EOFY sale, with a free 4+2GB RAM upgrade and 20% off (including warranty)

    Total for the Vostro was $799 (1 yr warranty)

    So for an extra $150.. here are the pluses and minuses

    ++ Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2410 CPU
    ++ AMD Radeon HD6630M 1GB GPU
    ++ Anti Glare (non glossy) 15.6" screen
    ++ 4 USB Ports
    ++ Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    — 500gb HDD
    — No JBL speakers

    Pretty much everything else is the same, including the 2MP webcam, which was surprising to see.

    • Probably not relevant for workspace, but the JBL speakers are awesome for home entertainment with its built in bass.

      • Yep I would agree with you there. I own an L502x (XPS 15) and the speakers are in a completely different league compared with most other laptops.

        Good for watching movies.

    • +1

      hmmm.. the E520 is still a better deal.. u get 2gb more ram on that though

    • Apples and oranges. 14" is within the portable range of laptops, 15"+ is very cumbersome.

      Dell's XPS, is their premium laptop range.
      Dell's Vostro, is their budget line.

    • Did you have a look at the E520 deals going?

  • +1

    Snooze you loose. SOLD OUT! 1400 gone in under 3 hours (quoted from the site).

    • foul language? wow, now I wanna know what he said ^

  • +3

    They really like to get rid of that CA Security suite any way they can. You get a free copy with this laptop.

    • +1

      they'll probably give a free copy with ipod cases tomorrow

    • +5

      im still angry they fooled us with that stupid CA thing. I wouldnt even install it seeing how bad the reviews are

      • I got my money back for it :) plus still have the copy lol.. now I'll have 2 !! ahhh

        • E-Bay it on to some other poor sucker :)

  • +1

    was thinking hard to buy or not to buy this. Because it doesn't come with the trackpoint (something that keeps me back to latitude or thinkpads). Thank God, it was sold out (so I have to stop thinking about it). But it's a good price tho..

  • anyone use the dell25off code to get $25 off :D

  • good price but Mod: Removed brand.

  • Drool. Those specs for that price! Would have bought one.

    Will have to tell myself, it's 2.5kg. The 1 negative.

    Can't believe they had 1400 of them, whoa!

  • +1

    Got one :) Would of liked the blu-ray drive too, but i'll manage!

  • -3

    there are much better laptops around for the same price

    • +5

      Please post links or examples for us then!

  • Has anyones order changed from payment received?

    • Not as yet :(
      Hoping it happens Tuesday or Wednesday though.

  • any updates if anyone has received it yet?

  • Not yet, my order status hasn't changed soo still watching day by day :) 2 items I ordered from COTD a day after this laptop sale, arrived today… but then again they were just a toaster / kettle.. hehe nothing to amazing like this laptop, and seeing as COTD have 1,400 units to invoice / process I gather it will take a wee little longer.. As soon as I get mine I'll definitely be posting up here, even if a status update changes !

    • Gone from,

      Order Status: Payment received Products: 1
      Order Date: Tuesday 07 June, 2011 Order Cost: $649.00

      To ->

      Order Status: Processing Products: 1
      Order Date: Tuesday 07 June, 2011 Order Cost: $649.00

      w00t! :)

      • Ooh me too!
        Hopefully tomorrow it changes to dispatched! That would be amazing!

        • you and me buddy! :P we must be the only ones keen on getting our hands on our order lol..

        • Great news gang, my order has now changed to dispatched. Have received the email with the tracking number.
          Current status according to Aus Post's tracking page is 'Manifest Received'.
          Hoping to receive this tomorrow but might be wishful thinking.
          Hope you have all noticed this status change this morning too!

  • Yep my order status has also changed to dispatched along with an order number fantastic! :D

    • -1

      Got my laptop yesterday, loving it, all going well.
      Very nice looking box too. Might hold onto that one.
      Enjoy gang.