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[TAS] Ozito Power X Change 18V Brushless Mower and Trimmer Kit $62.50 @ Bunnings, Kings Meadows


Updated at 5:25pm 19/6/19:
Looks like they are back to their normal prices. They probably have finished clearing up the excessive stock during the day.

Hi everyone,
Bunnings Kings Meadows have a few of these Ozito kits out on 'clearance'.

$62.50 from $249 -

Also has this at $99 from $399 -

Might be available in other stores.

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  • This is unbelievable

  • For that price, i would get it..

  • Great price, but probably limited to selected store(s)

  • Does this mean a new replacement model is coming out soon?

  • I have no lawn but i’m tempted

  • Dam it’s a great price….. need to buy a jet star ticket first….

  • The mower would be rubbish. But the trimmer probably alright at this price!

    • Other way around really, I'm happy with my ozito x mower but hate the trimmer.

    • trimmer is rubbish too. I had one.

    • funnily enough in the Belconnen store in Canberra, or maybe it was the Fyshwick store,
      they had a mower on an 'as is' clearance, the small brushless one, it looked quite used,
      i.e. the wheels were definitely showing signs of a reasonable bit of use.
      So someone bought one and returned it..

  • We have everything Ozito bar the mower. For this price I’d even ditch our electric mower. (Before anyone dies of total shock our last Electric mower lasted over 10 years but replaced it when the wheels got a little too wobbly. Current one is only a few years old with no problems). One of these days someone will invent us a solar powered one!

    Something tells me this must be your local Bunnings special; lucky Tassie OzBargainers hey, but now I will have to check our local store in Vic too…

    Well spotted systema!

    • Is it available at this price in victoria too? Very tempted to get the mower

      • Don’t know, just not hopeful. Will check out our local store sometime tomorrow and advise back if so. I would buy one if so as son really wanted a battery operated one last time, and also I have spare batteries for one now.

      • Rang local Victorian Bunnings; will not price match.

    • Was your ten year old more battery operated or the 240v cable version, and what brand and model?

      • 10 year mower was an electric cable model too. Sorry cannot recall the brand etc. now. We don’t have a large plot but much bigger than these newer homes. Never replaced the blade. I like the electric mowers as I have had a few back ops and these are easy, light and pretty quiet in comparison. Apart from being rather cheap; about $120. They also stop as soon as you take your hand off the handlebar. Cable can be annoying until you work out your patten to keep it on one side … and not drive over it!

        • Thanks. So for $120 it most likely was not a more expensive FlyMow. Good to know cheaper brands last long too.

          Have just got a Ryobi brush cutter as my petrol model needs repairs and so far love it.

          Mower could be next lol.

          • @ozhunter68: No, not a FlyMo. Bought the latest elec mower at Bunnings also. I didn’t expect the last mower to last as long as it did but it did the job okay … and the teasing stopped years ago!

            I like the battery hedge trimmers best of all. The grass trimmer works pretty well for us and you can buy replacement sole plates (plastic round bit underneath you attach the blades to) for the Ozitos now.

            (Son would take over the mowing again if I bought him the battery one lol. 😉 He does the vacuuming for me which I cannot do, but I have been doing the mowing which I can).

            • @JediJan: Maybe that was in the days that Bunnings knew there was competition on the way from Masters, so providing decent gear for good price lol.

              I feel your back problem as I have bad knees and like the pushing to be a bit smoother/lighter too.

            • @JediJan: When you say sole plates do you mean a replacement of the same one that it comes with? Or it's it a replacement that allows you to use a regular bump feed string?

              • @Jackson: Would have to check this particular model grass trimmer (my model PXCLTS-018, has a silver pole like in photo showing the Ultimate kit. (Looks different from the red pole trimmer in the grass trimmer kit). Best have a look online.*

                My terminology is usually somewhat lacking so just checked; Same, called a "spindle" plate. It attaches with a countersunk head screw.

                Instructions sheet "Maintenance" section (unusually) gives instruction on how to replace it with a new spindle plate. (Previous model I had was fixed so you could not replace it).

                Not a replacement item that lets you use string; these trimmers use little plastic blades. They last a good time on grass, so long as you don't keep hitting concrete with them.

                For info:

                Ozito tel. 1800 069 486


  • I am going to Tasmania next Thursday how can I get this back to Melbourne

    • You need a bigger case!

      Or go by ferry / car if you are brave.

    • Trade it for a few boxes of Krispy Kremes. You'll find that most of the Tasmanians on your flight will have them as their carry on.

      • Oh,…don't they have those in Tassy?

        • Nope Krispy Kreme won't allow it despite their popups being extremely successful apparently.

          • @Clear: Is it the Doughnut of choice for the mainland only, not for Tassy? With the popular tourism trade now in Tasmania you would think they would make nice sales in Hobart at least. Maybe they only bake in a few places in AU and not cost effective to put on a plane.

  • Oh.. I bought $399 5 months ago… now $99… real bargain,

  • Great value, this is my lawn mower.. I've heard people winge about it but it absolutely does a fantastic job without issue. If you have a small lawn area like I do this is for you.

  • +2 votes

    Would other Bunnings price match?

  • Lol I spent almost 800 on my mower and trimmer, Masport and Honda… Fml

  • can someone share their receipts pls..will try to match with other stores..specially the $99 one…thanks

    • Do you actually know other stores with attendants nice enough to match other Bunnings? (Cos most I've gone to and read here don't)

  • Damn it, I was in Launceston a few days ago… now I need to make another trip… :D

  • Argh, I need this! Wish it was in SA!

  • Has anyone got a receipt or picture of the $99 deal please? Can claim via 28 degrees card

  • I've used the trimmer, and it's rubbish. The plastic blades will constantly snap if you're edging against pavers, and you end up with little pieces of red plastic everywhere.

  • I have the hedge trimmer, its ok and good for the smaller jobs, but obviously not in the class of say the Ryobi corded variant that we also have.
    We have extensive hedging and have a number of hedge trimmers.

  • Couldn’t find any at Mile End (SA). Did have a few line trimmers on clearance at $30 and prunning saws at $50

  • So only way to check is to go in store for the price?
    Anyone in VIC able to replicate this deal?

  • None in Newcastle / Hunter region. And would not price match the ultimate pack

  • I called my local Bunnings in NSW and they said they didn’t price match on promotional items, which is what they said this was. They also said they don’t price match Bunnings from other states. Not sure if what they said was true or if they were just making it up to avoid price matching.

    • My experience exactly trying to get them to match the Ozito chainsaw deal.

      • So, I messaged Bunnings to ask if this was true. And they indicated it was not. They do price match on promotional items from other competitors. It is just that they don't have a policy to hold them to price match with other bunnings stores. In this case it is up to their discretion/how nice the store want's to be.

        Honestly, I think making up a made up an excuse is pretty dishonest and bad behaviour overall. Would have been happy if they just told me they wouldn't do it because they didn't want to/it would be at their loss instead of making stuff up.

  • We owns one, battery powered is convenient, but it is nowhere as powerful as our previous corded mower

    and the wheels are a bit flimsy

  • time to go to tas

  • Not being price matched in ACT Bunnings in Gungahlin, Fyshwick or Majura.

  • These are complete rubbish unless you have a tiny patch of grass to mow. Suitable for an apartment or unit with a small patch of grass out the front. Anything else and you will spend 4 hours mowing what should take an hour.

  • Hi Den,

    If you wish to purchase the Ozito product at the reduced price, you will need to go to the store where you saw the clearance price, as we do not price match other Bunnings stores.

    As this is not a deleted product the other Bunnings Store have decided to clear them out, maybe due to them having a very low stock on hand.

    If you require anything further, do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.



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    Lidcombe Warehouse

    23 - 29 Parramatta Rd,
    Lidcombe NSW, 2141
    Phone : (02) 9704 2400
    Fax : (02) 9704 2499
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    Website :

    Happy to price matc at at bunnings today as long as I showed proof