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[Prime] Mack's Ultra Soft Ear Plugs 50 Pairs $13.76 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


These earplugs are the best deal I've found over 3 years of using earplugs. I've looked and looked, nothing comes close to this deal Amazon US offers, and now it has free shipping with Prime! They're quite soft and comfortable, great if you're new to using earplugs. After getting these to block out my wife's snoring, they changed my life forever. Earplugs are great, especially if you travel.

Earplugs are great for blocking your significant other's snoring, sleeping in dorms, sleeping in noisy hotels, blocking out plane noise without music, concerts and other situations where you might want to protect your hearing.

Use CamelCamelCamel for Amazon US to see price history. There's a chance you can get these even cheaper if you can wait and the free shipping deal continues.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • I placed a triple order just before stopped shipping to AU. Great product and good price given the conversion rate.

  • Why does it say 6 pairs in the description, but 50 in the picture?

    • Bug in the Amazon AU listing 🤷‍♂️ The description is the only place it says 6 pairs. Pictures, description and comments are for 50 pairs.

    • From the questions.

      "Is this 50 or 6? Title says 6 but the product description says 50. Please clarify.
      Answer:It say 50
      By Paolo Salamone on 7 May 2019
      It's definitely 50
      By andrew stewart on 7 May 2019
      Definitely 50.
      By BJ Wills on 6 May 2019"

  • I find the Haward Leight earplugs more comfortable, they're softer, so you can wear them for longer without discomfort. Also better if you have smaller ear canals. They're also slightly cheaper if you buy in bulk:

  • I think this is for 6 pairs. I just ordered and the invoice says 6. that’s not a bargain at all.

    • It's an error in the title of the Amazon AU listing. Check the listing and it's only the title that says 6 pairs. Price is consistent with Amazon US listing for 50 pairs.

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      The Mack's Dreakgirl 50 Pair is selling for $14.57. It sounds like 50 pairs is more likely, But I maybe wrong.


      I just checked the Q&A session

      Question: Is this 50 or 6? Title says 6 but the product description says 50. Please clarify.
      Answer: It say 50
      By Paolo Salamone on 7 May 2019
      It's definitely 50
      By andrew stewart on 7 May 2019
      Definitely 50.
      By BJ Wills on 6 May 2019
    • ASIN B0051U7W32 is for 50.

  • ahh phew. thanks for post OP, I can’t sleep without earplugs. Ex used to snore like a fiend and i just got used to them.

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    These are without doubt the gold standard in ear plugs, and yes The Phantom conducted a comprehensive survey over a number of years.

    Just don't roll the siliconish crap over onto itself and you'll be fine.

    • Why not roll it over onto itself?


        Because you end up destroying it - you'll get internal surfaces that aren't the silicone stuff but your ear wax. As long as you're careful with restoring it to shape after pulling it out of your ear they'll last many weeks.

        Note these have especially soft silicone - i don't know how they do it, but it's not your average silicone-based material. Forget all the other silicone ones - they're just too hard.

        Also don't cut it in half - use it whole as described on the pack.

        I wear them so i can't hear myself snoring.

    • I agree that the antinois ones are absolutely the best ear plugs at blocking out noise, however, I need to use a new pair every night or I get outer ear infections. That ends up being very expensive, which is why I switched to Mack's - which are still pretty good


        I use metho to dry the ear out after a shower. I just lie down on my side, pour it in, listen to it absorb all the residual water, and then turn over so it all pours out. Checked with an ENT years ago and he didn't think it was such a problem apart from it drying the ears out a bit. Divers use metho all the time instead of that $10 crap from the Pharmacy. Check with your doctor first as i'm just a random on OB. Give it time to dry/evaporate before putting in plugs. Don't do any of this shit if you've got an outer ear infection. I used to get outer ear infections all the time - no longer.

        Also Macs will push wax into your ear - less risk of that with the Antinois.

        • Thanks I will look into it.

          Neither antinois nor Mack's cause me outer ear infections as long as I use a new pair every day. I only switched to Mack's because they are cheaper than antinois and still work pretty well.

          This particular deal is especially good for my wallet!

  • What's the difference with these? You can get 60 pairs for 23 cents more:

    • I got these earplugs awhile ago.
      I can only compare to earplugs I got from work (no idea what brand/type), I found these ones to not fit as tight as the ones I got from work. Hence they don't block out the sound as well.

    • Just brought a set of these to try. Says they have a high NRR

  • Where was this for my bridal registry….

  • My partner snores and I can still hear her through plugs. Still have to use pillow over head. Still better than nothing. Mind you to be fair she says I snore as well, but sleeps through my snoring. Once l'm awake and hear her I cant get back to sleep. It's a random snoring, but constant when she's sleeping on back.

  • cheers. Was looking for some decent ones. Need them when camping.

  • Thanks I use these all the time for my husband's loud snoring and normally pay around $6 for a pack of 5 pairs at Coles/Woolworths. They make another type specifically for snoring which I find are better, but they are around $9 for a pack of 5, so I use the regular ones (they are good enough).

    Here are the specific snore blocking ones if anyone is interested:

    • Thanks I use these all the time for my husband's loud snoring

      Darling, is it really you here?!

      • You know what my wife uses for my snoring? Nothing. Because she's made me move out of the bedroom and into the study. I've been sleeping there for years, and she's never been happier.

      • Darling, is it really you here?!

        No, just no

  • Nice one! I use the Macks Slim Fit though (the purple, smaller ones).

    Any deals on them?

    All I can see is $62.58 AUD for a 100 pack. Goes to show the value of these 50!

  • "blocking your significant other's snoring"

    Instructions unclear, do these go in wife's nostrils?

  • Cheers OP! Didnt buy for myself but if your mrs is like mine, has tiny ear canals and has to also deal with snoring then get her these like I did:

  • Does anyone use this for motorcycle riding?

  • I think this is a cheaper alternative for snoring

  • Thanks OP, purchased OBO someone who thought was worth a try at that price.

  • Good for when Post Malone comes back on tour

  • good to know. i ordered one. Going on church camp in a few weeks, who knows will be snoring in my dorm.


      Yes, i'll be off to Church Camp too in a few weeks.

      Perhaps we'll share a dorm? If so, prepare yourself as my horn is like the QE2.

  • Good deal.
    The best I used are the Hearos Xtreme. Got a bulk pack off ebay a while back cheap. Sold locally at music stores too.

  • thanks for sharing

  • Ordered the Amazker ones on Amazon. Did a review and recieved refund. So only $7 for 60 and a small al case. Not bad, but you do need to get it right to keep it in the ears while sleeping.

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