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Rapoo MT750S Wireless 8 Button Mouse $29.58 US (~$42.68 AU) Delivered @ GeekBuying


This popular mouse from Rapoo is a cheaper alternative to Logitech which can be connected via 2.4Ghz wireless with the USB receiver or via Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 for cross platform support. It can be paired with up to 4 devices simultaneously allowing you to switch between them with a click of a button.

It has a laser sensor for use on different surfaces, adjustable DPI sensor (600/1200/1600/3200), 8 programmable buttons, software in English to customise the mouse and an inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days.

  • Apply the coupon RAPOOSALE at checkout to get it for $29.58 US (~$42.68 Au)

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate. Free shipping included.

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  • Any chance of offering a price like the previous deal from last year? joyBuy had it for about $30AUD.

    I haven't seen any prices as low as this since though.

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      That's actually an older model, but the only real difference is the design. However that price is far too low below cost unfortunately. Not to mention the horrible exchange rate having an impact.

      Joybuy were also notorious for doing a lot of loss leader pricing during their relaunch, but as you may have noticed they don't have a lot of deals these days since that practice stopped.

  • Interesting - how do these compare to logitech (eg. Their mx anywhere model for instance)…. Might be good enough to buy and leave at work

    • If you're just going to use it as a general purpose work mouse, then it's good. It is definitely lacking the refinement and fluidity of use that the MX series has in particular the MX Master which this mouse has been "inspired" by. For example productivity isn't as good, with no Logitech Flow alternative offered. Though having the device switch button on the top of the mouse helps make up for this. The button customisation software is only available for Windows, while Logitech also supports Apple. Also as mentioned above the MT750s mouse has been a lot cheaper in the past. In terms of a comparison to the MX anywhere, well the two serve different purposes. This is a much larger mouse compared to the travel friendly and smaller MX anywhere. Because they're similar in price but different sizes, which one you choose depends on your use needs. But DYOR as there are plenty of in-depth online comparisons between the Logitech mice and the MT750s.

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        First time this model has been posted and they have support for Apple.

    • I have the previous model MT750 from the Joybuy deal.
      I actually prefer the feel of it to the MX Master.
      Battery life is very good. Probably too good, cause I have no routine to charge it… It just occurs to me that it's been a long time (multiple weeks) since it last got a charge

      But I wouldn't buy another.
      Most disappointing is that the side scrolling and other features ONLY work with the USB dongle. In BT mode, it's just a regular dumb mouse, hopefully they've fixed that for this new version, but I wouldn't want to risk it.
      Mine also has developed an instability in the Bluetooth connection. It was fine in the first few months, but now when the mouse goes to sleep, the BT connection is lost and the mouse needs to be re-paired.
      I can find no explanation. My other BT mice don't experience this issue with the same machine.
      My only hypothesis is that the Battery voltage has drooped?

      I'm hanging out for the next MX Master 2S $60 deal…

  • is this like a ms master rival?