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Samsung 75" UA75RU7100 $1849.99, 65" UA65RU7100 $1249.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


OBS: I could not find a recent deal about these TVs. This is my first deal so I am sorry if something is not right :P

I just received this email from Costco about the TVs:

  • UA75RU7100: $750OFF
  • UA65RU7100: $400OFF

It doesn't show the current price but taking into consideration that Costco usually has the lowest price and Bing Lee is currently selling those models as follow:

You would expect a great deal or price match. Start tomorrow 27/06 ending 30/06


Mod Note: Updated price in title - Credits to ak-km

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  • $1849.99 after discount for 75"
    $1249.99 after discount for 65"
    Saw this at Casula store last Saturday.

  • "but taking into consideration that Costco usually has the lowest price" - thats as false as they come.

  • Yes it is bull last time i went all the way i thought it was only $700 did not realize it was $700 off. i bought via ebay $1669 75"


      Are you happy with the tv/remote etc?

      • @mullsie I have this years and last years model (both 75"). The remote from this year is terrible and feels cheap. Last years model had a much more solid remote. Unfortunately the two are not interchangeable so I am looking for another alternative (not a Logitech though). The TV guide is much improved (FINALLY). It is a lot quicker to load. Also, all the apps (Netflix etc.) also load much quicker this year.

      • yes it good for the Price nothing fancy but yeah not bad ofr 75''

  • When I was at Costco (North Lakes) last Thursday the UA75RU7100 was already $750 off at $1850 with the fluoro yellow marked price.
    They had about 12 or so sitting on a pallet.

    Picked up a 719L Haier chest freezer on the same day for $899 ($400 off) and the 524L freezer was also on special at ~$600. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the price so couldn't post. I wouldn't be surprised if the freezers are still on special.

  • highlight of the coupon is the discount on the shelled pistachios :D


      Shelled pistachios - thought this was impossible

  • ehh.. still waiting for Costco to open in Perth…
    DFO only just opened not long ago… waste of space IMHO :)

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    Was 1669 on eBay and has been around the 1790 plus delivery several times this month

  • Thanks Op. Does anyone know if retailers eg jb or HN match Costco?