How to Make The Best Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee?

Hi All,

This may seem like an odd one, but I cannot find anywhere on the internet that provides relevant instructions on how to make the most optimal Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee.

NOW, before somebody says 'hur hur hur you throw down the sink hur hur hur' - this is serious.

I know that coffee is a subjective thing, lets just say I like it strong and slightly sweet where I can still taste the coffee.

I once worked at a place that only had Blend 43, it was dispensed from an AromaCup AC2000 - - I had the perfect algorithm with this thing, it would dispense the correct amount of Nescafe Blend 43 & Sugar. In saying that, it was very strong, but I frothed it.

Unfortunately, living in Melbourne, this is not a conversation I can commonly have with people as everyone wanks over their coffee; myself included, but I am current unemployed so I am trying to get by in a more economical way.

I have tried 2 teaspoons of Nescafe Blend 43 and 1 teaspoon of raw sugar + a full cup of water - too watery.
I have tried 2 teaspoons of Nescafe Blend 43 and 1 teaspoon of raw sugar + a half cup of water - still too watery.
I have tried 1 lumped tablespoon of Nescafe Blend 43 and 1 half tablespoon of sugar + a half cup of water - this is better, but still not as good as I remember it..

Maybe its the raw sugar? I dont know.

Please let me know how you make your daily Nescafe Blend 43 so that I can try and get my life back on track.

Thanks for your community service.


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    Tip it in the bin :)

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      Came here for this comment, wasn't disappointed.

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        A true connoisseur knows International Roast is where it's at.

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          It's kmown as International Gross for a reason
          *edited for typo

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            @miwahni: lmao love how you think your comments are so vitally important to one and all that you feel duty-bound to inform your breathless readers of an edit you may have made, an edit that literally nobody gives a crap about.

          • @miwahni: It's kmown as International Gross for a reason
            *edited for typo


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          OP needs a 1990's style "Café Bar" with the annoying click dispenser for International Roast/hot chocolate powder/sugar. A staple of any mechanic's workshop.

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            @Maz78: together with the cockroach get today? a leg or a wing…?

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        Maybe wanking over your coffee sours it a touch.

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          The coffee wank factor is a daily struggle for sure.

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      This guy never had instant coffee before. Clearly. HAHAHA

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    4 teaspoons Blend43 dissolved in boiling water up to approx 1/3 cup. Fill rest of cup with milk. Microwave on high for 1 mintue.

    4 teaspoons Blend43 and 2 teaspoons sugar dissolved 3/4 cup boiling water.

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      I think you've nailed it… I can still taste a bit too much of the bitter balls Blend 43, but its got the right amount of water & right amount of coffee… may just need a touch more sugar for my liking.

      Thanks for your contribution!

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        Instead of adding more sugar, try pour some cold water in first, just enough to cover the coffee so it begins to dissolve. Make for a smoother less bitter cup. Or pour the milk in first for those who like it white.

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          Solid advice, i will try this, thank you!

          • @rambutann: Delayed response, but can confirm that pre-mature cold water is now a part of the algorithm.
            Deffz decreases bitter burnt balls factor.

        • second this. add a little cold water, mix it up then top up with hot.

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          Considering instant coffee dissolves in its entirety, how does this make a difference?
          Does adding boiling water burn the granules?

          • @cooni: That's the theory

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            @cooni: Yes, shouldn't use boiling water.

            either add the water to the coffee when it stops boiling


            add the water first then add the coffee.

        • THIS

          I've not poured hot water directly over coffee granules since learning this trick. Always dissolved the coffee in milk or cold water first, so that it looks like a thickish sludge of coffee, before pouring in the hot water, makes an instant coffee almost acceptable.

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        I grew up on Blend43..

        Try this ratio: 2 teaspoon of Blend43 + 2or3 tablespoons of Nestle Condensed milk…mix all in boiling water to full cup… or fill to 1/2 cup and top with ice -if you want to try iced coffeed..

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      Yes.. the problem with your formula is size of cup. Some might be smaller than others might be using or larger

      Microwave for minute will depend on the power of the microwave.

      Is your tea spoon heaped or level

      Am I reading too much into it

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      A friend or two of mine who are too povo for a coffee machine (joke) swear by dissolving the granules in the MILK then adding the hot water. I always thought it weird, and you usually ended up with a few "floaters" of coffee granules, but it did taste better than dissolving in water I reckon.

      • I do this with blend 43, with about 1/4 of the drink as milk. No floaters and a nice nearly drinkable temperature.

    • I just tried the white version with 2 sugar. Was pretty good.

    • Went with 4 tsp coffee and a pinch of sugar dissolved in cold water. 1/3 cup boiling water. Topped with milk and microwaved for 55 seconds (it bubbled over).
      Made for surprisingly drinkable instant coffee!

      Thanks @wannagrababargain and @garethb!

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    It's gonna be tough to get something good out of that.

    I'm wondering if its worthwhile going for something like the Aldi Coffee beans? Yes more expensive, but not ridiculous hipster [email protected] prices lol

    Don't mean to p1ss on your parade :P

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      I'm tempted.. I did recently commit to a whole jar of Blend 43 so im trying to make it work at the moment haha

      • Before you do that try something cheap but decent like Moccona.

        And the way you make the coffee has differences to the outcome. I'm very partial to Cappuccino's so I generally put half a cup of milk in a mug and microwave it for 2 mins. You need to watch it because after 1-3mins of heating it will want to froth and then overflow quickly. You gotta time it right, then you'll have hot milk with frothing. Now add your sugar and coffee, then top up with a quarter of cold milk to bring the temp down to drinking level. It will taste extra creamy.

        Another/better way to do it is to get a $10 frother from Reject Shop/Kmart/Woolies. Fill a quarter of the cup with some warm water. Add sugar and mix well. Now add the coffee and mix well. They won't all dissolve so microwave it for a minute, next to another mug half filled with milk. Mix your water-sugar for proper dissolve. Then add your warm milk to it. The last quarter of the cup can be topped with froth from the 30sec frother. Sprinkle some choc powder on it. All set. Takes 30sec to wash your teaspoon, second mug, and frother, so not much time wasted with dry beans etc etc.

  • I heard some where that this stuff has more caffeine in it than "proper" coffee

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      Generally true as robusta has more caffeine than arabica.

  • -3
    1. Throw it in the bin
    2. Buy decent coffee
    3. Enjoy coffee
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      you bunch of stupid snobs think spending $4 x 2 every day is a good idea

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        Still cheaper than smokes.

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      What's decent coffee?

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    When I was in the workshop:
    1 massively heaped teaspoon of Blend43
    2/3 hot water in mug
    1/3 milk
    no sugar

    I describe it as a caffeinated beverage, not coffee.

    • I think milk is not an option for op

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        He's doomed then. It just tastes bitter and horrible and no amount of sugar will mask that.

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    Instead of sugar use Milo. Lots of work places have it.

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      I will try this!

      • Won't work, doesn't dissolve. And not sweet enough as a proper replacement.

        • A lot of them dissolved and it tastes pretty good.

    • I do this with Milo or hot chocolate powder sometimes to treat myself. I call it the "poor man's mocha".

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    Try CSR Coffee Sugar Crystals - a former colleague used this sugar for his instant black coffees.

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    Good luck; it is personal taste and sounds like you are getting close.

    As an aside (as I know your are with Blend 43 and not beans etc.), I read recently about the latest Melb coffee 'thing' - Magic Coffee.

    I am informed that the most flavour from an espresso machine is the first 15 seconds.
    A 'Magic Coffee' is a double-shot, but both shots are only for 15 seconds.

    The next coffee 'thing' will be, apparently, a coffee made with a dehydrated cauliflower powder in lieu of milk. Still gives a milky/creamy outcome, with a slightly more savoury flavour, but you get your days % of veggies in the cup.

    • 15s? The first 5 seconds for the purist! Cauliflower? Try asparagus, when it comes out again it may create a new aroma…

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      That cauliflower things sounds like such a wank….but I want to try it. Where can I buy some?

      • Mate, that was a good comment!!!! :)
        Thanks for the laugh

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      The first 15 seconds of an espresso shot is a cheat way of doing a ristretto shot, which you are correct that it's all the flavor, less bitterness and also less caffeine

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    2 tea spoons of coffee and 1 teaspoon of condensed milk

  • Try this:
    Not the easiest to do, but the results are rather good.

  • I'm assuming the coffee in my office is B43…
    I've had good results by using ~2 heaped teaspoons (adjust for strength), add ~1/3 cup of full cream milk (adjusted for amount of coffee/taste), heat in microwave on medium for 30s, then fill the rest with "boiling" water.

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    To balance cost and health I have this unpopular suggestion: Join a tea club! Yes tea has agents to wake you up and make you feel better. It is an acquired taste and your company might just alter your dopamine production to love something you were previously spewing at. I am old now and have just about tried every coffee there is. From the honey like stuff you find in an elusive Italian bar to the Nespresso capsules that let you rattle thru till you turn into a nervous wreck. Filter water! Never use any sweetener with the worst poison being artificial ones. Sip slowly and enjoy!

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      Who invited grandpa?

  • Whenever having Blend 43, I always halve the amount of water I think I need, and it's usually good. So basically I end up with 2 teaspoons of coffee, 1/2 of sugar and about half cup of water (i.e not much water)

  • I guess its preferable to International Roast…

  • When i used to drink it up until 2.5 years ago, was big heap teaspoon 75% water rest milk in big mug. Since swapping to a Breville 920 and good organic beans it taste like dirty dish water :)

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    Step 1 - scoop three slightly heaped teaspoons of instant coffee.

    Step 2 - fill instant coffee container with boiling water.


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    Using a handheld frother like this makes a cup of Nescafe soooooo much more enjoyable. If you've been to Malaysia or Singapore, the result is similar to a "Nescafe Tarik".

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    Put on army fatigues, load on a 40kg pack, hike 50km through scrub in the middle of winter in the rain.

    The coffee at the end of that, as long as it's hot is going to be the best damn coffee you've ever had.

  • After a long trial and error, I finally found the recipe that I like.

    1 teaspoon of blend 43
    2 teaspoon of raw sugar
    Add boiling water
    Add dash of milk

  • I`ve found that not all raw sugar tastes the same.

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      Demerara sugar tastes great if you can find it..

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    It's not that hard. 1 teaspoon of coffee in a cup of hot water.

    If you go adding other stuff like sugar or milk, you'd have to limit your intake. Ween yourself back to coffee the way nature intended, then you can drink it all day.

    Nescafe is good. I look forward to running out of coffee beans so I can have nice simple instant coffee until my next shipment arrives.

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    we have the small sachets of blend 43 at work. I empty 2 of them into a standard coffee mug, add a small amount of cold water (maybe 1/8th cup volume) to dissolve the coffee, then hot water to fill up the rest of the cup. perfect every time. i prefer this blend 43 to the moccona we also have available.

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    Its all in the name; Bland 43

    You could do away with the sugar altogether, and use some full-cream lactose free milk (I find it naturally sweeter than normal milk).

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      probably still better than international gross. in my last work place that was the only thing available, and early in the morning someone had to turn on the urn. One of the programmers couldn't wait and just had cold to luke warm international gross and just got on with their day. not sure if they were human :-/

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    Beans are $11 a kg at aldi.

    Get a hand grinder and plunger of ebay.

    Have you done the math to see if your actually getting more coffees per $ with blend 43?

  • Tiny tiny pinch of salt to take away the bitterness

    • Yes This!!! It works a treat.

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    Unemployed wake up juice


    One heaped spoon (yes, spoon) of coffee.
    One heaped spoon of honey (about half as high as coffee heap)
    Milk to taste

    Place coffee in cup
    Poor quarter cup of boiling water
    Scoop the stir honey in, while pouring boiling water to 4/5 of the cup
    Pour milk to taste (dark brown is good)

    For small cups use two heaped teaspoons of coffee and one heaped teaspoon of honey. If you have diabetes or weight issues, cut honey to one level teaspoon.

    Good honey adds to the texture without making it too sweet, until the last mouthful.

    This is the only mix with instant that satisfies my latte lust. To me this is far better than nespresso, and is better than ~50% of the barista made coffees I buy (I hate the taste a dirty group head and/or basket makes).

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      I would have never thought of using honey.. I've only had honey with hotwater and ginseng.

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    I love Nescafe blend 43. It's quick, easy and consistent.

    Preheat the mug - this is essential.
    Pour some boiling water into mug, and leave for a moment to heat the mug up so its almost too hot to touch.
    Then pour down sink.
    If you don't do this your coffee will taste like luke warm yuk.

    Add 1.5 heaped teaspoons of coffee.
    Then add slightly less than half mug of boiled water.
    Stir until dissolved.

    Skip the sugar.

    Then add a dash of cold milk and stir again.

    Total contents of mug is slightly over half way.

    I hate drinking cold coffee. If I want more, I'll make more.

    • Why not microwave at the end, instead of that mug heating?

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    - just don't.

    - tip #1: Coffeemate is your friend.
    - tip #2: add coffee, fill with cold milk, microwave till hot, sugar to taste.

    • Second this. Would avoid in all but the most desperate of circumstances, but while travelling in some parts of the world they just don't do coffee. Coffeemate does somehow really take away the nasty bitterness of Nescafe.

  • Add some white chocolate instead of sugar

  • Any chance you could go back to the work place and get the volume the Aroma cup releases? bring it back home in a cup. Measure it or find a scoop that exactly matches the volume. And then you use thst scoop. Or use the measurement to find a way to dispense the exact volume you want.

    Or contact these guys to find out the dispense volume as stated by the specification or the user manual.

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    Two spoons of coffee, two spoons of sugar, cream instead of milk. You're basically having a dessert at that point, but at least it should disguise the taste of the coffee.

  • I have a similar question, as the smell of blend 43 through the house reminds me of mornings growing up in the 80s.

    I reckon you'll want to heat the milk op, if it's too watery, and you can't get enough milk in there because the milk is cold, maybe half milk half water and 1.5 spoons of coffee and 1.5 spoons of sugar. Could be good.

  • Bin it
    Switch to Nescafe gold (my preference over moccona)

    1 tablespoon Nescafe gold
    1 teaspoon raw sugar
    Dash of any milk you fancy
    Mix together (the milk prevents coffee from burning)
    Add hot water
    Mix again
    Top up with your milk

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    by switching over to Coles Organic Freeze Dried Fairtrade Instant. I dont like nescafe, I use to like moccona but I think the reviews of the Coles coffee is true. I actually find it drinkable. You might be able to get away with nescafe by using 100% milk :)

    • +1

      Coles Fairtrade Organic Instant won the recent Choice taste test.

      • I just purchased another jar today :) was thinking if I should try the cheaper coles granulated coffee 30 cents cheaper but double the volume. but gut feeling is its risky

    • Thank you, just purchased a jar of 100g Coles Organic Freeze Dried Fairtrade Instant for $4 which is the store's regular price. I'm converted, now ex moccona. Also I won't need to visit McCafe as often for my freebie.

  • Uni days used to make 50/50s

    In a good sized mug:
    2 heaped teaspoons nescafe
    2 heaped teaspoons raw sugar
    half fill cup with milk and stir shit out of….
    half fill with hot water then 30 secs in microwave.

  • Reduce the water again to a quarter cup and add more milk.

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    does george clooney visit ozbargains?

  • What’s with this raw stuff sugar stuff.

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    Can’t you buy a red Nescafe coffee machine at Coles that makes the perfect & consistent cuppa with Blend 43 ? Costs around $50

    • lmao they are hilarious

  • White: microwave the milk. Leave for a little bit and remove the skin that forms. Mix in the instant. Add boiled water to fill and sugar to taste.

    This gives a much… silkier? drink.

  • Blend 43 2x heaped teapoon
    Coffee mate 2-3x heaped teaspoons
    Sugar to your taste
    1/3 of my mug up of water.

    Milk I'd use an Aldi aerocino. But microwave is fine

    Top up with hot milk

    Coffeemate is the key

  • Y'all got too much time.

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