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Q3 Loose Change Menu Update - $1 Hamburger, $5 Small Mcfeast Meal (Started 4/9) & 4 for $4 (Ended) @ McDonald's


The 3rd Quarterly Loose Change Menu update has been revealed and it seems to me that it presents quite a decent offering!

NEW: - available 10:30am - midnight

  • $1 Hamburger - 17/7/19 STARTED - Semi Permanent
  • $4 for 4 (Cheeseburger + Small Fries / Garden Salad + Small Drink + Small Sundae/Pies) STARTED - 3/9/19. 600mL Cool Ridge Water will now cost extra as part of the $4 for 4 promotion ENDED
    NOTE: Sundae can only be selected at POS Registers and not at kiosk/mobile ordering app
  • $5 Small McFeast EVM - 4/9/19 STARTED - 26/11/19 [VIC/TAS] + Selected Stores in other states Ensure you select small meal from the drop down box in the app.


  • $2.50 Ham & Cheese Pocket - will also be reverted to a breakfast menu only item
  • $2 McSpider
  • $3 3 Chicken McNuggets
  • $2.50 Chicken Snack Wrap
  • $2.50 BLT McMuffins

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  • +30 votes

    Mcfeast! Allllllright!

  • Am I dreaming? Thank youuu

  • Nooo. BLT muffin add sausage going.

  • Finally some decent loose change menu items.

  • No spiders? Why?

  • Boring

  • i realised cones cost more money now.

  • +3 votes

    Is this when the $1 fries ends?

    2x mcfeast meals $10 is a solid feed imo.

    • Looks like it

      19/6 - 16/7 $1 Large Fries

    • if you look at the daily kilojoules intake, 2 mcfeast meals is definitely more than one feed and actually 2 …..

      • take away the coke, replace with coke 0… helps a lot if you're monitoring calories

        • Actually sugar substitites can cause just as many health issues as sugar itself.

          • @LikeMike: But it's less calories, and that's what matters.

          • @LikeMike: I'd like to be enlightened… I agree with you but certainly not at the doses that we are ingesting them - in fact a lot of studies are considering them at a 1:1 ratio

              • @LikeMike: Thanks, but I'm sorry I'm going to have to dispute some of this stuff here…

                Aspartame has been quite controversial… but really I think the reality is that if it was as bad as some say (including that DailyMail article), then there would be more conclusive evidence.

                Currently as the evidence stands from very extensive studies, there's no overwhelming evidence to believe that there's reason that aspartame is bad - the article also mentions this. Perhaps we haven't been looking at the correct population groups, etc. etc. I'm happy to believe that there may be problems but no hard evidence right now.

                The other thing is that all evidence right now has not been able to be replicated. Circumstantial evidence is probably the worst kind of evidence you could ask for (think RCT, meta analyses is what you should be looking for in evidence).

                In all, I'd be happy to believe that some artificial sweeteners aren't as good as they claim, but there's no concrete evidence of that so far.

                • @diazepam:

                  but really I think the reality is that if it was as bad as some say (including that DailyMail article), then there would be more conclusive evidence.

                  In regards to that i'd just like to mention that Roundup has been available since 1976 and it's only this year that conclusive evidence has really started to appear that is so strong that lawsuits are now being granted and France has banned the product.

                  You may be correct about population groups, eg the majority of the world is actually lactose intolerant but when you look at the breakdown of groups you can clearly see that asian populations do not tolerate lactose at a much higher rate than european. There could be something similar to that with aspartame but is it worth the risk at this stage? I don't think it's a risk worth taking with all the side effects I've read from people's own experiences.

                  The best way is to avoid both sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you really need a sweet fix then honey or maple syrup is fine.

        • always get the bottle of water - so much better value

    • Solid saturated fat I'm loving it

  • Is the $5 Double Beef & Bacon Meal staying?

  • 4 for $4, my new daily lunch!

  • The comment
    NOTE: Sundae can only be selected at POS Registers and not at kiosk/mobile ordering app

    has me wondering what's going to happen in those stores where they refuse to serve you at the register and force you to use the kiosk? Have seen it numerous times at the store here in WA I occasionally frequent during my meal breaks in the evening.

    • the mcdonald’s in city road south melbourne has already reduced register space and closed some of the registers, and added more kiosks,

      not sure if its the same in other areas outside of inner city, but the delivery driver is becoming more of their business so no register is needed.

      and the crowd from the delivery drivers with the helmets and protective rider gear makes it a bad experience even if you order at kiosk as they wave their phones looking for their orders ….. it’s not a great experience for dine in customers.

      they need to have a separate window or other system for delivery driver pickups at mcdonald’s that cater predominantly for delivery pickups, fat boy thai in melbourne sends delivery drivers to the back door for pickups …..normal take away patrons use their normal counter and register.

    • I wasn't sure if it was compulsion or suggestion. I've witnessed a guy "guiding" people on how to use the machines on busy days at Bondi Beach, and telling the queued up people to use the app is possible. But if he's not there everyday then many old age pensioners would never even attempt it.

      Even when the kiosks work, a frequent issue I've seen at Randwick is that the loose change menu isn't added or only added to some machines. One kiosk didn't have the $1 hamburger in the last promotion, and none of the kiosks offered $1 fries the last time I checked. They also accidentally offered free Big Mac's instead of charging $3 so the mistakes aren't always a bad thing. Also, some kiosks don't take voucher codes and bring you bag to the voucher entry screen.

      So until they treat it like supermarket self-checkout and introduce intelligent override features for supervisors it's not ready to replace cash registers exclusively.

    • Lucky these two are likely dead otherwise McDonalds would tell them we don't serve your kind here! ;-)

  • need $2 McDouble

    • Was just about to comment this when I saw this comment.

      $2 McDouble permanent would be the deal of the century honestly for me.

      $1 Hamburger is nice but too plain imho the McDouble is perfect.. get two and you are done for the day go take a nap.

  • yayyy McFeast is back

  • So happy the McFeast is returning. Much prefer it to the double beef and bacon meal. They had more options to customise last time it was available.

  • Obesity peeps

  • I got so stoked to see the return of the legendary 4 for 4 (I love a good sundae, okay?), and then the McFeast, (profanity) yeah, I know what I'm getting for lunch on this miserable day.

    in 18 days



      Only the $1 Hamburger makes its comeback in 18 days. The rest, you'll have to wait :)

      • Oh (profanity), I didn't even register that. Thanks for dampening my excitement, I was about to go tell a couple people tbh and would have looked like a right (profanity).

        Well I guess I'll just go get the KFC family box deal thing when we're out later. At least I know what Macca's is gonna have for a good while.

  • I wish they'd run all the losse menu items at once.

  • Only at the POS Registers? So it’s a 3 for $3 deal that you can turn into a 4 for $4 deal if you ask to add a sundae at the registers?
    And the hamburgers are constantly on and off $1. Just leave them at $1 and stop the confusion lol.


      The pies can be selected anywhere, however if you prefer a sundae this can only be done at POS.

      Not a $3 for 3 deal.

      • The Maccas I go to basically refuse to do it. One more senior person said she wasn't sure but did it and then the next time the guy said he wasn't allowed to make any changes.

  • I thought the spider was already removed I got charged $4.70 for a spider a few days ago and was told they aren’t $2 anymore when I queried it

  • NOTE: Sundae can only be selected at POS Registers and not at kiosk/mobile ordering app

    What happens if I enter a McDonald's that tries to redirect all traffic to the kiosk and the cashier is only there to type the order number and take the cash?

    • +1 vote

      Just had this at the North Lakes QLD store. I was told that the sundae wasn’t an option even if they try on their POS.

  • Is the McFeast worth the extra $1 and no sundae/pie?

    Edit - oops, saw the dates… no point comparing.

  • Welcome back hamburger!

  • 4 for $4 in August. Tax Return should be done by then so I will be making it rain $1 coins in Maccas then boi!!

  • Does this mean the only loose change menu item from 17/7 to 14/8 is the $1 hamburger or am I missing something?

  • It amazes me how they could achieve these prices without underpaying their staff. Economies of scale at work I guess.

    Or if they are making a loss selling these items!

    • Loss leader product - used to get more people in through their doors in the hope that people will buy other products

    • It amazes me that people will pay $10 for the slop that passes for a burger at Maccas.

  • Bring back the McOz! But I guess the McFeast will have to do for the time being…

  • And here I thought I was the only one who liked McFeasts. Although I always change it to a Chicken McFeast. It's slightly healthier and slightly better for the environment. But every little bit counts.

    • Where's the nutrition info for the Chicken McFeast to show it's slightly healthier (I can only see the info for the beef one)?

  • Bring back the chicken mcfeast deal!!!

  • Oh no! I like the BLT muffins and snack wraps! But the McFeast is awesome.

  • Thanks for going to the effort of posting this. Much appreciated to know what’s on the cards.

  • Don't take my $2.50 snack wrap :'(

  • $1 hamburger is showing as available on the app

  • Damn it's far away!

    • Seen it pop up and got excited about the 4 for 4. Then seen it's forever away, more so the McFeast.

      • $5 Double beef n bacon sml VM is still around.

        • Ever since the "hotter and tastier" slogan came around, my locals beef burgers (except the cheeseburger) has been overly greasy and soggy.

          Still, $5 is $5 lol, probably give one another try tomorrow.

          • @Frayin: That is something I have noticed too… Greasy af. The double beef and bacon is probably one of the worst. Try making it steamed bun.

  • Maccas is getting ****ing expensive.