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$3 off Any* Purchase (No Min Spend) @ eBay via App


No idea if this is targeted or not. Guess we'll know more if and when it starts at 6pm AEST. $3 off any purchase on eBay via App. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

The offer entitles eligible customers to $3 off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all items listed on the eBay App except the Excluded Items. A maximum of 1 transaction applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items). Applies to purchases made via the eBay app on the following operating systems: iOS (iPhone and iPad) & Android. Excluded Items means all items listed in the following categories: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Coins (11116), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730).

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  • +1

    Me neither

  • +1

    Didn’t work for me

  • doesn't work for me

  • Didn't work for me either.

  • +6

    Targeted. Didn't work for me.

  • doh trying to buy a phone class protector…

    Can not be applied to this order

  • +1

    Didn’t work for me either… or is it neither?… either or, neither nor

  • +17

    Maybe an idea to not post deals like this until it actually goes live, so you know if it's open to everyone. For preplanned 20% off deals etc that's fine but when you don't know the details it's like an eBay scam. Get people looking on the site then they find out there's no deal, some people will probably think I might just get it anyway.

    • Plenty of deals have [Targeted] in the title. It gives a heads up to watch for something they would otherwise miss. Especially with ebay, because you must be subscribed to their barrage of electronic junk mail to qualify. But 39 out of 40 emails contain nothing of interest. So you start deleting them without reading them. Many of these things expire early too. Better to know about it but not qualify, than qualify but miss out because you had no time to prepare.

      • +3

        This did not have targeted in the title until after everybody started complaining about it not working, obviously. He released this deal without relevant details or confirmation. Targeted deals should not be allowed it's pointless. If you don't read your emails or check for different deals then you should relinquish your ozbargain card anyway.

        • -1

          That's not what I meant though. I meant there are plenty of targeted deals posted here, so why should this deal be removed just because not everyone can access it - which often happens with ebay discounts.

  • +1

    Of course it’s targeted. Thanks EBAY

  • +5

    Lol did it work for anyone?

    • Not me. WTF

    • Yes once, but failed about 8 times with four different errors, over about 2 hours of trying.
      Ebay officially sucks with all these bad experiences. Problem is Aliexpress is much worse nowadays with prices closer to DHGate, and too much light porn, and too much security on their doorstep and on payment. I've avoided for a year, now ebay if there's any alternative.

      Where can we buy direct from Asia, cheaply and with some customer respect?

      • +2

        Cheap and customer respect can't go together.

  • +2

    Work for my 5 account it never used app login before
    Thanks OP

    • what did you buy

      i can see it on my account but phone screens dont work

  • -3

    Didn't work and I had already committed to buy

  • +2

    Worked on 2/8 accounts. Thanks TA

  • I received a $5 coupon last Monday, therefore no surprise I didn't get this one.

  • +1

    didn't work on my two accounts. Has anyone actually received an email with the code? Ebay is acting a bit sneaky.

    • +2

      No email, but I never read them anyway because they're electronic junk mail - too many, and they always email me reminders about items I've looked at that were unsuitable - but those look just like the reminders ebay sends when auctions are close to ending. So it has the effect of causing me to ignore ALL their email.

      However it does show "Take AU $3.00 off this item" in the app, directly under the item title, price, and "Est. delivery."

      Edit: And on a computer I just clicked "My eBay" (at the top of any ebay page) and just below my username there's a "Vouchers" heading showing "AU $3 off your purchase."

  • It worked fine for me.

  • Some worked, some didn't. Gl

  • +10

    Code doesn’t work. Waste of time

  • +8

    More free marketing for eBay. Well done.

  • It works only for few. It Worked on mrs account. It was there in the gift card voucher section. So if you can't see it most likely you are not eligible for it. I was not obviously because i am regular shopper.

  • Worked on my rarely used account, thanks OP. Bought a wireless charger for $3.

  • why cant my iPhone let me access the page where I enter the coupon code work, only lets my do it on my computer. All other pages are working…

    • Same here :(

    • I had the same problem… I think something is wrong with their iPhone app. I was able to do it later with their Android app.

  • +2

    Didn't work for both my accounts :(

  • +1

    Didn't work for me, possibly has used it in the past

  • +1

    Gave it a shot - didn't work. Never purchased anything via the APP.
    Maybe they are waiting to give me a $10 one. Well one can dream …………….

  • Worked for me! Bought a pack of 20 NTAG215 cards (AU stock) for $8.77 delivered. Thank you, tightarse!

    • -2

      Why was I negged?

      • +3

        Someone probably has hurt feelings because you were targeted and they weren't?

        • +1

          They must have really wanted that $3 off!

  • +1

    The code simply shows up on targeted account.

  • +2

    Yup. Must be targeted
    Revoking my vote from this morning

  • +1

    Is anyone else having an issue where the Coupons section can't be clicked on in the ebay app?

    • +1

      Yep same here

    • Not working for me either.

  • +1

    doesnt work for me

    • +20

      I understand your reason for neg'ing the deal. After all you’re free to do as you please, even though I clearly stated I wasn’t sure if it was targeted. I'm quite certain anyone would have posted this had the T&Cs been available to them. It's never my intention to mislead in any of my posts.

      But don’t make it personal. What exactly do you mean by the last two words? Why the hate? I'd like a clear explanation why you feel the need to say 'Classic TA'. Put it out there for transparency, else your comment is nothing more than trolling, just like the members that upvote your comment.

      • -9

        Rather than rushing to Ozbargain to gain upvotes, wait until the terms are clear and you won't waste hundreds of people's time.

        • +4

          Does this apply to price errors as well?

          • -1

            @Clear: lol. Clearly it’s ok to post back to back pricing errors.

  • +5

    Wasted my time on several accounts to try the voucher code. eBay app is rubbish too!

  • +6

    Tried on iPhone screen protectors… not working

  • +2

    Doesn’t work for me either

  • -3

    Same bullshit post as last time…remember APP5OFF post from TA about 3 months ago or so. He should learn from it.

    • +4

      Not sure what the problem is. There are plenty of [TARGETED] deals posted here, and/or others that get announced before they go live. If you mean this code doesn't exist/work, as per my own and a few others in the thread show, that's false.

      Even so, with the amount of deals he posts, surely the guy would deserve some slack to make a mistake now and then (if this post were a mistake, which it isn't).

      • +1

        This is more like "ebay hate" I think, than at TA. The poster's likely to cop it for ebay deals seemingly decaying to annoyance level.

    • +3

      remember APP5OFF post from TA about 3 months ago or so. He should learn from it.

      Oh, don't forget POCKET10 five weeks go…

  • +1

    One of my accounts has it but I could only find one item that is eligible to use it on.
    Seems highly restricted in what you can apply it to, regardless of dollar amount

  • Didn’t work for me

  • +2

    Doesn't work

  • +2

    never ever look up mens underwear on ebay…

  • +1

    Worked on 1/4 accounts.

  • +1

    Works 1/4 family accounts

  • I guess I turned out to be lucky. Worked on my lone account! (had only placed one order in past via the app)

  • +5

    Did not work for me but why all the hate towards TA? He posted the deal and clearly stated it MAY be targeted and also noted the time the deal would be active. Negging because you're mad you didn't get the targeted deal and spent a couple of minutes putting a discount code in isn't fair. How many of TA's other posts have you taken advantage of? Thanks anyway TA, appreciate your efforts!

  • +5

    Sucked in again by this waste of time deal

  • I think something is wrong with their iPhone app… same account, same product, not working on iPhone, but worked with Android.

  • Was complaining I wasn't targeted. Now received an email with $3 off app only.

  • +1

    Another two hours wasted as targeted wasn't mentioned originally when I tried.
    Ebay you're a waste of effort?
    Where's the best alternatives nowadays for cheap asian gear, away from Ebay and AliExpress?

    • +1

      Wish? Is it still a thing?
      edit - Looks like that was a bad suggestion. Can't even view products without signing up.

      • I've bought a few things from WISH. I've been pleasantly surprised, my wife looked way better than I thought she would! :P

        • What'a WISH? Is it mainly women clothing? Website?

      • Usually find anything on Wish can be had cheaper from Aliexpress. Probably dropshipped from same place.

    • Two hours? Do you have 60 accounts? It takes litterlly 2 minutes to log into MyEbay to see if you're eligible (it will say so right on the landing page).

      • as targeted wasn't mentioned originally

        Targeted wasn't mentioned. And as the ebay App errors were not helpful, I kept trying multiple phones and App versions, trying to solve the problems.

        That took two hours. What do you do? Just give up at first generic error message? Or persist, to overcome IT problems.

        Not trying to be mean. It's just my early onset modern technology syndrome.

  • not working for me………….

  • Not working for me

  • Code also doesn't work for me. Can anyone confirm what the requirement is to get this to work or is it just random luck?

    • It's targeted. So if your account doesn't have the offer visible in your account section, then no offer is given.

  • +3

    targetted? revoked pos vote

  • Got the offer on one of my accounts, but can't be used on anything I have tried so far….

  • +2

    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

  • +1

    After wasting a ridiculous amount of time re-starting, uninstalling, reinstalling, gave up on my iphone and had success with the app on android. As mentioned by others, the Gift cards, vouchers, coupons option was not available to enter code on iphone.

    • -2

      Targeted for account never login or purchase with APP only,it work for my 5 account.

      • I got the email for this code to my one of my account but i also can't enter the coupon section.

        ps. getting the email assume i am eligible?

        • if you are targeted,the offer will show on coupon section,no code required
          Try contact customer service,if you receive offer email.

          • +1

            @coolim: Yeah i can see on the account that has got it - will need to speak to custom service i guess!

            update - this is what CS said "We have actually received similar reports about this and currently our Marketing and Technical team is working to have this sorted."

    • I have exactly the same problem … every time I click to try and enter the code it won't go to the next screen to enter the code - frustrating!!

  • +1

    Didn’t work for me.

  • Is the mentioned 6:00pm the 2nd of July? Or was it 6:00pm on the 1st?

  • Does the code actually appear in My eBay Summary if you're targeted?

    • +1

      Yes. I also received an email from eBay about it.

  • +1

    Reported the deal yesterday as “targeted”
    Moved on
    Deal got marked as “targeted”

    No need to hate OP lol
    Some people need to chill..

  • +1

    Worked on iPhone app. Thanks OP.

  • I was targeted but can't apply the voucher. It just says 'This code can't be applied to your order'. I've tried adding a payment option (both Paypal and cc), still the same.

    My 2 items 1 and 2 total $3.42 + $0.34 GST. No shipping costs. Does anyone know why it's not working?

    • CS said is a technical issue that they are working on.

      • Ah glad it's not just me then. Thanks for letting me know!

  • +1

    doesnt work at all

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