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5% off $70 Minimum Spend (Max Discount $1000) on Eligible Items @ eBay Australia


Higher minimum spend than PEPPER, but longer expiry and larger discount amount per transaction. Aside from those points, there's no difference between the terms of both (at quick glance).

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    • Discount is up to $1k, so will work on items up to $20k (I math good!), vs the other coupon which is up to $300 discount ($6k items)

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        Ahh just noticed, went for unpublish but you replied lol

  • Finally I can pull the trigger … wut was eBay thinking having no sitewide code?

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      Eligible items only. :(

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    Should have a 10 er soon if they want to compete with the monster .

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    Seems like PARSLEY is for phone category as far as i can tell…(some example sellers: mobileciti, three.sons, dvdorchard ect…)

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    So the code is returning "cannot use until minimum order has been reached" but I'm over $70.

    • Same. I had like $175 in there too.

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    What's next? PAPRIKA?

  • Finally I can max out the discount as I am ready to purchase a second hand car for $19,999.

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    Eligible items only!

  • Waiting for PEANUTS

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    What a waste of time. Added half a dozen items, wasn't able to apply at all.

    Both codes.

    EBay's random eligibility is a joke.

    Atleast update the title to Eligible items…. Like the other.

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    "This code can't be applied to your order."
    This eligible item condition is BS. Over half the items on ebay are not eligible, not sitewide.

  • RIP, just bought a monitor from computer alliance literally 3 hours before this was posted. Does anyone know if it is possible to refund the difference?

    • If it hasn't been posted yet just request a refund specifying that there's a voucher you want to use then repurchase with the code :)

      • Sadly they already shipped it. I feel like if they just refund it, it would be cheaper than if I ship it back to them and repurchase it since I have ebay plus, they'll cover shipping 3 times. Not that I'll do it of course, waste my time and their time for $15.

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    Nothing personal Spackbase but ebays offerings have gone from bad to worse. Tried many items and couldn't find any that were eligible for this promo. I wouldn't call it a bargain when there is no clear indication of what categories or even type of items are eligible for this. Waste of time and I think it's about time to start looking at alternatives to ebay (if they exist).

    Gone are the days of genuine sitewide discounts and with the squeeze not only on buyers but also sellers with them discontinuing the seller promos, it seems everyone is suffering.

    It has to be an Aussie thing because we still get foreign promos that are actually genuine site wide deals.

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    Anyone know what eligible items?

    Because it appears as though its not very much at all… and is simply a token amount of junk to draw people into Ebay and select items to purchase, only to not be able to use the discount code. But then they just go ahead with purchase anyway without the code.

    Say it isn't so Ebay. Tell me this isn't a pathetic marketing ploy to draw people to your website, without actually needing to offer any discount to the majority of visitors who purchase items?

    What a load of BS. A hundred plus votes for a discount no one can use. (No offence Spackbace, I normally like your deals)
    Insufficient quantity? Click Bait?

  • Same nuisance as the other one. Still, at least I'm reading the conditions before remotely trying to use the code now. Saves me a headache.

  • Tried to use but didn't work. Total waste of time and nobody knows what an 'eligible' item is

  • These vague eligible item ones are a joke.

  • This eligible items shit is so lame, trawled through so many items on my watch list, only found one single item it is eligible for.

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    G-technology G-Speed 80TB Shuttle XL TB3 RAID Array

    Item price: AU $6,509.80
    -AU $325.49
    Your price: AU $6,184.31

    Need a few, to update my copy of the internet!

  • IPad 32gb $418 after coupon


    Costco has them for $438.99

  • PEPPER COde is reactivated too, new Expiry of 31/08/2019

  • I found PARSLEY (has min spend) more widely accepted than PEPPER (no min spend).

  • Still works today. PANTSUIT and PEPPER didn't work for me, but PARSLEY did.

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