This was posted 2 years 5 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Eligible Items ($120 Min Spend, $200 Max Discount) @ eBay


10% Off eligible items

Eligible Items’ means all items listed on where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PRETZEL is displayed in the item listing.

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    This deal is making me thirsty.

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      I'm a simple man. I see a Seinfeld reference, I upvote.

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        I'm a simple man, I read something that's been said a gazillion times already, I downvote

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      Here ya go

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      Why do they call it ovaltine? The mug is round, the jar is round, they should call it roundtine

  • Min purchase?

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    Looks like they are ramping up their offers before Amazon Prime day next week.

    • Thanks , then I would save my fingers energy and wait for the amazon prime bargains

    • What date is Amazon Prime?

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      Why is everything that eBay/Amazon do in response to some other sale?

  • Drought over :)

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    price jacking already started, pretty much too late

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    Worked on 2 buy it now items I watching.. saved me $105! was going to bite the bullet yesterday with the 5% off… good thing i waited :)

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    Has anyone found any items that are eligible yet?
    I think this kind of deal only applies to items on eBay that nobody wants to buy :-/

    • LOL what do you know, the one and only item in my watch list (RAM mount for iPad) is actually an eligible item for this discount code, so I bought it. Guess I'll have to upvote this deal now XD

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    all these 'eligible' ebay offers, and it only works if it is displayed in the listing, will ebay automatically display the highest saving or is it just 1/3 of ebay is 5% off, another 1/3 is 10% off, and the last 1/3 of ebay is $3 off ?

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    Fairly restrictive, and like finding a needle in a haystack.

    • Don't know what items you are looking at, I am seeing quite a few sellers in the electronics, computing, cameras and drones sections with this 10% off, both private and shop sellers.

      • I was looking for Sony A6400 camera and few of the cheap grey importers are not included in this promotion. No Frills is but after 10% the price is few dollars cheaper than grey importers..

        • No Frills is usually in the 20% discount campaigns. Wait for that campaign to come around. Their other shop Ryda never is so would have cheaper prices, so 10% off works better with Ryda.

          • @Buy2Much: Sneaky bastards don't include new/lower margin cameras like A6400 in 20% off campaigns - at least it wasn't included in last 20% sale that No Frills was in.

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    How do you search for these items??

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    Wondering if ebay Plus members will get 15% off? Should have purchased something before 30 June but totally forgot. The extra 5% off would be nice.

  • How many uses this code ?

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      T&c states 10 redemptions during offer period. So you can buy 10 items × 10 transactions = 100 items. Decent offer and runs til 9th.

  • Thanks. Bought a dashcam I've had my eye on for a few days.

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      Luckily no one stole your eye

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        The dashcam prevented theft

    • Which dashcam did you buy?

    • I've had my eye on the viofo A119 v2 too. Wondering if it's a good time to strike.

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    Just ordered a new washing machine from Appliances online and saved another 10% on already stupid cheap prices. I love Ozbargain! My friends always ask me now if there's any discounts going on things before buying. haha

  • Interestingly bought my CPAP mask with no reference to this code but still works ! Many thanks !

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    Are gift cards included??

  • Been keeping my eye on a gopro 7 black for a while now.. with this at Ted's Cams on eBay it takes it down to $450…. but the last 20% coupon took it down to $440 (but Teds higher base price).

    Anyone have a crystal ball or educated guess if gopro7 black will be heavily discounted on Prime dayz?


    PS.. also can't bring myself to pay more than $399 from previous goodguys sale earlier in June… 😭

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      Wait until this Thursday, a new TGG catalogue will come out and might include a price drop on the Hero 7 in combination with their 20% off sale :)

      • doweyy - you were right! Price did go down thurs.. but only a little bit and it doesn't match their previous price of $399 and is still more expensive than Ted's… DOH!
        But 👍 on your crystal balling!

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    All our items selling for $119 to $116 have increased to $120.

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        I'm guessing it's so they are eligible for the 10% off code minimum spend without you having to buy any extra items
        put the price up $1-$4.00 for a $12.00 saving

    • First time I've seen a store admit to price jacking for a sale lol!

      • At least they’re honest… (!?)
        I thought they might have a legit reason like they take a hit on the discount

  • Thanks for this op. Saved my self $30~ on odd ebay items i didn't really need but wanted.

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    I hate when they just say "eligible items". It means you have to look at every item in your search to see if the discount appears.

    Is it a small number of items only? Or is it everything except gift cards, coins, real estate and cars? i.e. the usual exceptions.

    • Anything from a aussie seller seems to be included. Just has to have min amount minus gift cards etc.

      • Not the item I tried to buy.

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    Looks like car parts are excluded again…

    Seriously ebay. Get your stuff together and list the terms and conditions clearly.

    • Are wheels car parts? Because i bought those using this code and it worked.

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        I tried 2 Aussie sellers for car accessories (cargo liners) and the code didn't work:(

      • Weird. I've tried a set of adjustable coilovers ($1,595) and some adjustable camber arms ($235) and they didn't work. Two different sellers, both Australian.

        Ive been trying to buy these for months. Checking them at every eBay sale. Not a single code has worked.

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    ''Anything from a aussie seller seems to be included''

    Sorry - this is misleading nonsense.

  • ‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed on where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PRETZEL is displayed in the item listing.

    So if this code is only eligible for items where the code shows up as visible on the item itself, does that mean it will only be applicable for items that are at a minium of $120 each?
    As in 2x $60 items would not work as the idividual item threshold of $120 would not have been met which appears to require that each item be $120+ in value?

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    Had 6 different things in my cart for 5 ozzie sellers. Adding to $200 - evenly spread across them all.

    ZERO discount was removed.

    These promos are getting stupid. Even the 3% and 5% off one worked for some discount but NOTHING for PRETZEL - ebay is LOSING clients to Amazon over these convoluted promos.

    Buyers do not have 20 mins to play these silly games each time, each week.

    6 months back the promos worked on all items from all sellers pretty much. (Even foreign ones most times)

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      ebay is LOSING clients to Amazon over these convoluted promos.

      Good. The more competition the better. We might get real discount coupons instead of these vague "on eligible items" discount codes.

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    DJI mavic pro platinum $1079 with code.

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    Don't trust the sale price always. I have been watching a monitor whose price went up yesterday due to the sale. Original price was $473 and it went to 489 yesterday due to the sale coming up. Yes, it's discount but now it's between 6-7% instead of 10.

  • Is Victoria's Basement items eligible?

  • How many uses per customer? This is not clear.

  • Anyone looking for audio gear, DAPs etc, a1_futureshp has items which seems to be included in this sale.

    Super annoying there's not just a single page with all the included items, or is there?

  • I know this has ended and not sure when next 10% off etc but even regarding 5% and 3% off codes don't these work anymore on overseas purchases sold through eBay I have tried in past and today with codes and they don't do anything the 10% when there are ones helps pay gst

    • Looks like they locked it down fully to selected AU sellers…the OS sellers will have a huge hole in their pocket after a year like that.

      • True.
        I prefer ebay did this. Win situation for aus seller.
        Those overseas seller claiming AU stock locAtion darwin / whatever, then ship from China !

      • That sucks so when I used to say save 10% when promos was available it used to help towards or cover gst now you say this it's going to cost more,why even bother doing that makes no sense less people will use them,I have item in my basket but was looking for that extra discount on eBay but 5%,not working this would have covered half my gst at least,looks like eBay lose here as I'm not willing to pay that extra, will just have to try and find another less gst and maybe even a better price than eBay but it be hard.

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