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$23 Cashback on $10 (Code: SAVE20) 28-Day Unlimited 30GB amaysim Plan @ Cashrewards (New amaysim Customers)


Thanks to doweyy for pointing this out so sharing it who missed to see his comment :)
Go via Cashrewards to get $23 Cashback & Use Coupon SAVE20 at this $30 plan for $10

$13 profit

Cashback on 5GB & 30GB Mobile Plans: $23.00

Thanks to maddoglee for original deal

As of 14/03/19, Cashback is available only to new amaysim customers, purchasing a new SIM, and limited to one per Cashrewards account.

Cashback is not payable when using coupon code/s not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is not payable for recharges on an existing service.

Cashback is paid only on a new service (SIM) which is activated within 30 days of purchase. If the sale is withdrawn and/or refunded, or if the service (SIM) is not activated within 30 days of purchase, the transaction will be deemed cancelled and cashback will not be awarded.

Purchases not eligible for cashback:

amaysim refer-a-friend (RAF) sales.
amaysim broadband services (please visit amaysim Broadband page).
Exclusive amaysim partner promos (ie. Groupon & others) and/or various special promos outlined from time to time.

Mod Note: Deal has been extended to July 4th 2019.

Referral Links

Referral:  Being Askhole or random (3495)

$10 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase

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  • Does this deal give you $13 profit?

    • Well I think its only for your first ever use of Amaysim via Cash Rewards. (IE not 99% of OzBargain)
      TA made a point of warning people that the Amaysim redemption process had changed

      • yeah i think i got once in the past. need to clarify this. otherwise many people will get bankrupt due to spending $10 for something they dont need

      • What if I use a new email address but the same person/ID who was previously registered with Amaysim?

      • Are you saying it must be a new Amaysim customer and never redeem the Amaysim cashback from Cash Rewards before?

      • As of 14/03/19, Cashback is available only to new amaysim customers, purchasing a new SIM, and limited to one per Cashrewards account.

  • Damn, read t and C from Amaysim, bought already. Oh well.

  • If you already have claimed cashback but prior to 14/3/2019 are you still eligible?

  • Wow nice lol. Good to have a new number too, so I can get referral credits on other accounts muahahah.
    Also don't forget to cancel the recurring payments, as this sets you up for automatic payments.

  • I can buy this sim and just port over my kogan number to it right?

  • Thanks BA. I managed to get a really good mobile number too. Does anyone know if Amaysim charge to port to another provider?

  • So it's basically, are you willing to wait for money, vs money itself.

    • I look at it as a very small investment with 100% return, that takes a few months. Plus, free 30GB while I wait. The big 4 can't beat that rate!

  • I was with amaysim years ago but never used cash back with it am I able to get this?

  • It's clear as mud at best what's a new customer. If you were with Amaysim a month ago and you use a different email to register at Amaysim, are you a new customer.?

    • From my experience, as long as you use a new email address amaysim counts you as a new customer. If you don't want to make multiple emails, add '+' and any letter/word/number between your email and @. It will also count as a new email address but notifications will be sent to your email.

  • From Cashrewards : “As of 14/03/19, Cashback is available only to new amaysim customers, purchasing a new SIM, and limited to one per Cashrewards account.”

    So, you’ll get the discount using new email but for cashback it has to be the first one to claim.

  • Anyone know how often these deals come up? Don't need one more but will in 3 months! Since this one needs to be activated within 30 days.

    • I just found out randomly on the website when I was looking up what is get for my$10 start kit. Not sure if there's any other way

  • Can you quit your plan at the end of the month, before having to payed for the next month and you will still get cash back and won't have to pay for next month as well ?

    • It only says you have to activate this month, doesn't say you have to keep reoccurring billing on

      So I assume you don't need to have any more than the first month

    • You can stop Auto plan renewal as soon your Sim card is activated and you still get cash back. I only had to pay for one month when I got cash back.

  • New amaysim customer
    Signed up for a new number
    Gave my existing contact details
    Within an hour got a telemarketing call on my existing number, my first in the three years I've hard the number.
    Lesson learnt.

  • Unable to click on payment option. Is anyone else having same problem

  • When you say new amaysim customers, do you mean a new number being ported over, or a new customer entirely? i.e. if you already have services with them, can you get this deal if porting over a new number?

    • As long as you create new account with new email, porting in your existing mobile number or get a new mobile number will be treated as new customer even you already have services with them which I presume you are referring to pre-paid mobile services.

  • I tried the last Groupon deal which sounded so cheap but I failed and ended 19.95 out of pocket and a not yet activated sim card. Amaysim gave me Groupon's phone number so I have 9.95 Groupon credit but the other 10 bucks just have to wait till Coles mobile times out. Coles was great ages ago, took a year for $170 with 42 gig and it was near perfect for about 10 months when they started to slow me down but on the other hand their counter is way slower than Telstra's make 2 speed tests and your 3 Gigs are gone.
    I estimated about 60 Gig out of the Coles deal but why do they give some folks free tv if their network struggles?

  • For those who are looking to sign up more new mobile services, Shopback is also offering same deal with $25 cashback.

  • I don't know if I'm willing to risk it…
    Still,it's $10 for 30gb, I'm gonna stick with Kogan 40gb/$4.95

  • Does anyone know how long do you have to activate the sim once purchased?

  • Does anyone know when the cashback deal ends?

  • My sim came preactivated.

  • If you paid using PayPal, make sure you turn off auto-recharge in the Dashboard and your PayPal account. I turned off the one in the Dashboard, but the auto-recharge setting remains active in my PayPal account.

  • Can someone please help me with their brainy tech wisdom? I bought this to use the data. I out it in my iPad turned on mobile data but no go. Any idea how to get the sim working in an iPad Air 2? Thank you :)

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