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Oppo Reno 10x Zoom $399 Upfront with Telstra $65 12M Plan + Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones @ JB Hi-Fi (Instore)


Considering the cost of this new phone which sells for $1199, this is a ripper deal with a $800 discount (better than a $500 GC)! Color OS may not be for everyone though!

Bear in mind, this is NOT the 5G model selling for $1499!

Plan inclusions: Unlimited National calls & SMS | 60GB Data | No International calls included.

Credit to Doweyy for the link. You can also claim the Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones via redemption here if purchased before 14/07/2019!

The headphones go for about $200 when on Sale!

As per this comment, people have changed to the new BYO month to month plan with no ETC.

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    Should be able to claim a pair of Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones too from what I can tell?

    • I was looking for the link :) Thanks mate.

  • I think there was a $799 Oppo Reno 5G promo with a similar plan as this at JBHIFI.

    • Here it was!

      I for one, don't see value in paying $400 more for a 5G version, even though I am with Telstra.

      • I thought so. Sadly that expired.

    • A little off topic, but with the Galaxy S10 5G, it's really annoying since it keep switching between 4 and 5. I'd say wait til iPhone's got them then upgrade to the 5G network.

  • Sign up to this deal. Change the plan to a Telstra month-to-month plan with no ETC. Then cancel :)

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      You will have an ETC when you upgrade this 12 month contract to a month-to-month

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        Yeah! I am confident that moving from a 12 month term to a month to month plan will be looked at as a termination of contract.

        I really hate telstra for changing their plans as I posted here

        I took the $65 plan with the P30 and switched to the $49 plan. Managed to offset the $199 device cost with the Huawei GC promo. That was a sick deal!

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          Except many people HAVE changed from a 12 month byo plan to a new month-to-month plan and paid no ETC, including myself.

          • @mandelbrot: I stand corrected then. I was just going back to my days at Telstra in reference :) First time I have heard that people have successfully moved to the new plans with no ETC.

            If what you say can be done easily, you're pretty much getting the phone for $200!

          • @mandelbrot: Any idea what happens if you port out of the month to month after having switched there from 12 month contract? Nothing?

            Any tips on getting out of the ETC?


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              @CJ31: Technically the new Telstra plans have no cancellation costs since they are month-to-month.

              Only tip dealing with Telstra online chat is if one CSR tells you there is an ETC, cancel the chat and start a new chat. Dealing with Telstra is like tossing a coin.

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            metoo (not the touchy one)

        • i cancelled the plan but had 100+ points hit in my credit report. Not sure whether this is related?

      • do you know how much is ETC?

    • Another word you buy the plan today, go Telstra Chat to change your current plan $65 to Month to Month plan (how much is month to month plan?
      Do you cancel after they updated month to month?

      If it is right that means you only paid $399 upfront to JB :)

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      • Anyone who has actually done this and was successful? Thank you

        • I haven't cancelled the month-to-month service yet. But do have a Telstra chat transcript stating that there are no termination charges if I cancel the service or port out.

          • @mandelbrot: thanks for your response. I would probably not risk it as I don't want to end up paying $65 per month

  • Can someone confirm this can be done? D downgrade and cancel the plan without penalty?

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    Surely Telstra closes the loophole to cancel the contract… Huge risk if you go in thinking it will.

  • Correct is too big of a loophole
    Who has tried and has been successful?

  • So essentially officially there is a ETC.

  • Can anyone explain how to get international calls

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    • Incoming calls are free so you can get international calls…

  • Called JB direct and got told flatly there is a ETC of $390 by changing to any casual plan.

    • The change isn't done by JB. It's done by Telstra.

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        I asked Telstra too, and they advised to contact JB.

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          So you asked both companies about effectively a loophole and whether you can utilise the loophole. What do you think their official response would be?

          • @mandelbrot: I'm not saying this is a bad deal, I'm just saying there's a chance that someone might not be able to cancel without ETC. Its up to individual's whether that chance is worth it.

        • I had the same telstra chat response. Yet to try again, but their arguement was that its a differnt family of plans.

          Do the chat logs stay against my account, meaning the next time I chat they can jusg look and see I've already atempted to change?

          • @Spiderboy: Tried chat again last night, armed with the reasoning that a number of my 'friends' have made the exact same plan switch and were waived the ETC fee, because they're staying with telstra.

            He went away for a minute, came back and said no worries!

            So while I didn't get this deal, effectively if I cancel my plan I have gotten my $790 43" Hinsense tv for under $100!

    • that's no doubt the offical response in accordance to T&C

  • With the $45 a month plan, you get a $200 gift card when signing up for 12 months.

    The gift cards are "*Available to port-in customers and new Telstra customers only."

    If I am currently on a Telstra plan that expires soon, can I port out for a day and jump back in and get the gift card?

    • Probably needs to be 30 days

  • +1

    Can’t port my number as I m with Optus 24 month contract.

    Sad and I have to let go this deal.

  • Talked with Telstra and they offered the change to month-to-month plan and waive to ETC amount.

    • +1

      Could you please share the reference? Thank you

      • Talked through Telstra app not live chat so don't have reference no.

    • How did you get Telstra to waive the ETC? Thanks.

    • Wow! That's amazing. How is that possible when all these people are saying it's impossible and there's definitely an ETC!?!

      /End sarcasm

    • Just talked through Telstra 24*7 app messaging section and asked if I can move to new month-to-month plan and they offered with waive of ETC.

  • What's the difference between this and the 5G version (besides the 5G modem)?

    • just the 5G modem, otherwise same phone.

  • I got one and double confirmed there is no ETC after my plan got upgraded. Then I saved online transcript as reference.

    • what plan you changed to ?

      • Upgraded to the top data option under month to month plan. Going to cancel it next month.

    • The loophole will be fixed soon, please don’t resist your desire if you want to have one.

  • I can also confirm I have changed my plan to 60gb month to month. NO ETC!!!!

    • what did you say to Telstra?

      • When Telstra try to redirect you to JB, say JB already redirected you to Telstra.

      • Telstra 24/7 App. Asked to change plan, he then asked what plan? I said the new 60gb plan. He then checked it up and sent me a link of the plan he thought I was referring to, I said yes that one and he then sent me the terms and conditions and asked if I agree? I said yes and he said it was all done. Got an email straight after.

        • Did you specifically ask if there is cancellation charges?

        • I thought the 60GB plan is only $60? Wouldn't that be a downgrade instead?

          • @truetypezk: Yep but no questions asked from rep.

          • @truetypezk: With the 12 month BYO plans, you can change to any sized plan, upgrade or downgrade.

            • @mandelbrot: Yep I just changed mine to the $50 plan the online chat also says that "There will be early termination charge, will just waive it for you :)"
              That takes out any ambiguity I guess, fantastic.

  • Ok I'm getting the idea of why this works. It's because Telstra updated their plans recently and now have no more 12 month plans. Whereas resellers like JB still have them and have not updated. So when you ask to change plan at Telstra, there is no like for like, thus the closest is the byo month to month plans. An I right ?

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    Remember there is no IP rating for the phone as it has a mechanical camera. Not sure it's a deal breaker for most though

    • It is for me… Thanks for the heads up.

  • Can you use the $300 voucher to discount the $399 upfront cost to $99?

    • Yes. You can use gift card if you've any.

    • are you expecting a $300 gc along with the $65 plan? or you already have a $300 gc with you?

      • I was expecting a $300 gift card with the offer. Is that offered with this?

        • +1

          Nope. Its either $300 voucher or a $800 discount on this phone.

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    It actually works!

    Got phone for $399 and just went to medium plan then cancelled plus free earbuds!

    • Have you cancelled already? I am thinking if I should at least wait for a couple of days before cancellation.

      • +1

        Yes, waiting for final bill

        • let us know how it goes for you, I also did the same thing just now :)

    • Hi did u contact telstra by live chat or phone?

      • +1

        Live chat

    • just transferred to the $50 plan. haven't cancelled yet might give it a few days

      • Did you receive any confirmation email for the plan change?

    • Did you receive any confirmation email for the plan change ?

      • it updated in my 24x7 account

  • Does this trick also work with JB HiFi 24 months with other phones such as huawei p30 pro?

    • +1

      No. Only 12 month BYO plans

      • Not sure the difference as Telstra would just switch you to month by month plan anyway?

  • Posting my experience.

    Ported an old Optus iPad mobile broadband SIM from Optus to this plan this morning and received my phone.

    Straight onto the Telstra 24x7 chat and changed to the $50 month to month plan. Confirmed with rep there is no ETC fee.

    • Did you receive any confirmation email for the plan change??

      • Not as yet they said changes will take upto 24 hours. I'll keep checking the app.

        • After 5 minutes my plan is changed in the app.

      • +1

        Received confirmation email today of plan change and adjusted bill. No etc charge confirmed

  • is this only for port in?

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      Yes only port in. The sales person at JB hi-fi just told me to buy a $2 SIM from any other company but Telstra and they could use that to port in for the deal.

  • contacted two customer service
    first one say 390 etc fee
    second one
    said If you will be cancelling your plan and port out you will be needing to pay the cancellation fee of $390.00. But if you will only chnage your plan we will be waiving that fee and recontract you to another plan.

    • +1

      Probably they are catching up on that. I think the only reason that the deal still works is because it didn't make it to the front page.

    • They can't " recontract you to another plan" as Telstra doesn't have contract plans anymore.

  • How soon is the free earbuds arriving?

  • anyone already cancelled?

    • I have cancelled but haven't received final bill

  • Anyone tried to get 24 months $65 with $500 gift card and then switch to Telstra BYO plan without ETC?

  • +2

    Also wanted to post my experience.

    Went in to JB hi fi Bondi junction today and got the oppo phone deal. Got lucky and was able to snag the last phone in black that they had. I asked the sales person if I could get a new number with the deal but was told that it was port in only. She did mention that if I didn't want to port my number that I could just purchase any $2 SIM and port that over instead. I decided to port my number as it was less hassle and paid the $399 with a gift card.

    Got home and went on Telstra 24x7 chat and changed to the $50 month to month plan, no questions asked. The CSR was also nice enough to stay online with me until I received email and text confirmation of the change. No ETC. Have not cancelled completely as of yet. When I log in to my Telstra account it shows that I'm on the $50 small plan and the contract end date specifies that I am out of contract

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