This was posted 3 years 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10,000 Bonus Flybuys Pts or $50 off with $50 to $200 Spend Per Week for 4 Weeks @ Coles


This popular deal is back. Mine was $50 per week which is reasonable.


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  • Mind explaining how to actually obtain the deal mate? Linking to the front page of the Flybuys website is pretty useless without some info to back it up.

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      It is a targetted deal. I received it too in an email and wife received 4 weeks x $70 each week offer.

    • mine is $180 each week for 4 weeks. didn't bother to activate.

    • You have to log into the Flybuys website to see your targetted offer under "my offers".

  • My offer is the usual $90 per week over four weeks :(

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      Same. We've been shopping at Aldi though so it's jumped down from $130!

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    Collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS or save $50 off your shop when you spend $160 or more each week for 4 weeks!


    off to woooies I go with the $50 spend 3 weeks

  • I received 4 weeks x $70 each week offer for 10k Flybuys or $50 off

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    4 weeks x $200 - goddamit!!!

    • Hey big spender!

  • Didn’t receive this time.

  • these offers are always happening, got one today 10k for $100, also got this $90 x 4 weeks offer.
    Never ending 10% plus off at Coles.

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    Took 1 year to reset from 120 per week down to 50 per week.

    • Did you not shop for one year to get this reset?

    • Yes, please give more details, as my minimum spend amounts keep on creeping up.

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        just don't swipe ur flybuys and they'll beg u to come back and spend

        • or split spending across separate accounts for partner and/or adult kids

      • You need to stop eating for a year.

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        • I had a $50 4 week 10,000 point promo (which I completed), and in the last week got a $60 voucher as well, so I spent $60 in that week.
        • Then they offered me a $60 4 week 10,000 point promo. I ignored it and just kept shopping at Aldi.
        • Next round they offered me $50 4 week 10,000 point promo (which I completed). I use a calculator as I put things in the trolley, and make sure I spend $50 - $53, but no more.
        • Seems to work because then I got another $50 4 week 10,000 point promo (which I completed)
        • Then another $50 4 week 10,000 point promo (which I recently completed)
        • And they've just offered me another $50 4 week 10,000 point promo (which I have not started yet)

        So the trick is to completely ignore the promos and shop elsewhere until they offer an acceptable amount (I consider a 25% rewards rate acceptable). And if you do accept, don't go more than a little over the limit (I keep it to max $3 over), or they'll just keep increasing the limit.

        • Thanks, my last 2 were $50 spend, this one is $60, I'll ignore it. It's probably a bit soon for another anyway.

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          Nickj approach is nearly identical to mine - high five!

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    4 Weeks x $50 or more to get 10,000 flybuys points. Much better then 3 weeks x $50 or more to get 3000 everyday rewards from Woolies.

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      Agreed, Woolies Rewards program really sux compared to Coles/FlyBuys:
      1) Woolies points offers are usually much less than Coles/Flybuys per dollar spent
      2) Flybuys/Coles shows you exactly how many points you have, where you earnt them, including bonus offer points, and how much they are worth in dollars
      3) Flybuys/Coles always shows you on your shopping receipt when you have achieved the required spend for the weekly offers. Woolies is hit ans miss, mostly miss.
      4) Flybuys/Coles always asks if you would like to redeem points for $10 off your shop, whereas Woolies just does it automatically which can sometime drop you below a target spend you were trying to reach for a bonus points offer.
      5) Woolies Rewards site cannot be accessed from "outside Austalia" even though I am in Melbourne but my work computer goes through a VPN. This restriction makes zero sense. What if I am on holidays and just want to check my Rewards balance?
      6) If you have a Woolies online order with Out of Stock items, this can drop you below the minimum spend for a bonus points offer and you will not be credited the points unless you call them and ask them to manually add the points. This happened to me 3 weeks in a row, as I order only just enough to get my bonus points.
      I have raised these issues with Woolies multiple times over the last couple of years and yet they have done nothing about it. Hard to believe such a big company can run such a poor Rewards program. Some of the big knobs at Woolies need to sign up to Flybuys to see how it should be done!

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        "Woolies just does it automatically which can sometime drop you below a target spend you were trying to reach for a bonus points offer"

        I rang woolies and if you paid using your credit, it still count. I tried using it last time on my last week of the promotion. Paid $50 all from woolies credit and still got the bonus points

        • yes this has happened to me also.

        • Ok, thanks for that, they must have changed it, because I recall a while ago I missed out on points because of this.

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    i got 4 weeks x $50 for 10k flybuys points. i normally keep my spending at coles under $50 and was never tempted to spend more even if i received offers like spend $60 or $80 and get 1000 points

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    4 weeks/$50 on 3 diff flybuys accounts.

    • I also have the spend $50 for 4 weeks for 10,000 points offer, on several accounts, which starts tomorrow. I also have another offer on one of these accounts of 2000 points for $60 spend. It ends tomorrow. So I am going shopping tomorrow and by my calculation I will get 12,000 points ($60) for $210 spend. That is nearly 29%. Plus 10% off for gift card and most of my purchases are from the half price specials.My maths is not the best so I hope that is correct

      • Where do you get 10% off gift cards?

        • They are not common. Prezzee had 10% off swap gift card which I swapped for Coles. My whole family has a Prezzee account as sometimes there is a limit on how may special offer cards you can purchase. During the AmEx Vogue Fashion promotion, early September, you can purchase Coles/Myer gift cards(Spend $50 Get $20 Back (up to 3 Times). That is a 40% discount. Again it helps if you have several cards. It is easier to get Woolworth cards at 10% off on eBay.

  • i barely use my 2 accounts,

    bought a few gift cards maybe last year
    and the odd sub $10 purchase when I need some milk

    4 x $220
    4 x $140

    yeah right, dream on coles, makes me want to even less likely to go to coles

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    I shop at coles all the time. Prices are definitely higher than Aldi products but I mostly buy the specials which is usually better than Aldi. I never pay for the full priced items at coles. I just stock up when on special

  • I got 4 x $70 for 10,000 flybuys points and my dad got 4 x $60 for 10,000 flybuys points. Pretty good for both of us :)

  • I got 4 x $80 for 10k points but it has crept up from 4 x $70 last time and 4 x $60 the time before that. Debating if I should activate or let this one slide so they come back with a better offer next time. I know I would be buying stuff I don't need just to get to the $80….which is exactly what they want.

  • I got "Collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $80 or more in one OR multiple shops each week for 4 weeks!" In other words, I can do it in one week… :-)

    • No, you can't do it in one week, you still need to spend at least $80 each work for 4 weeks to get the points. But for you, the $80 spend can be over several shops instead on one shop, which does make it easier. Mine says "spend $80 or more in one shop, each week for 4 weeks" :(

  • I got $100 over 4 weeks 2day also… 10k points or $50 discount..

  • haven't had any decent offers from coles for some reason, maybe because i still had some flybuy dollars left, well, good thing is i don't shop there often now, mostly at woolly due to the 10% off giftcards

  • Since Aldi has whole chooks for $3/kg, not much reason for me to go to coles.

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      $2.90kg for Steggles chooks at Coles on special…at times :)

  • Completed the last offer about a week ago and got this one too. Coles is spoiling me. I am not worried that my local Woolies shut its doors last Sunday as I hardly got any decent rewards points from them anyway.

  • $130 x4

    last one was $120 x4

  • My offers have jumped from $50, to $60 and now $70 per week.

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      Try to spend only upto the min. If u have more things just split the payment nd dont scan flybuys on second one

      • or use another flybuys account.

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        And when you buy outside of the 4 x weeks don’t scan flybuys or spend as least as you can

        • yea i am with ya on this. I only scan flybuys when there is offer. i feel more savings this way anyway as you get more offers. game it :)

        • I usually go to ALDI when there is no offer.

    • I spend about $20 a year at Coles and my offer is 4x$100 for 10,000 points. Last time i shopped there was December for $8.

      Needless to say I wont be accepting the offer. Who knows how they work out what to offer you, it's certainly not just on spending patterns. Possibly demographics, I live in an expensive part of Sydney, maybe they assume everyone in certain postcodes is rich, or getting richer.

      • It is more about biggest spend on a number of last transactions I think. I do lots of $10-15 shops, but I also do a big shop of over $150 every two weeks or so when no promos are on. Would be interesting to see what they do base it on.

  • Do opal top ups count towards the spend?

    • It should; doesn't say it doesn't

      • Coles has Opal top up?
        I know similar promo on woollies doesn't count Opal top up

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          Yes and Woolies never give points for Opal top up. That's why I haven't topped up at Woolies in ages and only now top up at Coles

  • One card of mine is $50, the other is $170. Hmm guess which one I'll be using…

  • We usually get 4x$50 spend for 10k points and that's about the only time we shop at Coles, otherwise Aldi it is. Maybe that's why we keep getting the low $ spend offers.

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    I just finished one so I didn’t get it, I love these deals especially when it’s $50 but when they are back to back it’s hard. Have fun shopping at Coles everyone!

  • I haven't received any of these offers since last year. I assume it's just bad luck? Might stop using my card to see if that resets it…

  • This is absolutely not a "bargain"!!

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      You spend $200 and get $50 back, I think that’s a bargain/not bad, especially If you normally spend $200 on groceries over four weeks when you get nothing extra afterwards. Depends how you look at it I guess. $50 x 4 weeks is the best, but as the target increases the deal becomes not as good.

      • I usually get this offer from flybuys, but don't pay attention! I spend around $100 each week, but only buy half price stuff from Coles. That is, I usually buy most things from ALDI. So doesn't makes to me to change my shopping approach to Coles: spending more on expensive items to get $50 at the end. This is how Coles makes it intriguing :D

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          The ozbargainers idea is to buy half price specials, then get another 25% value with the $50 points offer. Of course if Aldi has things that much cheaper, buy from there,

  • Does any purchases from liquorland count or are they excluded from this offer?

  • “ …. transaction excludes purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, tobacco and tobacco related products and Coles Online delivery fees”

    So purchase of recharge vouchers and SIM starter packs are eligible transactions?

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    • I'd assumed nintendo eShop cards are 100% excluded..?

      What are some easy purchases?

      • I assume so…

        If I need to get something quick at the end of my shop to get my spend to a certain amount, I sometimes throw in one or more of the following:

        DVDs, Blu Rays, CDs, Mobile Recharge, Case of Soft Drink Cans, Make Up, Batteries, etc.

  • The offer has seemed to disappear after i have qualified for the 1st week.

    • I know of someone who has the same issue as you

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        I had that problem during a previous one of these promos. I had to contact flybuys and get it resolved. It was because one of the Coles shops was delayed about 6 days before being added to FlyBuys, but I had (and always keep) the receipt, so could prove I shopped during the correct week. They credited me the bonus points, but I had to chase them up twice to get it done.

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      It will re-appear on Wednesday if your eligible transaction was registered last week. It does not affect you make an eligible shop today.

  • Does anyone know how I can receive the paper booster coupons. I get them regularly on one of the accounts I have. Have received them on another one once some time ago and never on the other 3. I have checked the communication preferences and they all looks the same.

  • i opened flybuys app today and it said 'spend $60 at coles for 2,000 points' ends today. i clicked activate button and it changed to activated with a tick. then i went and spent $60 and checked flybuys app afterward it said the offer ended on july 26 (yesterday) WTF

  • Last Wednesday I did the 3rd week of my spend $50 for 10,000 points 4 weeks. Previously the receipt would say Congratulations your qualifying shop is registered but this time it did not. The receipt shows the flybuys card number and the spend appears in my flybuys account. So I hope all good but bit strange as always before I received the message on receipt. At least I have all the proof of my purchase. jmc787 maybe all their systems are failing.

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