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Bose QC35 II $314.40 (OOS) @ Videopro, LG OLED55B8STB $1460 (OOS), Hisense 65R7 $1380 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Excellent price on these headphones :)

Bose Out of Stock.

Silver Here also.

Appliance Central eBay

LG OLED 55B8STB $1460 + Delivery Out of Stock

65R7 Hisense 65" R7 4K UHD Smart ULED TV $1380 + Delivery.

75R6 Hisense 75 Inch Series 6 4K UHD SMART TV $1560 + Delivery thanks to brettmo

As always, enjoy!

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  • +1

    Damm. Paid $335 not too long ago.

    • Still a very reasonable price!

  • +3

    I just want the NC700, but can't find release dates for Australia

    • +3

      I asked the Bose store in Sydney for a release date and they mentioned around October sadly

      • WTH, tech reviews all over the web for 2 weeks already. Amazon US has a 1-2month dispatch so not sure whats going on.

      • +1

        Yeah I also just called them and they told me the same thing.

      • +9

        the source is jv, nothing can be more reliable

        • +2

          quick google search also turned up empty

          but apparently some flights to the US are banning Bose headphones for risk of electronic explosive LOL

          doesnt affect UK/AU flights to US luckily, only UAE and a handful of others of a certain idealogy (go figure lol)

          • @Ninjabredman: Bose headphones are what you are provided on first class flights to cancel the noise…

  • +1

    Darn it been holding off getting that TV. Ozbargain stop tempting me!

    • +1

      Same here! So tempting

      • Yep, me too.

    • +3

      I'm waiting for a good 65 inch deal

    • Same boat… that's the cheapest yet too as far as I've seen!!

    • R6 or P7? Why have you chosen the R6?

  • Dam.. I should have waited for this tv deal

  • +1

    Seems they've hiked the postage cost on the LG B8 for this sale - I've been watching it for weeks and it's previously been $38 to Adelaide Metro, now $60.

    • still worth it.. get it now.. as there can not be much stock of the B8's around

      • Can confirm that B8 is out of stock in Harvey Norman in all of Queensland except for Townsville.

  • Isn’t the LG $1408 after 20% off, plus $20 postage?

    • Max $300 Discount unfortunately, making it $1460.

    • You're lucky as postage here to regional QLD is $90.

      • Postage to Brisbane also $90. Damn.

  • +2

    Appliance Central also have the Hisense 75r6 for $1560 + postage. $335 cheaper than JB Hi Fi & HN.

    And for some reason the postage rate for the 75" is $18 cheaper than than the 65".

    • Looks a great price for a screen that size. Anyone done the homework and able to explain the difference between the R6 and the R7 and if it's likely to be worth the premium?

      • I'd like to educate myself too. A search gives me unreliable information.

  • +3

    Bose 700 coming out……these will drop lower very soon!

  • Damn was hoping for a Hisense 55” R7 deal.

  • +1

    Hoping for a 75 R7 deal as Polar20 caps out at $300 max discount

    How does the 75 r6 stack (100hz plus alexa/google home integration) up against jb hifi 75 p7 (200hz)? Couldn't find any 75 p7s on ebay to utilise the discount…

    • Same here. Just a waiting game for the right discount code/amount. Good Guys at the moment have a code that max's out at $1k.

    • P7 has local dimming while R6 doesn't

  • Thanks heaps, Just active looking for BOSE QC35 II since yesterday on Ozbargain :D

  • +1

    Is it worth to get the LG OLED (55inch) or the 75 Hisense 4K? First world problem really….

    • Size has a quality all of its own.
      Unless you live in a kennel, in which case go the OLED.

    • IMHO…I have the Hisense 75N7 and LG 55" OLED bought around the same time. 75N7 gets used 90% of the time. Once you get used to the 75", it's underwhelming to watch on 55" even though it's OLED.

      • Depends on what youre watching right?

        Normal tv look any good on the 75?

    • Depends on your set up. 55" is pretty small if you have a mid sized lounge but it's massive for a bedroom.

  • +6

    If you get Bose QC35II dont update teo 4.5.2 it kills ANC, big thread on BOSE about it which they deny.

    • +3

      Yep, that's a big old mess Forum Link Glad I didn't open the app and update.

      • Holy hell that looks like a mess, I hope I haven't updated mine

        • I'm apparently still on 3.1.8, and it's not changing lol

    • +4

      Came to post this exact link as this firmware (and to a degree, also the previous firmware) has affected the ANC on my QC35ii's and a friends, and similar updates to QC35i's are also affecting their ANC. Would buy Sony XM3's.

  • +1

    New Bose are out these should drop now

    • New Bose? What's the model called?

      • +1

        Bose 700 I think, Marques did a video on them

    • +2

      since it costs more, I don't think they are discontinuing these but offering the new ones as an upmarket alternative.

  • Great prices on both the TV and QC35!

  • Jumped on the 65R7 for $1460 delivered.

  • +2

    Damm, bought the b8 just before the eofy and it’s now $100 cheaper.

    • same :( .. oh well.. im enjoying it.

  • Does appliance central have price protection? Not long ago that TV is around 1580$. Does AmEx or PayPal have any price protection? Just curious…

    • No but 28 Degrees does. And the old Coles Mastercard did too and still does if you're grandfathered.

  • I'm after a Slimline tv, how slim is the 65" Hisense?

    • +1

      Is that good for anything beyond aesthetics? You're not going to use the space you saved from the slight thinning of the TV.

      • +1

        Unless he's going to watch the TV sideways rather than facing forwards lol… I agree 100%.

        • based on our room configuration and where it will be mounted, it will absolutely make a difference. We don't want one that protrudes out of the wall too much.

          I wouldn't care less otherwise

          • @dsta:

            We don't want one that protrudes out of the wall too much.

            The difference will not be like crt vs LCD.

          • @dsta: So your watching TV from the side?

            If your mounting the TV on the wall maybe check how far the mount sticks out from wall.

            Otherwise if your just sitting on top of something check the legs of the telly.

            But if it's just the TV, I dare say it would be all fairly similar, within 5cm.

            • @GiggityGiggity: Yes I'm watching the tv from the side :/

              Our current 5 year old led princely protudes out close to 20cm including the mount

          • @dsta: It all depends on where the TV speakers are placed. That's what adds to the bulk. Best to go to Hardly Normal and gander a look instore. Take a tape with you. This will give you the answer you're looking for.

  • +1

    QC35II (Black, Silver, Rose Gold) are $281.22 with free shipping on the Bose site if you have a partner or business account

    • Ok that's interesting.

      How do you claim that?

      • Go to the Bose Partner & Employee Purchase Portal, sign up with your eligible corporation email and then purchase

  • -1

    Finally cheaper than what I paid for 55" B8 … feels bad man.

  • How long is delivery ussually?

  • Has anyone been able to get a bricks and mortar store to match this?

    • Don't think anyone will match an eBay discount code price

  • +1

    I do not think Bose QC35 is a good deal at around AUD300.

    I have been using qc35 2gen for over a year and I do NOT recommend -> Unless you really prefer the design over competitors.

    Sound and NC wise there are $100 alternatives that come very close. Bose NC is not perfect and I experience glitches regularly, especially when moving between environments with different air pressure (or opening a car window at high speed aso).
    IMO they are unusable without NC switched on - with concert hall effect that seems to magnify outside noise (probably a reason they are so light weight - no physical sound isolation)

    I would consider Sony or maybe even the "noname" alternatives if I was able to reverse my purchase.

    I have limited but good experience with KitSound Immerse Wireless Bluetooth. I think there have been others on this site in that price range which I assume are similar quality since the technology is well established.

    This year I have an extra complaint on them. I wasn't able to use QC35 on my flight to Europe this year because took a random AUX cable from home, not realizing that QC35 uses a 3,5mm to 2,5mm AUX cable. In the name of a slightly smaller hole in the headset, you will be inconvenienced by not being able to use the more common 3,5 to 3,5mm cable. In my case I was left using the piss-poor headphones provided by the airline to enjoy the on-board entertainment.

  • Which tv for my bedroom? 55 or 65?

    • +1

      Sounds like you need to find the measuring tape in your drawer

      • I can fit both easily, but is the LG PQ gonna be much better?

  • They price jacked the TV? Can't get it for $1460 now

    • Seems like it's sold out now and is defaulting to the videopro listing.

    • Ye, the Hisense 65R7 also price up, so sad to miss the deal