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65% Off Netflix Via VPN (Mobile/Standard/Ultra $3.70/$5.12/$7.01 Mth W/No Fee Card)


You can get Netflix up to 65% cheaper for new sign-up (bonus: 30 days free) or renewing via easy & free VPN trial (once off). Personally, I kept the VPN to get foreign Netflix/BBC/YouTube/Prime etc content

I've used feedback from previous deals. And will update as we get newer/better info here.

Pricing & exchange rates change, and Netflix have admitted to raising some user's pricing, to see if they'll stay - So be sure to check-back occasionally.

Pricing @20/08/20

Basic: 179 ARS ($3.41)
Standard: 269 ARS ($5.12)
Ultra: 369 ARS ($7.01)

Basic: 17.99 TRY ($3.43)
Standard: 29.99 TRY ($5.72)
Ultra: 41.99 TRY ($8.01)

Mobile: 199 INR ($3.70)

STEP 1: VPN Trial

SaferVPN (no Turkish IP)
Express VPN
PureVPN (bad reports)

Not Working: NordVPN

Decent VPN Guide @Reddit

STEP 2: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check
IP Check

STEP 3: Sign Up

Open a new incognito/private-browsing tab in your browser. Might not be enough

Visit Netflix

STEP 4: Enter Card Details

Working: Citibank Debit, 28 Degrees, Macquarie, ANZ Rewards

Mixed reports: ING, CBA

Note: Some banks block 1st attempt & send you a txt to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt will work.

Once complete, it may ask for a mobile phone number. Ignore it, open netflix site in a fresh tab & confirm account is running.

Existing Subscribers:

Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow instructions above.

I've gone a different style here. Full credit & details with those before me:
Doweyy, Neil, Hits etc.

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  • cant get past the payment for both Argentina and Turkey sites.

    • What card did you use? I used Macquarie debit but it didn't work when i try to register as new user so i had to register for AU account, cancel the membership then restart with vpn.

      • so a minimum charge of 1-month on the AU account?

        • Yes in my case i had to register for AU account for a month just to let it expires since i was unable to get past the payment when i registered as new user with either turkey/argentina.

          • @roeh: yup thats what i thought and since they are no longer doing 1-month free trial.

            • @PissLUR: Yeah but the trick is worth to do since i paid AU$10 for the basic AU account and now i'm paying AU$6.37 for standard turkey.

              • @roeh: ok thanks. I will try to find anyone with some disposed accounts in the Classified section before paying AUD$10.

  • Is Netflix still in 'English'? Is it Australia Netflix but I just pay in peso/lira?

    • yes. Its still in english. The content can change depending on your location.

      Edit: Wording

      • Thanks. So if I paid using ARG VPN, then I would be getting the content meant for Argentina?

        • No, if you log into Netflix while in Australia without using a VPN you'll get the Australian library. You're just being billed by Netflix Argentina so you're taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate. If you load Netflix with a VPN on, you'll see the library from your VPN country instead. This is how you can have a Netflix subscription but it still works when you travel overseas.

          • @daanish: Ah got it. I just wanted the Australian one but paid in ARG peso. Thanks.

            • @Hunter14: That's what this deal is. You can obviously still use a VPN to access different libraries but the aim is to be billed in the most favourable currency.

              • @daanish: Yeah I got the same with YouTube Premium India but when I use YouTube Music, it keeps suggesting Bollywood songs in the home page. Just wanted to avoid something like that :)
                YouTube itself is fine though.

                • @Hunter14: Yeah, you just sign up using the VPN for the local currency costs. You can then use whatever location for your content. So when i fire up netflix australia, it is all the local content and not the arg content.

  • Commonwealth bank card and windscribe Turkey server worked well to resubscribe an existing account.

    • Netflix did not accept my CBA credit card. How did you do it?

      • I have subscribed for Australian Netflix using the card and stored the card details in my profile. I have the cancelled the subscription and resubscribed via Winscribe Turkey.

  • Tried 28d, citibank, up, cba, suncorp. All cards not working "something wrong". Anyone else managed to succeed? Both Argentina and Turkey thru Windscribe VPN.

    • new or existing subscriber?

      • new

        • Yup. Doesn't work anymore for new subscribers.
          You will need to sign up to Aussie plan for the first month and then changed to Turkey/Argentina plan.

          • @PissLUR: OK thanks for that. Would I then need to have the payment method I intend to keep using saved when signing up to Aus account, i.e. fee-free international card?

            • @iversonjack: Also, gogetsms for Argentina mobile did not generate any codes for Netflix… tried 20+ times..

  • Connected to Argentina/Turkey, but keep seeing Netflix US.

    • Must be an issue with nordvpn. I tried winscribe turkey and works for an nz existing account. Didn't try argentina.

  • Wow thanks guys!

    I just signed up to the Ultra plan and it came to $9.32/month

    I used PIA - Argentina server and 28 Degrees Card

  • Hi guys,
    I need your help.

    I have previously joined Netflix on an Aussie account/debit card and after one month let it expire, then signed up to a VPN and was able to switch over to Argentina netflix. It has been going great for a few months and I've had cheap prices.

    However overnight, I forgot that I didn't have the required money in that account and Netflix has unsuccessfully tried to charge that card.

    I have just now tried using 3 different paid VPNs to get into Argentina Netflix to 'update' my CC details to pay, but it won't let me.
    Furthermore, I have also tried disabling the VPN and just trying to log in 'via' Australia and just pay the exorbitant Aussie fees, but I can't do that either… what the heck do I do? at a loss.

    thank you,

    • I have a kind of similar issue. I've been using Netflix fine for months using this method. Recently Westpac decided I needed to change my CC from Visa to Mastercard. I just thought I'd let Netflix fail payment, then update details when asked.

      That has just happened tonight, but it won't accept the details ("something is wrong with the payment method"). Do I need to be on a VPN to renew these details? Can't even remember which country I used (think Turkey).

      • I am having same issue? Did you solve it?

        • Nope but haven't tried in the last 3.5 hours.

    • I am having same issue? Did you solve it?

      • +1

        Yes. When I had that issue I had only the option to update details however about 12 hours later I was given a different option "retry". Which I did, and there was no issue.

        • So do you have to be on the VPN even to update CC details?

          • @duke meister: No. And I even joined 4 different VPN to try to do so. Pure, cyberghost etc and NONE of them worked.

            • @dddddog: Just to clarify, you don't need to be on VPN to update, it just worked for you without VPN?

              I've now seen the 'retry' option you mentioned but it wants to retry with my old details. The new details won't save.

  • Can't get it to work with a CBA credit card.

    Any tricks from anyone who has?

    • whats the setup?

  • Has anyone been asked for a one time pin to a Turkish mobile number to confirm their account when changing over from an expired AU subscription?

  • I have Netflix credit on my account. I have cancelled the membership but it forces me to wait until the credit is all used up. Do I have to wait or can I VPN in and restart membership with updated payment details?

    • Won't work with the credit.

      • Thanks, I'll just have to wait until it expires.

  • So I have an account in Turkey. Noticed my card expires prior to the next sub. I tried updating the card but like so many others received the error message.

    Am I correct in believing the way to reactivate it is to let it lapse, enter a credit card on the Australian site (that will work fee free for overseas transactions), pay for a month, then let that lapse and reactivate in Turkey?

    • Interesting.

      I tried using my Citibank debit card and it failed. But I immediately received an SMS from Citibank saying they'd blocked a suspicious transaction and if it was legit to reply Y. I did, tried again and it worked.

      I wonder if this is why my other bank accounts failed?

  • Anyone using the India mobile plan does it allow to chrome cast on TV ?

      • edit - incorrect info

      indian mobile plan is only for watching on mobile, not on media players/TV

      • cant you play on mobile and then chrome cast it on tv ?

  • folks, I am stuck here… any guidance please?

    Signed up via surfshark VPN (paid) last year using NAB credit card, but recently change over to ANZ (refinance) I had to make updates to payment methods in Netflix account over to new ANZ black credit card.

    Now I tried following:

    • Chrome / iOS / Android / Firefox
    • Surfshark / Pure VPN (7 days free @ 0.99$)
    • Used ANZ Black, ING Debit (orange), ANZ Debit, HSBC Everyday Global Debit even NAB Velocity Credit Card
    • Used Brazil, Turkey & Argentina

    All having the same generic error - "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use".

    I really appreciate if you folks can share your experience to resolve this hurdle.

    • +1

      I’ve been using Argentina the past few months. I recently changed the card used, I had to let the subscription lapse first with the original card I used then I was able to change the card. I recall being able to change the payment method with no VPN, it just worked. I’m with Macquarie Bank and didn’t have any issue signing up with them, just worked.

  • I've tried both Surfshark and CyberGhost with Turkey & Argentina. I can access the pay page with currencies but all of my card options aren't accepted. I tried using CBA, ING, Qantas Cashcard and a prepaid AusPost Visa card. Not sure whether I try and apply for a Citibank card. Haha.

    • +1

      Let it expired before renewing with VPN Turkey or Argentina. This usually eliminates the payment issue.

    • I’ve been using Argentina the past few months. CBA didn’t work for me either, but I’m also with Macquarie Bank and didn’t have any issues signing up with them, they also don’t charge an international transaction fee which is good. I’d say try Macquarie Bank or Citibank as payment method is probably the issue.

  • Cheapest Netflix option only works on mobile so you can't cast to tv using Chromecast.

  • +1

    I signed up to Netflix Germany which had one month free, cancelled it the next day. Waited a month for the subscription to expire.
    Then visited Netflix Turkey through VPN. Selected a plan… Easy as

    • +1

      which vpn?

    • Enjoy a free upgrade to Standard during your first 30 days. Watch in HD on up to 2 screens at a time.

      Netflix Germany. no free trial available.

  • Netflix US, Germany etc are all asking for mobile number for SMS verification. Is anyone having the same issue and if so, how can we overcome this? Thanks.

    • +1

      When I signed up to Argentina it asked for mobile number but I ignored it and opened my account with no need for SMS verification

      • Thanks.

  • Thanks tried Windscribe and used Argentina, worked out to be AUD$11.20 per month for Ultra as opposed to AUD$19.99.

    • I got charged $8.80 yesterday for ultimate plan with 28 degrees card

      • Mines Amex, I don’t have a 28 degrees card :(

  • Surfshark, Turkey, Ultra, $8.37, Bankwest CC

  • +1

    I'm on the ultimate plan via Turkey. I just got charged $8.60 with my St.George debit card.

  • Torguard, Citibank debit, Turkey
    $8.52 @7th Aug

    • I have citibank debit, and trying to resubscribe Turkey.
      But using surfshark VPN
      keep getting an error - problem with the payment method you are trying to use

      I will try with Torguard and see if it works. thanks for sharing.

      • +1

        Did Torguard work for you? Tried using their Turkish location, currency offered was Euros.

  • Worked for me. PIA Argentina server using private browsing window in Firefox.

    Price offered to me for Ultra is higher than in OP's post at 449 ARS per month.
    Using MCO Visa card (from - no international transaction fees on this card.

    Billed $8.30 AUD.
    Existing account previously paying through Netflix AU, let it expire first then restarted membership in Argentina, changing the card details from a different card to the current card.

  • so..
    tried many, many ways using my ivacy vpn and windscribe free vpn account, for the turkey with no success..
    was using ING, ANZ rewards credit, 28 degrees etc but at the last step all come "problem with payment method" alert..
    is turkey still working? should i just try argentina? or is it just me.. :(

  • Used Windscribe @ Turkey with ING @ $7.84

    • sigh.. must be something I'm doing wrong
      may I ask what browser you used and whether new or reactivation old account?

      • I initially tried on my desktop with Chrome and desktop Windscribe app, but websites took forever to load.
        I then used Chrome on Macbook Air with the Windscribe extension and worked.

        It was reactivating an old account. I added card details prior to cancelling membership and cleared cache before signing into Netflix each time.

  • Thanks to Ulysses31 & to everyone for contributing …
    I used VyprVPN free trail.. Connected to Argentina.. used Macquarie Bank Debit Card for Standard plan.. got charged A$5.88..

    This was after I let my AU account expire.. I did not had mobile number in my account earlier & was worried about the SMS verification step… So before restarting membership I added my AU mobile and then the process happened smoothly…

  • +1

    I just tried to sign up via VPN Argentina, found the price increased, Ultra is 449 ARS (A$ 8.29)

  • Tried cancelling Aus subscription and renewing on Argentina. Still got asked for Phone Number and can't reactivate!
    Did this happen with anyone else?

    Also did all of you have to reenter the cvv for the credit card before you can reactivate? I m using Bankwest Platinum Zero.

  • Anyone get lucky recently? I tried Argentina VPN, put in my credit card details but they at the end, it asked for a mobile number (can't ignore) for a verification code? I don't have an Argentina number so cannot complete the sign up (the country code couldn't be changed).

    • That has been the case for a while. Some suggested that you can get around it by signing up in AU for a month, cancel and then reactivate with Argentina.
      However, I tried that and was still asked the phone number for verification.

      • Cant they use the existing AU mobile number in Netflix for the verification?

        • +1

          Try signing in straight into your 'Account' using this link..

          there you would see option to Change Phone Number…
          you can enter AU number and it gets easily verified even while you try going via Argentina…
          hope this helps…

          • @imamty: Hi imamty,

            Via that link I can change my phone number, but my phone number in there is already my AU number.
            Retrying to renew my plan through that link still asks for an Argentina number.

            So.. didn't work :-(

  • With VPN each time i go to it takes me to (Romania)

    Any ideas why? and how to fix that?

    • what does whats my ip say?

      • it shows the IP for Turkey. but keeps pushing me to Romania!

        • Try deleting cookies and cache for Netflix or try a different browser/computer or even your phone on 4G.

  • Used Windscribe VPN to Turkey and it keeps saying "Incorrect password. Please try again or you can reset your password."

    Turned VPN off and logs in to AU one without issues.

    I wonder if it's some kind of security measure when logging in to existing (but lapsed) account from different regions

    • Same here - did you find a solution at all?

      • This happened to me as well.
        I turned off Windscribe and logged in as normal, and it went through without a problem. THEN I turned on Windscribe, waited till it connected and went to the page where you choose plans. Came up with Turkish prices, no problems

  • Do we need to use the VPN to access Netflix , or VPN is needed just for sign up?

    • Just for signup. When accessing in Aus, you'll see Aus content. If you access from USA (via VPN or in person), you'd see USA content etc

  • Can I use the same method for spotify??