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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 XMP 2.0 Black $112.62 + Delivery (Free With Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Was looking at the deal this morning, and it was at $122 AUD, within the hour it had dropped to $112.62. Good price, not sure how long it'll be around for.

I know it's an active deal in another thread, but that has the old price. Guess it'll be merged or updated, but getting it out there.

Cheaper than the previous 3000Mhz versions, which were $117 AUD

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Is there any incompatibility issue with ryzen 2nd gen? or b450 motherboards?

    • Can't comment on Ryzen 2nd, but I'm running these sticks with an MSI B450 Tomahawk and a Ryzen 3700X. And XMP profile worked perfectly, booted first try on latest BIOS. Even trying my hand at overclocking the RAM, running 3333MHz at 16-18-18-36 timings at the moment, after some gaming it's pretty solid but I'm yet to do any real longterm stability tests.

      • 3rd generation gets some substantial performance increase by getting to the recommended 3770MHz

        • Not quite the case, definitely wouldn't say substantial. I think what you're talking about is the infinity fabric clock speed, which we've been told reaches peak speeds at 3733MHz RAM, where anything faster halves the speed (goes into 2:1 mode instead of 1:1). AMD reps have stated most people will be fine with 3200 RAM.

      • How do you find the 3700X? As good as all the reviews say from your short period with it?

        • I'd like to know too. I read there is a lot of thermal paste on the stock cooler.

        • Completely overpowered for my use case of 1080p gaming. But having it paired with a GTX 1070, there's nothing I can throw at it that can't reach [email protected] on maxed out settings. Only issue I found was the cooler it comes with is only just enough at 100% all core load, which I initially thought would be an issue, but turns out in games barely hit 20% load across 6 cores and might have one or two under high loads, so the CPU package usually hovers around 60°C in game.
          It's an excellent chip though no real complaints from me, huge upgrade over my previous i7 3770.

          • @SmP46: Hey, did you use bios flashback in order to update your motherboard? Where you insert your usb with the bios file renamed to MSI.ROM and insert it when the psu is connected to the motherboard? Also, by assuming you did, did you install your cpu and ram onto your motherboard before doing the bios update or after? I've got the b450 mortar and 3600!

          • @SmP46: Also, any tips regarding the setup of the computer in bios and stuff? i've also got a 3200 ram stick

            • @steven231: Yup BIOS Flashback was relatively easy. Just to be safe I made sure nothing asides from power was connected to the motherboard (no cpu, ram, gpu). You download the zip file from the msi support page for the board then go into the zip and extract the file with a weird name and file extension (for me it was E7C02AMS.180). Then you rename that file to MSI.ROM and put it on a Fat32 USB. This is where I experienced a problem, initially I tried a 16gb usb3.0 usb but that didn't work (I could tell because the red flashing light only blinked for a few seconds then turned off) so I tried an old 8gb usb 2.0 drive and it worked a treat. Took 5-10 minutes to complete and just had to manually power it off once it had finished.

          • @SmP46: I am upgrading to the 3700X with 32GB ram coming from 4770K myself paired with a 1070Ti. Not expecting jumps in frame rates or anything but I'd imagine games will run so much smoother with the new CPU. Actually more excited at productivity side of things with Photoshop/Lightroom and this software I use for astrophotography that seems to want to gobble up any resources it can get.

          • @SmP46: Just to check, on the cooler itself there is a H and L switch next to the RGB connectors, makes sure its set to H (High). Had my 2700x set to the L setting for 3 months without even knowing it existed!

      • I have been hearing a lot of issues about b450 tomahawk with ryzen 3700x. Is everything running smoothly in your build?

        • Haven't been able to find any discussion myself on the combo? The only thing I've noticed is some overclocking options and the PBO might be a little broken in the BIOS.
          Otherwise no complaints, even been able to get my Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000CL15 ram to [email protected]

        • Several Youtubers have tested that config, and Hardware Unboxed have tested the 3900X on a Tomahawk B350 as well(he had no issue with the 3700X).

    • No, not any more. All kits should work.

    • I have the same exact the same kit im using atm new build on my ryzen 5 3600…nil issues so far runs butter smooth

  • How is Amazon when coming to warranty claims?

    • Amazon's got a great returns policy and great customer service. But I'd also be keen to hear anyone's experience with RAM RMA at Amazon.

    • Would like to know also specifically regarding Amazon US store through Amazon.com.au
      I've always had a great experience with any issues from local stores through Amazon but not sure whether that applies when buying products from the states.

  • Decent price. Another option is paying an extra $15 to get the C15 version may be better for some as it can help with OCing - also it ships from Australia

  • Must resist the urge to buy this given I already have enough ram at 16gb.

    • Been fighting the urge not to upgrade to Ryzen 7 3600x, but couldn't resist getting some cheap RAM for when I do.

  • I have my second set of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz fail on me in 12 months.. Super annoying

    • How did you troubleshoot this? I'm getting some 32gb Corsair RAM.

      • I was getting the BSOD with memory management stop codes on bootup.. I pulled out the RAM one stick at a time to see which stick was causing the issue. Unfortunately you're obliged to send the complete set even if only one stick is fried. So no PC until replacement arrives. I bought this extra set for such occasions.

        • Yeah I had this a few years ago, I sent a single stick and it took ~2 weeks to arrive at their service centre in Taiwan, where they then told me that they can't proceed with any repairs or warranty replacements since they don't have both sticks of RAM.

          I asked them to at least cover the postage costs of the second parcel - it took them 3 weeks to get approval to give me a label - at which point my case was swapped to a different service representative and they told me they would not be providing me a label.

          I never ended up sending my other RAM stick lmao, I just operated on 12GB until I upgraded that PC - never buying Corsair RAM again though.

      • I would get two sets of 16gb if I was you.

    • how did you claim your warranty through amazon? Mine failed I think keep getting memory failures occasionally

  • I don't even have a PC that will take DDR4 and even I am thinking of buying this for a rainy day….

    • Yes, I currently do not have a system that will take them. But have a Ryzen 7 3700x and a Gigabyte X570 sitting in my eBay cart taunting me.

  • Will these stack with "G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB 2X8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16" provided I have free DIMM slots?

  • Waiting for prime day - 5 days time - surely some deals…

  • Insane to think that I paid $199 for Trident Z RGB 3000mhz this time last year.

    Amazing deal if you can live without RGB.

  • Just purchased for a build I'm planning to do at the end of the year (waiting for black friday deals on ryzen 3rd gen and rtx 2060) However just noticed that the warranty only covers 30 days. If my ram is doa will I still be covered under manufacturer's warranty or am I completely screwed. Thanks!

    • I'm looking to do a new build, are the black friday sales worth waiting for?

    • You are buying through Amazon.com.au, you are protected by consumer law based in Australia and they are bound by that law, but I think 30 days only refers to the return policy. In the Warranty section you'll see "This policy does not restrict or alter any non-excludable statutory consumer protections or rights you may have, including under the Australian Consumer Law."

  • I just bought two of thee kits from Logan for like 170 each, fml

  • Thanks - Purchased.

  • Sigh PC can only take up to DDR3 rams

    • I'm in the same situation, is it worth upgrading mobo? Or will DDR3 suffice?

      • Depends on your application or gaming requirements.

        DDR3 800mb-2133mb


        DDR4 1600mb-3200mb

        The one they are selling is the 3200mb I believe.

  • Doing a build with X5470 motherboard and ryzen 3700x - is this a good choice? From what google could tell me CL14 and 3200mhz is what I want for that combo.

  • Did anybody in melb south-east / willing to meet southeast want this for the given price? Impulse bought but not actually looking to build a PC right now.

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