Dewalt 102 Piece Drill & Drive Bit Set $29.90 + Shipping @ Tradestools


Pretty decent price for such a kit. Should cover the needs of most DIY

DeWalt 102 Piece Drill Set
10x Masonry Drill Bits- 5.5 (2), 6 (2), 7 (2), 8 (2) & 10mm (2)
12x HSS Drill Bits- 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 & 7mm
68x 25mm Screw Bits:
SQ1 (2), SQ2 (23) & SQ3 (2)
PH1 (2), PH2 (23), & PH3
SL4, SL5, SL6 & SL7.2
T10 (2), T15 (2), T20 (2), T25 (2), T27 (2) & T30 (2)
5x Socket Drivers- 5, 6 , 7, 8 & 10mm
4x Hole Saws- 32, 38, 44 & 54mm
1x Hole Saw Mandrel
1x Pilot Drill Bit
1x Magnetic Tip Holder
Shipping Weight 3kg

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    1. It seems to be $30 not $29, no biggy.

    2. Please consider adding shipping costs to the post (even the title maybe?), so that every individual interested person does not have to 'ferret these out' for themselves…

    The shipping cost for this product appears to be 'variable', and is about $15 to inner suburbs of Victoria… So I am assuming that is the minimum shipping cost that anyone will incur if they buy this. I.e. another 50% added on to the purchase price. Or is there some other option OP? The site does mention 'Free Standard Shipping' for some products/in some contexts, but not this one right? Or am I missing something?


    They mention a 'VIT' option (without explaining what 'VIT' actually is) that qualifies for free delivery via standard Australia Post, provided a few conditions are met. Anyways, I signed up with an ABN and ordered two of these in order to meet the '> $50' requirement, and sure enough; free postage to suburban Victoria.

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      don’t need bit ….. order 2 and it meets the $50 free shipping. don’t need abn for VIT either

      tempting as the masonary drills are sds

      bought 2 sets, cheaper than previous bunnings deals,


    Someone on my local wa subaru facebook group said they picked the same set from bunnings for $20. I can not find a link on bunnings site but will call in tomorrow.


      i couldn’t the find same set at bunnings either


        I tried couple week ago when bunnings had this dewalt set on special but within couple of hours it was sold out . I tried many store to find if somewhere available in nsw one of these. But no luck.


    Cheers OP. Got two. Free shipping makes it worthwhile! Makes a nice gift for Father's Day


    well stores in QLD, or only one at Tweed Heads South NSW 2486 or
    unless you happen to be on holiday at Teouma Road Port Vila Vanuatu, only a lazy 2,726km away…

    you could try: Gasweld which is NSW, ACT, VIC, SA

    $39.99 @

    if you have a local outlet, maybe they might price match etc
    The other major stores, Sydney tools etc don't have it on the website anymore..

    although the shipping might be an issue if you don't have a local Tradestools - Its $15.40 to my place - i.e. the ACT
    so if I was to jump, then 2 would be the way to go.

    I keep reading that as Trade Stools.. rather than Trades Tools..

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    Typo in the title makes for good toilet humour @TradeStools

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    Is this a good quality set?