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[eBay Plus] AirPods 2 $99, Google Hub $99, Dyson Fan $359 (OOS) | Google Home $59, Cybex Mios $569, Dyson Hairdryer $385 @ eBay


Official eBay response re $99 AirPod cancellation email:

Thanks for taking advantage of eBay’s $99 deal on a set of Apple AirPods on Monday.

You may have received an error message suggesting your transaction was from a compromised account. This is not the case. Please ignore this email and any associated actions. You will receive your AirPods.

We apologise for any alarm caused and are looking into how this occurred. Should you have any questions, please contact the eBay Customer Service via

We thank you for shopping on eBay.

Twitter notification here.

Just read this on and seems too good to be true! Enjoy :)

Sets of AirPods will be released hourly from 10am. SOLD OUT

100 Pairs Released at: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Google Home $59 Code PHONIC.
Google Home Hub $99 Code PIVOT. SOLD OUT
Google Home Mini $29 SOLD OUT
Cybex Mios Stroller Black Anna K $569. No code. Use code PAPER for additional $50 off = $519.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $385 Code PROTECT. SOLD OUT
Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater White/Silver $359 Code PROPEL. SOLD OUT
Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set $15 Code PSYCHIC. Deal post SOLD OUT

Terms & Conditions thanks to paraneoplastic

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  • +5

    1 pair an hour….oof!

    • Sets of AirPods will be released hourly from 10am.

      • +1

        Could have sworn it said 1 set when I first read it.

        Wonder how many…..and which seller

        • +2

          100 Pairs per every hour from 10AM.

          • @r98: There's a banner now, which if its like the 99c deal you just click on banner to be brought to correct item at 10am

      • Eastern Standard time!!
        For anyone in WA that means you only have 3 more chances. 1pm, 2pm & 3pm … the current time being 12:45pm

        And something that wasn't posted here is that you have to be a Plus Member, whatever that is:
        "Only $99 with code PODAIR (Plus Members only). 1 txn pp"

    • +5

      11 AM 100 pieces sold out in 20 seconds!!!!!!

      • +5

        This is total BS. Had 2 goes 11:00 and 1:00. My virtual elbows thrashing around like a possessed nonna at a Myer sale. Refreshing on the link and as soon as it became available I hit buy it now. Then goes straight to a message that said no longer available. Sold out already. Less than 3 seconds. So bogus, man!

        • Yeah I just tired catching the 2pm, sold out within 10 seconds. Strange observation: the number watching went from 1400 -> 2400 -> then 1000 at 2:00.

      • The 3pm EST slot sold out in 30 seconds. But then one sold a t 3:05pm, 5 mins later. Someone must have cancelled their cart.
        People must be sitting by their computer or on their phone hitting refresh every second.

    • +4

      the 12pm set (100 pairs) was sold in 5 seconds! Could not catch one. I waited until 11:59 and 59 secs then refreshed the page to find out its sold out!

  • +2

    Amazon price match go!

  • +1

    Probably should have registered a Plus trial knowing eBay would do this. Wonder if Amazon will match.

    • -1

      Just make a new account. Though there'll likely only be 10 max.

  • +9

    bootleg amazon prime day

    • Ebay non-jack day. #nofapprimeday

  • What time is google hub on sale

    EDIT sorry 10am for all stuff it seems

  • Two per hour I bet

  • +4

    eBay Plus does not always have free delivery, does it?

    Sets of AirPods will be released hourly from 10am.

    Upcoming hourly eBay server overload tests.

    • +10

      They're gonna need to ramp up their AWS service

    • For eBay Plus listings I believe the shipping is free yes

  • +9

    Amazon has been underwhelming for me… 40 hours to go

    • +7

      It’s been like that since launch for me, with the exception of the occasional game bargain.

      Amazon really hasn’t justified its existence in Australia yet.

      • +5

        Amazon shipping game is next level, most things delivered next day.

        • It depends where you live. Amazon dispatches fast, but then it’s off to a third party with all the variability entailed in that.

          • +3

            @DisabledUser77742: They use AusPost 99% of the time for me, and must have some agreement with them to not be utterly useless. Everything is delivered by the estimated date.

            • +2

              @theguyrules: Agreed, AusPost is usually fairly slow but I noticed all my Amazon Prime deliveries have none of the usual delays sitting at Chullora or wherever. It's really damn fast by AusPost standards.

  • +16

    Hopefully Amazon steps up their game. Very lacklustre showing so far.

    • I cant believe I stayed up till midnight last night too..

  • +33

    Anyone else think Amazon is mainly trying to offload trash they have overstocked? (there are some genuine bargains thrown in, but mostly just crap)

    • +11

      yes..thats why I have so far only bought toilet paper and hand towels from prime sale..

      • +2

        Yep same here, hand towels and cans of coke

        • hopefully more deals come through during the day..

      • I got some Omo, though pretty much same price as Coles/Woolies on special. It certainly wasn't an exciting bargain.

        • Picked up some baby stuff for a decent bargain..

    • I've picked up Mario Kart and some Coke No Sugar cans so far. Nothing else too exciting yet.

    • +5

      "offload trash"

      But then where are the Xbox One S's?!

      • Shots fired.

        • +1


          Disclaimer. I really do want an Xbox. I just bought 29 months worth of Ultimate Game Pass from another OZB deal. Its the circle of life!

  • +4

    Is anyone looking around going, 'I REALLY don't need anything'???

    With all the little bits and pieces that have popped up over the years there really isn't anything I need… hell… I just unboxed a pair of Nike Airmax's I bought for $90 in 2013 instead of buying new

  • +47

    This will get hugely up voted for the Airpods deal before the deal goes live, then after the deal goes live, the comments will get flooded with complaints from the same people that up voted the deal because its virtually impossible to actually purchase the Airpods.

    A maximum of two OzBargain members will claim to have actually been able to buy a pair, but this deal will get 200+ up votes. I'm calling it now.

    • +2

      As expected - you are 100% correct 😂

      • And now the down voting begins 😂

    • +1

      Nice. 200th vote @ 10.35am

    • -1

      A maximum of two OzBargain members will claim to have actually been able to buy a pair, but this deal will get 200+ up votes. I'm calling it now.

      Looks like you were wrong. Lucky you didn't bet any money on it!

      • 9 people have already grabbed a pair from the 5pm release which is half an hour away 😂

  • +6

    Everyone was like, ebay plus is crap, now it's amazon.

  • +3

    Whose the airpods seller?

  • +2

    100 per hour

  • +1

    Says 100 pairs every hour, that is not too shabby.
    The difficulty will be finding and checking out the item, before they are gone.

  • +2

    When could we price match these through 28 Degrees?

    • Is this actually possible?

      • Just took a screenshot of me at checkout with the coupon in, checkout price at $99 and lodged it. I'll give it a crack and let you know. Will take a week though to find it.

        • +3

          can you post the screenshot?

    • Are you talking about price protection?

  • -3
  • Whose the seller for the Google items?

  • I assume this is without the charging case, can't see where to confirm

    • Shows with case in the photo, but they might try to pull a sneeky.

    • +11

      They all come with a charging case, otherwise how would you charge them?

      It is however likely that it won't come with the wireless charging case

  • +14

    Just read this on

    Son, I am disappoint

  • +1

    it's 100 sets per hour according to T&C

  • +1

    Will it still work if i have cancelled ebay plus but its is still active for a few more days?

    • +1

      Yes, it should work. I cancelled my membership some time ago but was still able to purchase during the ebay plus weekend between cancellation date and subscription end date

  • +1

    100 items will be released each hour for eight consecutive hours at 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm and 5:00pm on 15th July 2019 only. Once sold out, the item listing will not appear on

  • Will Ebay have any guitar sales?

    • +2

      Not sure… wouldn't think so. But I could sell you an air guitar :)

  • Wonder how different is the Dyson hair dryer vs the one sold in Target?

    • +2

      Very Different.

    • Model: 326217-01

  • +3

    Anyone else find it interesting that there is no mention of Prime day on yet somehow ebay are getting written about?

    • +20

      It's almost as if paid articles exist.

      • hahaha

    • +1

      It's at 9news instead.

  • What 99.. I won’t be able to buy.. will go in a min by the time I add to the cart

    • +3

      will go in a min

      you have high hope

    • +1

      If you're having sale problems I feel bad for you son
      I got ninety nine problems but ebay ain't one

  • +1

    Anyone know what model Dyson fan it is?

    • -1

      Anyone know

      yep, eBay would know that :P

    • Looks like AM09 (based on the part number 302427-01 from the title)

  • +4

    I bought the first 100 who wants a pair? 🤣

    • @firejack . I want a pair. How much?

  • Lots of ebay plus member in here😁

  • +1

    Ebay has them advertised as Airpods. are these Gen1 or Gen2 ?

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