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[Amazon Prime] WD Elements 10TB Desktop Hard Drive $258.54 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


WD Elements 10TB Prime Day deal.


  • Fast data transfers
  • High-capacity add-on storage
  • Plug-and-play ready for Windows PCs
  • WD quality inside and out
  • 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty


For those who intends to shuck the HDD for use in a PC, here is a link on how to fix the 3.3V pin glitch.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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  • +1

    literally bought a 8tb a few hours ago, and the cancel order thing is gone.

    • prob cos it shipped?

      • +3

        tracking just says "We've got your order" will dispatch july 16th

        Edit: i bought one anyway lol

        • +5

          Contact support, they can probably cancel it for you.

    • +1

      I had something similar, if you contact support they can cancel it.

  • this have au plug or na?

    • +2

      Extra $150 for the AU plug version.

      • +2

        Contact WD support, they'll send you au power converters. I got 3.

        • +8

          Alternately, try heading to Tosche Station

          • +1

            @gilbarc: Only after you've done your chores.

        • +10

          Or contact So lo, he's got three.

      • +1

        Please post as a separate awesome bargain.

    • +2

      limit of 2 per Order

  • +5

    not the best price for 10TB

    lowest was 228 (not price error)

    • -2
      • +2

        Don't forget to factor in the 6% cashback on that $195. ;)

      • +11

        That's a seagate

    • +1

      I bought the 228 one. And I can wait the price lower than 228 to buy another one.

  • -2

    Any hdd deals? Wd black preferably

    • Do you really need a Black? I have 6 of these running in my server. They're easy to shuck, though depending on your computer you may need to put some tape over the 3.3V pins. They're reliable enough to run most stuff that should be backed up anyway, while getting 4TB more than the max 6TB Black, that costs 50% more.

    • My 10TB Seagate Ironwolf is almost as fast as my 5TB WD Black, and the helium filled Ironwolves are cooler and less power hungry. With an SSD as your boot partition, a Black Wolf would probably only be of benefit is you need a large scratch partition and don't want to prematurely terminate your SSD's life.

      • Thanks! Would you go wd blue or seagate barracuda then?

  • +1

    Decent deal, also I was able to order 2 in one transaction

  • Is shipping free with prime?
    Paid $249.38 last time.

    edit: why it say tomorrow, 16 jul. Price looks active now.

    • I believe that’s the deal expiry (unless sold out prior)

  • Shuckable? What's inside?

      • That video mentions you only get 2 years warranty instead of 3 if you shuck it. I thought shucking the drives voids your warranty. Could someone please confirm?

        • +3

          I think this guy got confused. The usual warranty on bare drives is 3 years, for the desktop external it is 2. So shucking the drive will void the 2 year warranty you get on these. Don't listen to that idiot YouTuber.

    • +4

      Yes they're shuckable, per /r/DataHoarders they're apparently white label drives (helium filled, almost identical to a WD Red) but you might need to cover the 3.3v pin if you're shucking and using it outside the caddy.

      • Any good for Synology? :-)

        • +1

          Perfect for Synology

      • any risk of getting the cover tape caught on fire, consider you're going to use the disk 24/7?

        • +2

          Nope. Electrical tape is ok till 80C and even then it would not catch fire.
          If you get temperature of more than 80C at the connector you have some serious issues with your NAS.

        • You should use Kapton tape (which is heat resistant ) and can be found on ebay (relatively cheap) and from hardware stores.

  • -2

    Depends on what drive is in it, could be a green being an element

    • +2

      white labelled WD RED drive.

      • so it is repaired?

        • +1

          It is not broken

          • -4

            @JetBombat: White Label drives are ones that have failed in the field and have been repaired at a facility other than the original manufacturer's

            • @VestMogen: No they're not, they're OEM drives with the same spec as Reds.

      • Where did it say that?

    • +6

      with GST works out to be approx $315

      GST is included. Total price is $258.54 including GST and delivery

      • +1

        Thanks for the heads up, I just bought one. I'm glad I held off buying one at $330 today.

  • +2

    The 6tb version is for 145. Better value for money per gb

    • +5

      Quick search shows that the 6TB have blue drives in them which are supposedly worse than red/whites.

    • +3

      Barely better value, for the 6TB it works out $24.16 per TB, the 10TB $25.85 per TB
      So on 10TB you pay an extra $17, worth it to me, faster drive as well.

    • +4

      But worse value per port/slot, when spreading total NAS/hardware cost. Always a conflict.

      • +1

        Always a conflict.

        Go big or go home!

        • Agreed, however…!

          "don't put all your eggs in one basket".

          So 2x4TB is safer than 1x8TB.

          If the decision was simple, we'd all make the same one.

  • Does anyone know the spec of the power supply used with these 10TB drives? I have an old one from an old 2TB WD Element that I'm hoping to re-use.

    • +3

      This is the US adapter that came with my 10TB MyBook if that helps:
      Model ksa-24W-120150HU
      output 12V, 1.5A

      I then called WD and they sent me an Australian adapter which Im using now instead of the above

    • +3

      register the drive, send a support ticket and they'll send you out the AU plug.

      I've done it a few times already.

  • I already have 3, it's tempting to get another one or two but I should probably hold off.

  • Grabbed 2. Was about to pull the trigger on the 8TB Reds but saw this and taking my chances they are helium-filled white labels

    Got it down to $457 after using 2x $30 (separate orders) vouchers from the infamous pricing error deal (less a further $20-ish Shopback?)

    Read these will slot straight into my DS918+ without the 3.3V worry. Back up giddy up!

    • Think it works out to around $10 off with shopback. They minus GST then 4.5% off the net. Yes almost all qnaps and synology the white drives will be fine. Even on PCs unless you have an old power supply it will be ok. Heard the trick is to see how many wires come out of the SATA port connected to the PSU. If there's 5 then you'll need to modify the drive. Almost all newer models have only 4

    • Great! I’ve got the same NAS. where did you read about it not having to do anything about the pin connector? Literally just slots in once it’s shucked?

  • Grabbed one thanks

  • Great deal thanks OP just got 1.

  • -1

    Amazon US has it for cheaper (after accounting for currency conversion) and you don't need to sign up to Prime.


    • +1

      I tried adding 2 to cart and after currency conversion and shipping, it came to AUD276.50 ea.

      • My bad, you are right if you add in Tax is comes out about $265AUD per drive (buying 2) for me which is more expensive

  • Will the 3.3v mod be required for HP N40L server?

    • +1

      Update: 3.3v mod not required.

  • Bought one right after seeing this, had been waiting a long time till a right price. Not the lowest price I can get but a few dollars more, comparing with wd 8TB one, offering me 10TB WD white label. Can't wait to pay.

  • Does the WD Software in these detect if you are downloading/copying a duplicate file to it? I mainly want it for photo's & have found some work differently and can't find an answer anywhere else. thanks.

    • +2

      Don't think any drive has dedupe software. Usually encryption.

      • I think the WD Smartware on the My Books does, from what I've since found out, but nothing on the Elements.

    • +1

      I use rmlint to find duplicate files on my NAS. It works on both local or network drives:


      • thanks for the tip.

    • I've always wanted something like that!

      Always made a handful of photo dumps, across many drives, the more the better. But never organised them. Now it's a nightmare to try and check which files don't have bitrot, and create 1 single master copy of every photo (zero dupes, unadulterated) then backup to multiple dedicated new drives.

      • Guaranteed,,, this is 99% true for most OZBns

      • For organizing photos from multiple sources to folders based on the year, month or even date, this program has worked really well for me: https://digitalimagemover.tumblr.com/ Also, if you enable "Smart Copying", before a file is copied the program checks to see if there is a file with the same name in the target directory and it also checks to see if this file has the same content as the source file. If the file has the same content and would wind up with the same name, it skips the copying operation.

        • Thanks. I'll give it a spin.

          I s'pose I'm looking for bit-level, though.

          Some software likes to "clean-up" photos, and save over the originals (hiding the untouched version).

          • @Ulysses31: I agree that it pays to be paranoid with these things. The way that application does it's thing, is that it copies files from original location(s) to the new one, creating folder structure and organizing them in the process, so it does not alter the originals. But I always double check to make sure that all the photos are in the destination, file sizes and dates are kept, the total number matches etc. before getting rid of the original unsorted ones.

  • If using the drive as-is (not shucking as I don't have HDD spare on my microserver) via USB3 for my Plex server, would there be any major performance degradation? It will serve purely as a media library.

  • Got my drive today, it's a white label WD100EMAZ.

    Shucked it but it was a bitch to block out the 3rd pin and required a lot of careful shifting of the tiny strip of electrical tape.

    • +1

      You can tape pin 1, 2, 3 if you don't have a steady hand.

      • Damn it! Now you tell me!

    • Hey ChillBro, If you still have your empty enclosure, I need one as mine is broken. Cheers

      • +1

        It's a lot of effort to meet up and hand over an enclosure. Why don't you just buy a cheap one online?

        • I can't trust the cheap ones, I assume the original WD should be reliable. I live in Sydney North West and work in Pyrmont.

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