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[Ex Display] LG B8 65" 4K UHD AI Smart OLED TV $2488 C&C (No Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was checking out prices of OLED TV's and noticed the LG B8 65inch for a good price at JB Hi-Fi.

I tried to order one with delivery but it would not allow me to continue so will try instore later.

Looks like selected areas but maybe try call your local stores and see if they have stock or even try price match with other stores.

Website currently shows only two stores* stocking this item: Tamworth (QLD), Rockhampton Stockland (NSW).

* Call your local store to confirm. (There may also be stock available even if it doesn't show up on the website.)

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  • No stock?

  • Tried few stores in sydney but no luck. Only ex-display are available in some stores.

  • Harvey Norman price match?

  • I reckon plasma still has the best picture. Shame they got rid of it

    • You have a B8?

      • Yep i have a 55. I have an old plasma too.

        • I think they have pros and cons. Obviously plasmas can't hold anything to 4k OLED, and they never got HDR or HDR capable. Otherwise I agree. Although some things look FAR better on OLED, like the movie Gravity as an example. In fact most dark movies look far better. Sports is the only thing that OLED still isn't perfect at. Considering Plasma can't do 100% blacks like OLED can also.

        • @ richmond12: Which plasma do you have? I have a 60" Panasonic ST50 from around 2012 and it still looks awesome. Has pretty decent sound too, unlike most newer TV's.

          • @billy_bob: I still have a 50" ST60 and couldn't agree more.

          • @billy_bob: I'm on the same boat as you. 65 inch Panasonic St50 from 2012 and its still going strong. Advantage of plasma over Oled are near black performance, uniformity and the most important of all is motion. Nothing beat plasma when it come to motion and that's the most important aspect of a TV. Having said I'm looking forward to this year Panasonic Oled. Heard alot of positive about their GZ oled series. If the price is right I might bite.

        • If everyone had plasma TVs they’d need to build a Chernobyl in Sydney

    • Oled has infinite black as well, you probably need to see a Sony TV with oled (lg panel of course), a high end plasma tv still looks great only until you watch Planet Earth 2 in 4k hdr

      I think lcd is catching up and is actually better than oled in some respects. Obviously oled is still king.

      Microled will be the next game changer.

      Oled will go the same way plasma did.

    • Agreed! My Panasonic P65ST60(One of the best) still going strong for 6 years, im knocking on wood, so image retention so far, just gotta do a screen wipe if i watch static logo content.

    • Parents still using LG 60inch Plasma I got them in 2008

      Fantastic TV

    • Have a 65" ST60 in lounge, 50" ST50 in bedroom and 55" B8 in computer room and I was actually looking forward to replacing my plasmas after experiencing oled.

  • Great price, the 55" for $1500 was a steal too. This TV is amazing but you have to check the panel thoroughly for any defects as some people have dead pixels and banding.

    • Whats banding?

    • I have this tv and the panel does have very noticeable “warpage” of the panel along the bottom edge (when looking at screen from an angle it is like a fun house mirror in sections). Doesn’t impact the front on view and everything else about this tv is amazing. I upgraded from a Panasonic plasma which still had decent pic but I wanted bigger and newer features, oh and oled. Got mine for $2348 from jbhifi.

      The LG process was a joke. After messing me about and never getting back to me, the finally said that “different tvs have different features” and since it displayed the picture fine they would not do anything. Jbhifi were awesome and basically said LG are wrong and helped me out. They did try to swap it (even sent round installers to my house with the new one) but next tv had similar issue, albeit less. They said I could take the Swap, get a refund, or they would give me a gift card and I keep my one. Not going to find a similar quality for this price so Ended up keeping and got a $200 gift card.

      Even the wife who was against the purchase now thinks it was a great idea to upgrade.

    • Where was the $1500 price?

      Curious that the price on jb here: is identical for the 55" version.

      • eBay deal, but JB price was around that too as the stores were trying to clear the 55"

  • Tamworth
    Rockhampton (Stockland)
    Perth Distribution Centre

  • i got this price matched at TGG for $2380 a few weeks ago.. but not much stock then… so good luck,,,

  • At last! If only my NBN wasn't a year away, so I could justify jumping on this now…

  • this is a great deal but there appears to be no stock in vic.. and because its a run out model nobody else has it who can price match either.

  • I'd jump at it but none around sadly.

  • Just got the 65PX with videopro and the ebay code. 3 year warranty. I think the LG only has one and also excludes burn in specifically. Pretty sure the hisense doesn’t mention it in their warranty…

    • Price?

    • Theres no way they would successfully claim under ACL that the warranty is only 1 year. Do regular people expect to be buying a new $2500 TV every year?

      • manufacturer is one year. usually the retailer covers the second year. so in this case it is JB hifi.

        • That's not how it works at all. The retailer is required to handle warranty claims on behalf of the customer for the stated 12 months. ACL status warranty claims after that would have to go to the manufacturer

          • @sharky_k: Retailers can’t fob you off to the manufacturer for claims about faulty goods, regardless of warranties. You can choose to deal with the manufacturer if you wish, but the retailer can’t wash their hands of responsibility.

  • Will this be good for watching cardoons with Dave Warner's kids?

  • Incredible tv you will not regret it one bit

  • its an ex-display but for anyone interested, 77" C8 is $6,666 also (down from $1x,xxx)

    • Be careful as many JB stores turn off their TVs at the wall which skips the compensation cycle and makes burn-in more likely.

    • +3 votes

      Yeah not sure about OLED ex-display playing on repeat all day. Still pricey for an old model as well

  • No stock within 200km of Brisbane

  • Curious to some of you who own an OLED tvs opinion. As someone who has a 5 year old LED tv, would the upgrade be noticeable? I am tossing up whether or not to purchase an OLED, however I feel like I might not notice the difference that much? Is it worth spending 2.5k on? Thanks in advance

    • if you have the content (bluray player that supports HDR), Netflix premium (UHD/HDR), PS4 Pro/XBONEX or PC games with supported HDR games and GPU, etc. Yes

      otherwise generaly day-to-day TV will have minor differences but wont be extremely noticeable.

      some good explanation by Linus here:

    • I can't tell you whether it's 'worth it' - that's entirely down to your financial circumstances, how much you'd use it, what you're going to watch on it and what you value/appreciate.

      I upgraded to an OLED last year from what was, for its time (2011), a fairly high-end LED LCD TV, and the difference is very noticeable to me. Stuff still looked really nice on my old TV (and I still use it in the bedroom), but the OLED was definitely a jump up. 4K vs 1080p is a nice bump in quality if you sit close enough to notice, HDR is a gorgeous addition and I love how clean and crisp blacks look (my biggest gripe with my old TV was backlight bleed and greyish blacks). It's just a beautiful-looking TV.

      I haven't done a comprehensive side-by-side comparison against 2019 era 4K HDR-compatible non-OLED tech so I won't badmouth other TVs, but I know love my OLED TV. It was a luxury purchase, so I wasn't really looking for the best 'bang for buck' going in, I just wanted the nicest-looking TV I could get my hands on.

      If you have a source for 4K HDR content (Netflix, Prime Video etc are adding more all the time, plus there's UHD Bluray) and maybe like to play games, you'll see a noticeable bump in quality. But if you primarily watch broadcast TV or standard def stuff like DVDs, I really wouldn't bother upgrading. And if you're still happy with your current TV, there's nothing wrong with waiting a while longer (tech gets better and cheaper all the time).

      • Sound advice. I've got a Phillips 40 inch TV from like 10 years ago and a Samsung 40 inch from like 5 years ago and they hold up well for my uses. As a cinema student, I am looking at something that will give me those crisper blacks (I'm actually even considering 4k projectors), but it's not a must right now so I'm holding out for Micro-led as I'd be using it a lot and I just can't trust that I could maintain an OLED without having issues with it after heavy use. Hopefully they'll sort this by the time Micro-led comes.

      • iTunes on Apple TV is the best source imo

    • LED is brighter, so unless you are putting the OLED in a home theatre that can be dark it won't be great. Also OLED has terrible reflections. Don't use it in an open plan space. Even during the day it reflects everything.

      I switch from OLED to QLED, as my house is open plan and never been happier. is a good site to look at 1st

      • Exactly this! OLED are great in a dark room. Preferably home theatre setup. Because that's where they maximise their strengths… The blacks which help with great contrast. If you're in a bright room OLED has a glossy glass screen so everything is reflected on it, a high end LED will be better. But make sure it has high brightness nits (Check Rtings for specs) Sony X9000F or X9500G, Samsung Q7 and up. The rest of the models either have IPS panels so bad brightness and contrast or average brightness with the superior VA panels. Also don't bother with OLED unless you have alot of 4K and HDR content available.

        • I agree with everything except needing 4K content. Reckon in a dimly lit room my 5 year old 1080p OLED still beats most 4K LCDs out there. High contrast ratio makes everything look better regardless of resolution.

          • @Ryballs: So just what I said… You need a dark room. Upscaling isn't as good on the LG compared to Sony that's why 4K content is needed. Resolution isn't everything but with new HDR colour gamut and huge brightness improvement there's a big difference

  • I'm also looking at the LG Ex-display units. Would burn-in be covered, especially for the E7?


  • Thanks, picked one up! Been waiting for another good deal on the 65” B8, most of the recent deals have only been for the 55”. Missed out on the $2396 deal in May. Called JB about 3pm and they had 12 in stock in the Perth warehouse, popped into the Claremont store after work about 5pm and they were down to 3, and they sold 1 more while I was talking to them! Got it for the advertised $2488 with delivery thrown in.

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