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Free - Wheels Magazine - 59 Years of Back Issues Online (Digital Editions)


Been more than 12 months since this deal was posted. Since then, more backlog have been added (2018, 1960-1966, 1953-1956).

Magazines available -

  • Wheels
  • Unique Cars
  • Street Machine
  • Motor
  • 4x4 Australia

Credit to headphonejack and thedriver for the original posts.

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    I use to love reading car magazines, but they became too expensive. The digital version, just never was the same. Maybe if your reading it on one of those 360 touch laptops, but on PC its so clunky. Anyway great post.

  • Thanks OP that's awesome, I loved seeing the spy photos and weird incorrect mock-ups they would make of upcoming models.

    EDIT: Here they are confusing an AU Falcon for a Jag X200. Good laughs.

  • Thanks OP, I know a few people who will love this!

  • Without Australian-made entries, local publications aren’t compelling - end the road.

  • cant remember the last time i bought a car mag. besides the top gear end of year special one.

  • Can these be downloaded or only readable online?

    • Your local library should have access to magazines as well. You can download those to read anytime without internet access.

    • Yes, but not as in whole PDFs.
      You can easily download the JPG files using a scraping script, and then up to you if you just look at them through an image viewer and scroll through them, or find a way to combine them into a PDF.
      I am looking at putting together a PowerShell script, and will link to GitHub if/when I complete it if anyone wants to scrape the mags down.

      After testing a script, I found that their images are such horribly low quality (428x568 pixels, 300dpi), as they want you to click on the text button to read the articles. So not worth scraping.

      • Thanks for trying. I’m from the “old world” where everything was on paper. It meant that you didn’t end up with exhausted eyes staring at a screen. Don’t know how people can stare at a screen for hours and hours.

  • Those web based viewers are annoying. Just give us the PDFs.

    • Seconded. Zoom not loading 90% of page images for me.

      • Their images are such horribly low quality (428x568 pixels, 300dpi), hence why any sort of zoom doesnt work.

        • Wheels 11/87 worked for two images on page 8. One was 747x1602 96dpi, the other 1695x1647 96dpi. The second was complete with nice scanning moire pattern. For PC/tablet, they're fine and the text is readable. The rest doesn't zoom, and the page previews on the bottom are often blank frames.
          Went to page source, plugged in target image URL — nothing.

          What sucks is Ctrl-zooming a non-magnifying base image. It's almost like learning to read again!

  • It is just like Christmas…..

  • I think the ads from the past can be a hoot.

  • Thank you so much for this. My Dad (now in his mid-80’s) is a die-hard revhead and LOVES old magazines. This will make his day :)

  • Been a while since I read a wheels magazine, remember back in high school when the only magazines were either wheels or nat geo.

  • Wow, thanks

  • I used to be involved in distributing a few of these titles a few years ago.

    We used MS-DOS to allocate these specialist titles to different outlets Australia wide. This offer seems like a crazy step up from what I had to put up with.

  • I was more of a Modern Motors kinda guy…

  • Still remember fondly reading the columns by Romsey Quints (the alter-ego of writer Bill Tuckey).

    His best was a test drive of a steam roller. I think it was literally steam-driven and had a top speed of about 3mph. He treated it as if it was a review of a Jag or Merc…. talking about cornering ability and braking quality.

  • I loved reading these magazines in the 90's, especially the editions that had spy photos of upcoming Commodore and Falcon facelifts!

  • 4x4 Australia

    omg those good old days.
    Thanks OP

  • Tough to beat Glenn Ridges 4wd review featuring the Ford Fairmont (YouTube).

  • 45 Vinyl record came with wheels mag during the 60's.
    Anyone recall the edition or have mp3.
    Thanks OP.