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Boost Mobile 12 Month Plan $140 @ Coles in Store Only (Telstra 4G, 80GB Data, Unlimited Calls & Text, Overseas*)


$10 cheaper than Boost direct, and includes a free $2 SIM. Starts Wed July 24. Enjoy :)

*Unlimited overseas calls & text to 25 select destinations, and 1200 minutes to a further 30 destinations.

Click here for product information & terms on Boost website.

Offer valid Wed 24 Jul - Tue 30 Jul 2019
This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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  • I hope to see some roaming data included.

    • No chance of that happening unfortunately.

  • Can anyone confirm if they can buy the plan with an e gift card?

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      Last time which was $135, I used Coles egift card, no problems

    • Have you read through the whole comments? Anyway, it’s an yes :) I bought it last time

    • You can.

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    I'm on Aldi I assume it's easy porting to boost

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      No, it's 6.66666666667GB instead

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          As opposed to someone else?
          Why randomly italicize if it serves no purpose.

          • @theguyrules: please .. the question

            • @tempura: History has been made.

              To answer the question. Some people just don’t use more than 6.67gb a month.

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              @tempura: Just use the feature (data traffic control) on your phone to limit the monthly data.

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          I guess to answer the question, the same way you limit yourself to spending cash on a monthly basis - find a way to keep track of it and monitor your usage?

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          Spend 9 hours at work on WiFi
          Spend 12 hours at home on WiFi
          Spend 3 hours out and about, not using phone or on gym Wifi

          Weekends is a mix of home (wifi), friends house (wifi), doing stuff (not using phone).

          How do you use more than 7GB?

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            Spend 9 hours at work on WiFi

            Must be prestigious workplace

          • @putshan: because logging into sensitive sites like banking etc on public wifi is always very secure ;)

            • @asa79: Do your banking at home then.
              Turn off WiFi when going onto sensitive sites.

              Why are you trying to make things harder?

              • @putshan: Well not just banking but any site that requires your username and password. Unless you don't use any site or apps that require logging in.

                • @asa79: Most apps/sites I go to just auto-login anyway.

                  Like I said, you can choose to not be on Wifi or do those things from a secure network at work/home.
                  If you're just going to some websites you won't chew through 6.66GB per month in any case.

                  • @putshan: Do you think auto-login doesn't pass thru your login credentials over the network?

                    You might think they safe, but they are the most unsecure place to be on. You are better of using mobile data over public wifi

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    Can you use Boost SIM in Telstra 4GX wifi modem without unlocking?

  • Ok ozbargain, please assess my strategy:

    I currently use about 8gb a month.

    So. How about I buy the $170/250gb/6 month Sim from Boost https://boost.com.au/shop/200-prepaid/ plus the $140/80gb/12 month recharge voucher.

    At the end of the six months, I should have about 200gb left, which should roll over when I recharge with the $140 voucher.

    So in total I will have 330gb over 18 months, with an average of 18gb per month, for about $17/month.

    Any flaws in my cunning plan?

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      A fatal flaw is that the long expiry recharges don’t have data rollover.

      • Really? Because it has the data rollover icon down the bottom of the page?

        Edit: you are correct, in the critical information document it says rollover only available on 28 day plans. That icon on the bottom of the long life plans saying "Data rollover" is misleading.

        Thanks for your advice!

        • Another catch is roll over data only roll over for 1 extra month and will expire after that

      • The price is alot cheaper then monthly plans

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    i wonder how is this a much better value than Kogan 365 Days 7 GB per month?

    Kogan 365 Days 7 GB per month equates to $12.50 per month, whilst this Boost 6.7 GB per month equates to $11.67 per month; to me, it's almost on the par.

    Over 1 year period, the variance between the two is merely $12.10.

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      Buy whichever suits your circumstances.

      • more so curiosity as to why this Kogan deal voted 13 upvotes whilst this deal voted 490 upvotes; this Boost deal must pack some super duper extra punch; i mean numbers don't lie. but curious as to why (or what)?

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          Because Boost is the only Telstra reseller to sell the full strength version of Telstra mobile.
          Getting it at this price is a hot bargain..
          It is up to you to decide what you need in the end… full telstra coverage or kogan with the less outlay.
          I have used kogan and found their coverage and 4g speed to be good.

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          And international calls are included in Boost for selected countries - a big difference I guess!

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      Literally says "TOMORROW" in bright blue as the first words in the title.

      "24–30 Jul Tomorrow"

  • What is the process to move from an existing Telstra (out of contract) plan?

    Can I get a blank SIM from Telstra store ($2 SIM did not work last time) and have this activated tomorrow?

    • Also planning on doing this when my Telstra plan expires next month.
      Would love to know how easy the process is.

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      When activating your new sim it will ask you if you want a new number or to use your old one.. just select the option you want. Sometimes the port across is fast sometimes not…

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      It’s not as easy as porting from anywhere else, but worth it to save money (in my opinion)

      1. Call Boost to request special blank SIM card. It’ll be delivered via courier the next day to most areas. ($2 sim from a shop won’t work. Blank SIM’s possibly available at company owned Telstra stores, but not franchise stores.)
      2. Swap Telstra number over to prepaid. (Telstra live chat or call them. Possibly instore, however I went to a franchise store who advised they couldn’t do it. Live chat was easy enough. Swapped over instantly and you are not required to buy a recharge straight away)
      3. Call Boost to activate the SIM and complete port when you’re ready. (Can’t activate online)

      There’s a massive thread over on whirlpool with peoples experiences.

      • This^. I called Boost, and this is exactly what they told me. If you are already on a Telstra plan (even if just expired) and it's not pre-paid, and you want to port your number, you can't use the Boost sim in the Mobile data pack you buy from Coles. You have to get Boost to express post you one (it's free, including postage). Mine arrived the next day. Once the sim arrives, you need to tell Telstra to switch your plan (expired or not) to prepaid. Once you've done that, you phone Boost and they activate the sim.

        • Is Telstra sim only month to month plan a prepaid plan? I'm a bit confused with the terms.

  • A great deal. Thanks

  • Thanks a lot. I'll be getting this for my mum.

  • +1

    I like how boost offers free Apple music streaming

    • Telstra also have this, so i would assume Boost's offering is just a handy knock on bonus of being on the Telstra network.

      • I wonder if that's the same with Kogan then as it's with Telstra.

  • My Optus 12 month plan is expiring on the 27th. Just wondering what's the process of porting out.

    Do I wait until after the 27th or can I ask boost to port me out when the 12 month contract ends?

    Edit: I'm mainly worried about early termination fees

    • +1

      You activate the Boost SIM and apply the voucher after your Optus contract ends. Otherwise, you incur early termination fees.

    • Usually your # will remain yours for a few months after your contract ends, it is then re-issued.
      Best to check though.

      • what? your number remains yours as long as the service is active. it's got nothing to do with the contract.

    • Do you really want to exit optus? their free spotify streaming is so enticing

  • far out. just bought a amaysim sim this week for 9$ (4 recharge).

    • Port to boost after the 4 months.

  • How do I go about porting my Mob number from Optus?

  • Thanks so much for posting this. A much better deal for international calls compared to what I have.

    A few people have mentioned you can also access the AFL pass. Is this 100% guaranteed? I read a few posts elsewhere that suggested it's luck of the draw.

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    My samsung galaxy phone runs out of battery faster than the monthly prepaid plan! HAHAHA

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      So as a result I don't know if it's worth it …Cries

  • Is it unlimited to 13XXXX and 1800XX numbers?

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      Yes - this was answered on one of the previous pages

  • Does it come with free telstra air? The free connection to wifi?

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      Yes, Telstra Air, Live Sports passes and Apple Music are all thrown in…

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    Can I use Coles Gift Cards to buy this voucher?

    • Had the same question in mind !

      • BIt of hit and miss some say can some say cannot. best to go counter and purchase using gift card me thinks. If anyone try please let us know :)

      • Yes. Bought 2 from the last deal with Coles e-Gift card

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          Self-service or counter? thanks

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            @dingdong3000: 1st one at self-service - search boost recharge for $150, swipe $2 SIM to get it free.

            2nd at counter. Just need to tell the girl just punch in the $150 boost recharge then swipe a $2 SIM - don't ask her about the bundle deal because they may not know and turn you away.

            But i found out later one of the SIM couldn't activate online. Words from last deal that it should to be confirm at the checkout counter to get correctly activate later. Have to get a $2 later.

            • @timhn: Thanks for the instructions - worked for me today. Thanks!

    • Yes i used gift card on self checkout no issues

  • coming up $150

    • You need to buy it from Coles ( instore) not from Boost Direct.

  • When the 80gig is gone do they charge per gig onto your credit card or do you have to add more credit.

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      Your data will turn off once data is reached or you can buy more data at $5 for 1GB.

  • I'm currently on an old postpaid plan but this seems like a great deal. Do you also get $150 credit for use on premium numbers in addition to the inclusions or you have to buy additional credit?

  • Does Boost have a family plan where your wife/kid can talk to you for free?

  • Is Xiaomi Max 2 compatible with Boost/Telstra network? Any missing band?

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    How do I know which stores sell this product ?

    • Every Coles in the country will sell the voucher, just the $2 sim will be hit and miss as stores will start to sell out of the sim

      • None at Noosa, Perigan springs Qld… trying coolum now :(

        • None at coolum as well… I just bought $300 egift card for this… Not happy…

        • Tje sim or the voucher? For the $150 voucher just go to self check out and look for prepaid voucher, then boost mobile

      • Not true re every Coles store. Most of the Coles in my area of Melb don't have it yet (4pm on first day of sale) and have no idea if the 80GB/$140 data packs will arrive before the sale ends.

      • My local coles told me, didn't receive any stock of the recharge

    • Not found at Wagga South City.

  • anybody can confirm, if i buy this now, what will be last date to activate?

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    FYI: Voucher expires 17/01/2021.

    Does anyone know how long the number is active for once the plan expires? Will we get notice when the number is about to cut? I think most are 6 months but not sure bout Boost..