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Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones - $209.30 @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price for these. Not quite the same tier as the Sony/Bose flagships, but still great.

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    If you can find the QC35 1 or 2 for a price close to this, don't bother getting these.

    The noise cancelling is far superior on the 35's. Fantastic if noise cancelling isn't an a big deal for you.

    • i found the Nuraphone to be extremely good at noise cancelling. Not to mention in sound quality. TO me its a better option than Bose.

      • Nuraphone is no where near 210 though

        • yes, i was just talking in terms of sound quality and noise cancelling. You can sometimes find some good deals. There is one on bidding for under $300 and its sealed. Definitely worth it.

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    These are $148 cost price… Still a hefty premium on these.

    But hey, I use to work for Harvey Norman and get downvoted lots for that.. so what would I know..

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      I supposed you work for free at Harvey Norman and they don't need to pay rent and taxes and therefore they should sell at cost or just break even ?
      If $148 is their cost then selling at this price I don't think its an unreasonable margin.
      Disclaimer: I don't work for any retailers.

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        Actually smallish margin on an item that likely isn't selling daily

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    Telstra store previously sold these at $120

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    I paid $164 in March 2017.

    Good headphones, but definitely have been cheaper.

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    i just said no, so proud of
    my self will wait till it goes
    down to $120 again 😂

  • I got these from the telstra clearance ages ago, very happy with them.

  • Ive owned these for 2 years:

    • Earpads are super fragile and turn to dust, hard/impossible to find non-aftermarket pads. (why?)
    • The sensors on them are PITA, randomly will cut out either when listening or tries to randomly mute/unmute while on phone.

    I guess at this price you get what you pay for, but spend a little extra IMO.

    • Have also owned a pair going 3 years now. Never had an issue with the sensors or the pads (Have worn them almost everyday for 3 years and work out with them on sometimes).

      My issue has been with noise cancelling playing an albeit slight but still noticeable humming noise when on without music playing which I mitigate by turning down volume on the device.

    • I have had the sensors be annoying, sometimes they work over beanies, sometimes not.

      My ear pads are fine. I often use these at the gym (only for the last 6 months) and they cop a lot of sweat and rankness. Time will tell how they go with the moisture.

      In the two years I've had them, and for the price I've paid, they've definitely been worth the spend ($164) over 2 years and 3 months.

      Also, great battery life!

    • Can second this exactly.
      PU leather or whatever pretty much becomes black dandruff within the year.

      Sensors need to be turned off, otherwise every slight movement can result in a pause.

      Other than that, I'm quite happy with them. Noise cancellation is there, not sure how good the tech can be, but it certainly drowns out some sounds.

      Standby time is amazing, probably never worth turning off.

      Happy with my purchase? Yes
      Regret? No
      Would I buy them again? (profanity) no

  • I had these , NC is average , bass is very good , sold them because I couldn't stand the 70's fake wood look.

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    I have had these for 2 years, and I love them. they have been used every day and I haven't experienced the problems described by shizmo above

    but I bought them for $170 delivered off eBay 2 years ago! they are regularly around that price on eBay sales, so shop around for a better price!

    sound quality is fantastic, and noise cancelling works great on a plane or public transport, but don't expect it to cancel people talking around you in a workplace scenario.

  • don't buy this. You better off getting noise cancelling by holding your hands over your ears.

    • Does my hands also have high quality music wirelessly from my phone?

      • could be just as good if you can move your hands fast enough. This plantronic headphones have very bad clarity in the mids. I think they just went for big bass

        • They have very solid reviews that are against what you say.

          • @onlinepred: Maybe u ar looking at some old reviews, its not that bad if compares to sony 1000xm1 from years ago.
            But now days it just not worth buying.

            • @samelight: Just letting you know that sound quality doesn't change with time unless restricted by firmware.

              • @onlinepred: Sound quality does change dure to hardware and software upgrades, the tech behind those will improve over time.
                An example for this would be the mdr-1000x and 1000xm3, i won't say the new driver is better but at least it went from aptX to aptX HD and LDAC! thats a huge jump for the sound quality.
                and look at the Backbeat Pro 2, still the same old Backbeat Pro 2 from years ago.

                • @samelight: Yep, xm3 now has worse NC than it did when released! Xm1 and xm2 were quite bad. Xm3 is the only one to compete against the others. Still can't do things the backbeat pro 2 can.

                  • @onlinepred: why u keep trolling like this? xm3 can't do things the backbeat pro 2 can ?? wtf u talkign about ?!even xm1 beat the s out of backbeat pro 2. and i don't know where u got the idea of "xm3 now has worse NC than it did", but i spend 2hr google be4 i bought mine, all reviews said xm3 ar better.

                    anyway bottom line is doesn't matter how much u love IOS and doesn't matter how good u think iphone is, there is still no point of paying a releasting price to buy an iphone5 in 2019. Now is 2019 not 2013 dude!

                    • @samelight: Sorry mate, I'm not trolling. I do a lot of research into headphones, owned the Backbeat pro 2, QC35ii, Sennheiser PXC 550 and we use XM1/XM3 at work. I can tell you that the XM3 has terrible sound compared to my old Phillips uptown headphones that I bought almost 8 years ago for $50. Bluetooth headphones have a very closed/artificial sound to them with no sound stage at all - and really all you are getting is slightly different neutrality EQ settings and comfort levels in varying headphones.

                      It goes to show how little you know about sound/headphones saying that old headphones are like old phones. Anyway peace out mate. I hope your new set of headphones use something different than fabric or plastic speakers, as apparently they are old technology and new headphones have so much better tech now. I also hope these new headphones don't use Bluetooth anymore, as apparently it's REALLY old tech according to you. I mean these things age so quickly, a few years and BAM people are using brand new tech. Next you will tell me that my decade old stereo amp doesn't product good sound quality anymore, and record players are the lowest quality sound source. Kids these days.

                      • @onlinepred: yes u ar trolling dude, XM3 good or bad just google it ! im sure there ar 1000s of reviews againest ur words. maybe ur ears ar special…

                        Old stereo amp using tubes new one using chips and circleboard, can't say which one is better,
                        BUT i could say aptX HD and LDAC is better then aptX, do u disagree with that?
                        and also with the ANC…just google it urslef dude, im sure u ar the only "review" saying old ANC is better then the new one, but once again maybe ur ears ar special made from god, u could hear something muggles can't.

                        The driver itself haven't change much in the yrs, but we ar talking about a bluetooth ANC headphone here!
                        So u ar totally off the topic and trolling with all some BS.

                        • @samelight: XM3 has the best NC. I know this. I never said anything about NC.

                          And yes tube amps can produce more accurate sound than modern amps.

                          aptX HD and LDAC is better then aptX
                          Do you really know the difference? The source will have to be better than spotify/youtube. You would have to use master records or Tidal music service to tell the difference, and to tell you the truth, you would struggle to tell the difference on XM3 as they are not made to be the best sounding headphones, the are the great sounding NC headphones. The truth is, that the EQ settings are what creates the most difference, whether the headphones have been tuned.

                          Anyway, at no point am I saying XM3 is not good, just know that it's not the best headphone for everything. I mean it can't even connect to a game system for mic, and can't even connect to two devices at once, and it's mic is one of the worst of any NC headset on the market right now. The sound quality is decent for NC headphones, but it is very artificial and has no soundstage at all. It has exaggerated bass which many people like. This doesn't mean they sound incredible.

                          Also google, the latest firmware for XM3 has reduced the NC effectiveness to almost 1/3rd what it was. Perhaps you should do some research before acting like you know everything.

  • Bought it for $120 earlier this year from Telstra…can't complain…going strong…

  • +1

    Second the reviews above

    Bought mine second hand off ebay for $105 2 months ago. The grey SE version with nfc. So they can be had cheaper.

    Have not had any problem with sensor or earpads. Infact mine had a very unpleasant sweat smell on the earpads (risk of second hand I guess) and so I removed the earpads (they just pop out if you put around the edges) and soaked them in napisan and very hot water and squished them LOTS so the water agitated thru the foam. Did this multiple times and did a cycle of this with detergent as well. Then hung out to dry. They didn't flake at all.

    As an aside i also did this with the headband too (you can't remove it but you can immerse the band itself without getting the drivers/electronics wet) No issues no rust, dried out easy and now the earpads and headband smell great and are disinfected and clean.

    Sound quality is solid, maybe a bit bass heavy. Noise cancelling is middling, it cuts out/dulls lows and mids but not much higher pitch noise. I use it when I'm vacuuming and it's fine for that. Say if Sony wh-1000xm3 NC was a 9 out of 10 these would be a 6.5. There's a significant step up (Sony is eerie how quiet it becomes) but these will do the job.

    It can pair with 2 devices which is a real plus to me (what were sony thinking…) and finally has good Bluetooth range, very little lag so you can watch vids with it, and good battery life. Note theres a slight hiss if NC is on with no music. Also sometimes mine will randomly make a crackling sound inbetween tracks/YouTube vids.

    All in all I really like it. $ to performance I think it's very good value. Id wait for a better sale though

  • I have these. A good buy at $120. At $210, a bit of a harder sell. I wouldn't suggest them at this price unless you really just want (some amount of) noise cancelling, and don't want to spend more.

    Otherwise, you're probably better off spending the extra ~$100 on the vastly superior Sony WH-1000xm3. The xm4 should be coming out in the next few months, so hopefully there are great run out deals on the xm3.

    This has AptX-LL (low latency), while the Sony has AptX-HD and LDAC, if those are important to you. Sony has much better noise cancellation too.

  • What's the microphone like on these? I have the voyager UC version of these which are like $400 retail and the microphone is godlike. You can be in an extremely noisy environment and the far end can only hear you.

  • bought one years ago for $169,
    as a cheaper verion of the sony 1000xm1, it seems to be a good deal back then.
    but now u can get a Sony 1000xm3 for abit over $300 (cheaper for m2 and m1), i dont c why u should spend $209 for some old tech like this.