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Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24-in-One Screwdriver Set $23.19 (OOS), Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Gen $313.96 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have just dropped the pricing on these products.

Excellent price on the Wiha for local stock, cheapest so far for non-eBay plus members.

Please Note: The Wiha is currently in transit and will ship locally from approximately the 2nd of August. Please keep this in mind if you were wanting to get it ASAP.

I reached out to Gearbite to try and source this price now before the coupon ends to assist with getting the best price :)

Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24 in 1 Multi-Purpose Precision Screwdriver Set

Made of Aluminium Alloy, S2 steel
One handle, 24pcs different screw bits, and a package box
Ideal for daily household maintenance, as watch, camera, radio, laptop, mobile phone
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and Household electric appliances etc

Package Included
1 x Screwdriver
24 x Screw Bits
1 x Collection Case

Gearbite have also dropped the Mi Robot Vacuum to a great price, I have used this vacuum for the last 5 months and can say that it has been my best purchase for a long time!

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Gen

Support Go and Zoned Cleaning
Xiaomi have updated go and zone cleaning function. (These features were added in April 2018)

Intelligent Route Planning:

Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) allows the robot to scan its surroundings at 360 degrees, 1800 times per second, with the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithm to map out the interiors of your home and then provides real-time planning routes, edge cleaning followed by Z-shaped cleaning according to the surroundings

Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System:

With its vacuum system, the robot empower your house a super cleaning like a tornado, with no dust, debris, granule, or any other wastes left, so clean and smooth that you can walk with bare feet on the floor

APP Remote Control

Zoned cleaning is available, just one click to set wherever you wanna clean with the map in your phone
5200mAh Large Capacity Battery
robot carries 5200mAh Li-ion battery which ensures 2.5 hours cleaning for a house of 250sq.m in full charge

1800Pa Super Suction

With a strong power, the robot absorbs all the debris, steel beads, soybeans, dust, millet or any other wastes all in a sudden

Almighty Helper

  • 1.5 cm obstacle climbing
  • 360 degrees LDS pressure sensor
  • 4 anti-drop stair sensors
  • 10mm laser edge sensor
  • Automatic self-recharging

These are local products with a 12 month warranty, they also have an excellent returns policy if necessary.

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As always, enjoy!

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +7

    Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24-in-One Screwdriver Set $23.19, Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen $313.96 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay

    Probably Needs the word vac or vaccum

    I excitedly thought xiaomi had released a robot I'd never heard of!

    • +4

      Lol, updated, thanks for pointing it out.

  • +1

    Are scatterred soybeans a common household problem?

    • I'm more worried about the steel beads

  • -3

    Bought the 1st gen xiaomi vacuum for $250 a year ago and now its even more expensive even though its an old product?

    • +5

      This vacuum has never been $250 on face value from what I can tell, at least not from Gearbite, if you're factoring in gift cards to your calculation then that's a different story.

    • Sure it is the same model?
      Never realized it went as low as $250.

  • What do you reckon the least wide space you could put the vacuum into. From measuring mine it's about 38cm wide, but hoping to put the charger into a space only 42cm wide.

    • +2

      The manual says to put the base in a space larger than 1m x 1.5m

      I think the margin is for the robot to be able to spot the base when it is docking.

      • Hmm. The robot remembers where it started from though so that's how it finds its way back.

        Thanks for the info, will do some more research.

        • +1

          I have v2 and it can rotate around a bit when back near to dock to try line up with the base pad (our dock under a cabinet). Maybe if it had a clear longer run into the dock it would drive straight in.

  • the screw driver set is listed for $27.28 instead of $23.19??

    • Apply the coupon "PLUNGE" at checkout :)

      • DuH! Stoopid me, thanks!

        Got $5 credit in my account, so effectively $18.19. :)

        • +1

          Oh no, it is one or the other, cannot use the code + ebay credit :(

          No deal!

          • @ieatbargain4dinner: What type of credit are you referring to? A gift card, or a promotional code for $5 off?

  • If you haven't taken the PLUNGE already, I highly recommend both of these products!

    • +1

      Yeah the screwdriver set is excellent for anyone who takes apart GPUs or devices.

  • I bought my 1st gen from gearbite in Sep 2017 at $318 and it’s still going strong. Really happy with it.

  • I got my first gen from shopping square before gearbrite started posting. Have the brushes replaced mid last year. Has been solid but last week had a user accident involving puppy poo. I’ll leave it at that.

  • I would much prefer the Jakemy 8168 version, cheaper as well at $20!


    • What's the difference

      • Mainly the five stars range which are being used in most devices today such as the MacBook and many phones, otherwise your best to get an ordinary set for $10 or less. Jakemy have a lot of clones, like Rhino etc, but for the $$$ hard to beat.

    • Hmm I've found the Jakemy screwdriver set to be not that great. The rest of the tools are decent, so I'm just getting these screwdrivers to complete the budget iFixit kit

  • Is it worth getting the v2 over the v1?

    How does it perform on carpet?

  • Excellent price on the Wiha for local stock, cheapest so far for non-eBay plus members

    I'm sorry. Does that mean it's cheaper than this for eBay Plus members? My search skills don't seem to be working today because I don't think I found any less than $23.19?

    • +1

      It's previously been $22.50 @ Exit shop eBay during the time that eBay gave everyone eBay Plus without restriction, but otherwise this is the cheapest local stock so far :)

      • Thanks so much for clarifying that! Much obliged.

  • Thanks got 10

  • +1

    It would be rude not to buy one set

  • Is the screwdriver set any good for removing/replacing watch bands/links? Have a small collection of watches now from various deals and would love to replace the straps that i got from BluShark. I have cheap set from another OzB deal that does the job but would like a quality one.

    • I thought those used spring bar pins? Anyway, If you're interested in watches and fiddling around with them, may I suggest a watch repair tool kit like those on ebay. It's got heaps of stuff, so you can open watch cases, resize links, remove pins, etc.

      • Thanks for that. I will get one from ebay. For this kit, i thought i saw a bit for spring bar in the kit - last row, second from the right. It does look similar.

        • Ahh, I see what you mean. That's a bit for security screws, sometimes called pig nose or snake eyes security screws.

          That'll be a fair bit bigger than what you want for spring bar pins.

  • I’ve been tempted by the vac for a few days and just made the purchase. I’ve got two levels, currently with a Roomba 980 in the main living floor and the old 880 on the bedroom level. It’s starting to play up so keen to try the official vac of Ozbargain.

  • How to get Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Gen @ $313.96 value? It shows $339.96 in my cart..

  • Hi Dowey, can you pls let us know if you see any more cordless vac deals? Thanks

  • Anyone got their screwdriver set yet? AusPost tracking had mine due for delivery on last Wednesday, but it's still in Oakleigh South, Vic (where it was picked up from the sender).

    edit: my mistake, estimated delivery is: Tue, 13 Aug - Wed, 14 Aug

  • Did anyone received the screwdriver set? still nothing delivered.

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