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Free Stan Subscription 3 Months/Silver, 6 Months/Gold @ Telstra Plus


Can be found in 24/7 app under My Offers-TV & Movies section or Telstra Plus
Things you need to know.
BYO internet, data, supported device and active Stan subscription are required. 
Data charges apply. 
Eligible Telstra Plus customers only. 
Stan will commence charging your payment method at the end of your promotional offer unless you cancel earlier. 
Offer is not available with some third party billing platforms. 
Benefit must be activated by 30 January 2020, unless otherwise extended. 
Silvers customers who are not subscribers to the Stan streaming service will receive a 3 month Stan Standard subscription. Gold customers who are not subscribers to the Stan streaming service will receive a 6 month Stan Standard subscription. 
Existing Stan subscribers receive a credit on their existing Stan account equivalent to 3/6 months (as applicable) of their existing Stan plan at the time of redemption.
One offer redemption per Telstra Plus membership unless moving from Silver to Gold tier in a 12 month period. 
Stan terms and conditions apply. 

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  • What's the minimum spend needed to use this? I don't have any Telstra services atm.

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      $1500 p.a.

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      Silver requires $1499+ per year annual spend.
      All new customers sign up as “member” which does not include Stan in this instance.

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    Silver members minimum spend is $125 monthly and Gold is $250.

  • I have 3 months free Kayo on my account but can't see the Stan offer

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      It was in My Offers under the TV & Movies section of the 24/7 app for me.

      • +1

        Thanks for that. Have found it now.

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    Can we not start the begging please?

    • +17

      The same people that bag out telstra users are here scabbing away

  • +1

    Legend. Thanks OP

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    Has this gone live yet? Am Silver (until my change to Boost drops my status), but can't see it…

    • +1

      24/7 app, my offers

      • Sweet! Thanks for the tip!

        • No probs, i got it from username not found 😂

  • Isn’t it linked to your Telstra account/number and not a code? I’m gold level but get a friends Stan account for free and I don’t even watch any of the stuff on there haha

    • +3

      Find out what your friends email address is for stan so you can apply the 6 months to their account.

  • Woohoo thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!

    Also, For existing subscribers, I can confirm that once you redeem the offer, you are able to upgrade your plan at nil cost for the next 3 months. I went from the $14 HD plan to the $17 UHD 4K plan :)

    • So did you have to cancel your current Stan plan first then activate this? I already subscribe to 4k Stan, but am a Telstra goldmember(oh behave!) so wouldn't mind 6 months free.

      • Nope - happily it gets credited to your existing account at your existing level (in my case, 3 months of 4K)…

    • Yup same. 4k for 6 months!

      Now.. what's good on Stan, or exclusive content that I wont be able to find on Netflix?

      • "The Loudest Voice" if you like Russell Crowe

      • +2

        The long-awaited continuation of Veronica Mars. Or start from the beginning.

        • Nice. Haven’t done S03 yet.

      • Ozark

  • +2

    Looked great until I read the T&Cs
    14. The Promotion cannot be applied to Stan accounts created via iTunes.

    • I guess you can cancel your stan iTunes billing then sign back in using the same email then apply for the credit

      I’m think you can do it that way

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Much better than the ebay plus bonus which only upgraded you from standard to premium if you already had an account.

  • Sweet thanks OP, noice…found it eventually!

  • Hmm doesn't seem to be available in my account for some reason. Have checked the App, and desktop version

    • Same - I am Silver, no mention online or in the app.

    • Check in My Offers -TV & Movies, it can be hard to find

      • i found it eventually, thanks

  • +2

    Thanks. Google home mini and now this, days before I port out to Boost.

    Easy enough to sign up, change plan to the expensive one and set a calendar reminder to cancel in 3 months.

    • Doesn’t quite work like that.
      You need to have spent $1459 or more in the previous 12 months to qualify for silver.

      • +3

        I should have been clearer - the second paragraph was referring to signing up to Stan through this deal.

        I’ve certainly given Telstra more $ than I like to think about in the last 12 months.

  • +10

    I've given away Stan codes before… no harm in people asking. That's what Ozbargain is for. Sharing deals.

    • +2

      Yeah, not sure why all the negs… Maybe have one comment saying "reply to this if you want Stan code" so it doesn't get spammed. I guess they can go to Classifieds though, but usually these comments are allowed on these posts.

      • +5

        Yeah, weird. There will be some people who can't be arsed with Stan, who may be happy to give away their code. If you ask, one day you may just receive. People seem happy to give out and receive JB codes, why is this any different really? I remember giving away Coke Reward codes, and Disney codes. If I had a Stan code in this instance, I'd probably give that away too.

    • +1

      Exactly… I don't want a code either but I don't get the mass hate. And if they're a Ozbargainer it's likely they've participated in any giveaway before which is a similar thing.

  • I have Silver on Telstra, but is there anything worth watching on Stan? Had a quick look at the "trending" shows and movies, nothing Stans out.

    • Working through all the MCU movies with the kids…

      • Too bad Civil War and Spiderman: Homecoming are missing…

    • +2

      Catch 22 .. if you like George Clooney

  • -3

    Used up all my daily negs for these beggars :/

  • thanks alot Op :)

  • Thanks OP. Was already paying for Stan, so this has saved me $51 for the next 3 months.

    I wonder if I can apply someone else's offer to my Stan account as well. Has anyone tried?

  • Just found it thank you.

  • I am gold, but definitely don't have this offer :(

    Edit: Found it sorry. It is NOT under the TV & Movie section, it is under the Telstra Plus section.

    • +1

      Thanks, I updated where to find it with where it was for you in case anyone has the same problem finding it.

  • People still spend $1500pa with Telstra??

    • Yes….?

      • With Mobile (Boost), PayTV (Kayo or Foxtel), Internet (ABB) all being cheaper and/or better than Telstra's offerings I'm not sure why?

        • +6

          Telstra cable internet for me… free speedboost, unlimited data and speeds over 110mbs despite being the furthest point away from my nearest exchange.

          I'm getting a lot of pressure to go to NBN but told them the other week that you wont see me as a customer if they force me to transfer.
          I want to be the very last person to leave the cable infrastructure and I don't mind paying extra to stay on it for as long as possible.

          • @harveyworld: Fair enough. I get great performance on all the services I listed above and pay far less than $1500. Each to their own I guess!

    • +1

      After being cheap and churning through 5 NBN providers who had night time congestion, I wish I had just paid the premium from day one instead of spending my time 'resetting my modem'. So yes people do spend 1500PY on quality over backyard providers with backyard service.

  • How does this redeem? It has my mobile and my telstra bigpond email account tied to it but I use a personal account for stan. Do we just get a code for it?

    • +1

      In the 24/7 offers app or website, tap/click redeem next to one of the services you have it will then switch to a stan
      pop-up there you enter the email that you use to login into stan and it will include the password line then tap/click
      "Login & Redeem"

  • Thanks OP. Redeemed it and got 6 months free. Current member of Stan and Telstra Gold.

  • +1

    For desktop users, you can redeem the Stan offer here

  • How does this work?

    I get a landing page on the Stan site where I input my email, does it just send a code to that email I can activate later? or does it need to be the exact email address I have a Stan account with?

    Anyone confirmed if you can redeem multiple codes?

    My account is no longer active, would I need to activate it and pay for a month to go to the $17 tier or can I redeem the code and it lets me pick the $17 tier and I still get 3 months?

    In the past, these usually work by crediting you the value of x months at a certain tier and then you can change but you would lose the credit based on the monthly charge for that tier.

    • Enter the email address that you used to login into stan and a landing page should have a password prompt and a button "login & redeem"

      • So you can't get the code and use it at a later date, I'm able to get two codes, want to either stack them or give them to a friend?

        Also still unclear on if I need to be an active subscriber to the $17 tier or if I can change once redeemed for free and get 3 months on the $17 tier free.

  • -3

    $1500 Telstra spend required to get a free 3 months.

    • Many existing Telstra customers were automatically put on the Silver tier when the Rewards scheme started.

  • Awesome. Redeemed.

  • Anyone tried claiming from multiple accounts?

    • You really expect an answer with that big "Associated" tag next to your name?

      • lol, ozbargain is life.

  • Drats I'm only a normal member. No free Stan for me :(

  • +1

    Reminder to those that activated their 3 months when this was posted - it’s time to cancel to avoid being charged in a few days.

  • +1

    I wish I could do this twice.

    • If you have two numbers ya can ;D

      • Ach, I just tried with a new $300 annual prepaid account. But your monthly spend needs to be at least $125 to get silver, or $250 for gold. So no Stan for me with a second number. But I’ll get Uber Eats codes at least.


  • Yes you can stack these deals. I had two family members that were not using their's so I stacked a 3 month and a 6 month together and got 9 months for free on my account. I also upgraded to Premium at the same time and it is giving me that for free instead of Standard now.

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