Which Is Your Favourite Chips Brand and Flavour?

Title's pretty much said it…
I'll start:
Pringles - onion & chives
Boulder - jalapeno or historic smokey (too expensive though)


      • Thanks. Pretty expensive tho.

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    There's only one correct answer here. Samboy Atomic Tomato. Since I was 6 years old. I have to go quite out of my way to buy/find them too but it's completely worth it.

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    Try Tyrelless chips ex uk now madin the yarra valley Victoria just fantastic yummy

    • Tyrells are excellent. Little expensive but nothing over the top. There's this chilli flavour that my local Coles had once, that is now impossible to find :(

      • they're an everyday low price of $2.70. Can't remember which supermarket, or maybe it's both.

        • $1.60 a bag is expensive

          • @freakatronic: That's cheap. Unless you're buying 45-50g packs.

            • @lostn: I'm not on ozbargain because of my enormous grocery budget.

  • Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli from UK

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    Irvin's Salted Egg Chips

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      isn't that with the extra lizard seasoning…

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    Kettle Chilli chips far and above any other chip that I've tried.

    • Those ones are my fave… I used to think they were laced with drugs as they are so hard to stop eating hehe…

  • Thins Cucumber flavoured chips.

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    cheese & onion

  • Smith's crinkle cut sweet chilli.

    Too bad they don't make them anymore except for the brief time in came back with those half and half flavour.

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    Miaow Miaow Prawn Crackers

  • Went to Costco today, bought a giant bag of Lays Classic and loved it. Cheap too

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    Does anyone remember early-80s Arnott's Salt and Vinegar? Crinkle-cut, pre-Ruffles era?

    The vinegar wasn't too sharp and acidic, more like malt vinegar. When they later introduced Light & Tangy, they reminded me of those.

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    you guys disappointed me.
    Classic Australian Freshly Made Smith Chips, with salt and vingear crispy cut (having one atm)
    others taste like paper and cardboard

  • was kettle chili but seem to taste different to me now.

    love chips but after every pack feel disappointed these days with the taste.

    pringles still good.

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      I agree. Most of the supermarket chip brands now don't taste the same anymore. Either too oily now or too much flavouring powder. Pringles are still alright

      • Pringles are still alright

        They are nothing like they used to be, even their size has diminished.

    • They have changed their recipe, has jalapenos as well now I think. Not as spicy as before.

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    burger men (circa 1996)

    These days:
    - Grain waves: alternate between (a) sour cream and chives and (b) sweet chilli
    - Tyrrells Cheddar cheese and chives

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    Just about any chip on the planet. I can't keep chips in the house as I will just eat them till gone.

    Favourites are thicker cut/crinkle cut. Smiths Salt and Vinegar is probably my go to chip, followed by various chilli varieties.

    a long time a go they used to be a manufacturer called OGrady's, I still remember them fondly as my all time favourite as they were extra thick crinkle cut.

    • It's good to know I'm not the only one who can't have chips in the house. I'll easily eat a whole bag lol

  • Blair's Death Rain Jolokia

    • Is that spicy? 🤔

  • Natural company salt amd vinegar, $2 from woolies. They used to supply the woolies branded ones but stopped.

    • eatin it right now. yum

    • Did they do the original Woolies ones that were super oily and salty? Loved em!

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    Smiths Original

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    Lays BBQ, not sure why they got rid of it here… now I have to pay $6-7 a pack at USA snack stores.

    • Have you tried Lay's hickory BBQ? Heaven!!

  • Burgerman

  • Imagine these chips, semi crispy pepperoni smashed up small and mixed with potato, then shape it and fry it up like a speckled red and white Pringle chip. They taste somewhere between crispy jerky style pepperoni and crispy fried hot chips. This is the best beer snack for pepperoni and chip lovers while drinking. Like a fried beer-stick/chippy thingy thats crispy and chewy

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      What did I just read.

  • I make oven fried pepperoni chips.

  • The only chips I really liked eating were limited release: https://www.thegrocerygeek.com.au/portfolio-item/thins-chips...

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    Twisties zig zags but they don't make them anymore 😡

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    $20,000 tournament chips from Star city

  • Cheese Supreme Doritos & Toobs- sadly gone again after the relaunch :(
    I'll eat any chips really. I've been getting the Coles bags cause they are bigger in weight and a great price too

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    It was Kettle's Herb and Spice. But they discontinued it around 2003/2004.

    • The best

    • …the best. they really should bring that flavour back… at least as a ltd edition

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    Not trying to rag on Pringles but doesn't anyone think the use of dehydrated/rehydrated potatoes is inferior to .. non-dehydrated potatoes? It has a different, crumblier texture that I don't like as much. I guess that's just preference though.

    Anyway to answer the question I like Kettle Chilli Chips.

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      Yep, powdered stuff molded/extruded into compound-curved ovals, pioneered by Proctor and Gamble.
      A chemical company.

      Do I take any comfort that Kellogg's owns Pringles now? Not a whit.

    • Pringles? Horrible things. Plus the company is known for using GMO potatoes as well. Not psychosomatic, but they make me feel physically ill after eating them, haven't had any in over 10 years.

      Still remember a friend back in the 90s thinking it was fashionable to be seen eating them because they used to have them sitting on the desk in the TV show Frontline. Funny stuff.

      • Not the dreaded GMO’s oh no!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blair's Habanero Chips. Found them some time ago at USA Foods. Mind blowing and addictive at the same time. Worth a try if you like spice. Have not been able to source them recently though.

    • Sounds good. Let me know if you find em anywhere!

  • Gold Medal Snacks - Pork Krackles.

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    Smiths original.

    Never get bored of them.

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      Yes. Theres something just perfectly salty and greasy about them. Always reliable.

  • Koikeya Japanese potato chips (wasabi or teriyaki)

    Not sure if you can get em in Australia. They're made in Belgium oddly enough.


  • Lays masala magic
    Lays american styled cream and onion

  • +1

    Kettle - Chilli Flavour

    • amen

  • Schnitz chips are king

  • Doritos nacho cheese with spicy capsicum dip …

  • Red Rock honey soy chicken, smiths BBQ

  • Smith's BBQ and Cole's Original

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    Where are the Burger Rings? No chip comes close.

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      …100% flavour. loved them from since when i was a kid in the 80s :)

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    I'm old fashion smith salted crinkle chips the original.

    • Yep, perfect, never can go wrong! especially if you get the bigger bag…

  • Colvan country style

  • Kettle's Camembert & Fig chips
    Tyrell's Sweet Chili

    But I LOVE Pringle's Seaweed flavour and Twisties Chipster Hot & Spicy. Too bad they're only in Malaysia and Singapore :(

  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned Doritos

    • Doritos nacho cheese

      Cheese Supreme Doritos & Toobs

  • Thins Brand:
    - Chicken
    - Original

    Red Rock Deli:
    - Sea Salt & Black Truffles

    - Chilli (Jalapeno and Red Chilli)

    Indomie: Chitato

  • Doritos spicy nacho cheese

    Prefer corn chips in general

  • All dressed is the only answer. For non-Canadians, it's every chip flavour combined in one packet.

    • dressed all over & zesty mordant

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    NaturalChipCo tomato flavour.

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    Smith's crinkle cut chicken or Samboy BBQ

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    TASTY TOOBS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Old-school here - Kettles chilli.

  • Redrock SeaSalt & Balsamic Vinegar

  • Golden Duck Salted Egg chips

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    Cheezels for me.

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    Samboy Atomic Tomato, Burger Rings, Chicken Twisties, Red Rock Deli Sweet chilli and sour cream.

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    O'Grady's Au Gratin chips

  • Smiths
    Prawn Cocktail

  • mcclure's or Boulder Canyon

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    Does anyone here make chip sandwiches?

    Buttered white bread with chips, it wasn't a thing at my primary school but it was for my wife.

    She still has one on occasion.

    • Is your wife from west Sydney?

      • Nope, Melbourne.
        Grew up in Sunshine

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      Yes, discovered this on my own. Try adding a slice of cheese for additional texture and flavour.

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    I love a whole variety, but the one I can't get sick of is Smith's original crinkle cut. 😍

  • Mission Tortilla Chips - Lime and Chilli Flavour
    Doritos - Mexicana
    Sprinters Thin Cut Original Chips - thicker and nicer than Thin's
    Kettle Chilli chips, but might have to try the Aldi version now

    I miss Ruffle's Original though!

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    Calbee Pizza chips


    Also partial to:

    X50 Wasabi Broccoli chips
    DJ&A Shiitake Mushroom Crisps
    Red Rock Deli Sweet Chili and Sour Cream

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    Doritos 3Ds - RIP

  • Used to be Toobs, Thins Light and Tangy, Burger Rings. Then switched Smith's chips original then to kettles soy chicken and chilli. Recently also like Vege chips cooked in sunflower oil not the Costco one.

    For normal cooked chips probably Schnitz

    That's also Korean onion rings and the thailand prawn chips (uncooked) need to fry yourself which is brilliant. Better than typically prawn chips at chinese restaurant

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    Toobs, burger rings and twisties

  • can't decide on one.

    But Kettle Honey Soy is nice, as is Tyrrels Sweet chili and sea salt.

    A lot of the flavors I like got discontinued.

    There is a Tortila chip that Woolies sells, comes in a spicy flavor and lime & chili. Both are good.

  • +4


    • Also my favourite potato chip.
      I do prefer the plain corn chips over everything though.

  • Natural Chip Co - Sour Cream & Chives!
    Their Tomato flavor is also awesome